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David Carradine -- Suicidal Tendencies

6/4/2009 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David CarradineIt's become painfully clear that David Carradine had wrestled with suicidal thoughts long before this morning's tragedy.

In a 2004 interview dug up by the Telegraph Newspaper, the 72-year-old actor revealed that he once considered shooting himself, saying: "Look, there was a period in my life when I had a single action Colt 45, loaded, in my desk drawer.

And every night I'd take it out and think about blowing my head off, and then decide not to and go on with my life. Put it back in the drawer and open up the laptop and continue writing my autobiography or whatever. But it was just to see."

But there's more -- Carradine, who was also a musician, released a song on his website called Big Mack Truck, about a man who considers ending his life by walking into traffic. Here are some of the lyrics:

Does anyone know where I'm going ... does anyone here really care?

David Carradine: Click to listenIf I walk myself on a highway ... would that big mac truck be there?

Big mack truck .. big mack truck ... bearin' down on me.

Big mack truck on a highway .. oh say can you see ... can you see ... can you see?


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Hung Ful...enough said.

1876 days ago

Che Joubert    

Whoa would you get naked and go into a closet if you were going to kill yourself? That makes me very suspicious. You'd have to leave a note - 'Why I got naked to do this.' His Dad was the excellent 'Casey' in Grapes of Wrath, and a very soulful guy - and the whole family was a pretty hip bunch. It's strange he wouldn't turn to someone since he had so many people in his life at that point.

1876 days ago

chillin in texas    


1876 days ago

Ghost Walker    

Accident Maybe....suicide NO! .....murder...47%
R.I.P David "Grasshopper" Carradine

1876 days ago


According to Time in the UK, Carradine was not only "hanging," which carries a connotation of suicide, but rather he was hanging from a rope additionally wrapped around his wrists and genitals, suggesting with higher likelihood than the suicide theory that Carradine had been participating in auto-erotic asphyxiation. What I read in this article strikes me more as propaganda than fact, perpetuating a suicide rumor by picking and choosing three suicidal references by a 72-year-old man. I'm personally shocked that of a man of 72 years, TMZ has only found three references to suicide.

1874 days ago


It's shady to say the least!

suicide - one of the top 3 stupidest things I heard today on NBC

The guy had everything to live for.

He had got himself clean and into fitness years ago and was going to shoot a film in tailand in two weeks.

I heard from my buddy who works at MTV. He knows one of his groupies. He was found with his hands tied swinging in the closet of his hotel with an apple in his mouth.

tai mafia - thier version of a mexican necktie

Common in tailand I guess. They are well known for killing porn actresses this way. They probably know who is responsible but are paid to say suicide or whatever. They don't care either. Those responsible will never come to justice. Just counting their cash.

What a waste of life just for the insurance money on the production.

His talent will be missed.

Kill Bill is a classic.

1873 days ago
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