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Jon Gosselin's Bags Are Packed

6/4/2009 5:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While his wife island hops off the coast of North Carolina without him, Jon Gosselin returned to their Pennsylvania home on Thursday.


The 32-year-old father of eight may not have a chunk-striped, bi-level reverse mullet weave, but he does have a hideous douchey hoodie to call his own.


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What does TMZ have against Ed Hardy/Christian Audigier?

1936 days ago


re: so sad

I am not condoning Jon's alleged affair HOWEVER....are you forgetting about Kate's bodyguard who is with her all the time. Her alleged affair. And as for the 'vacation' she is on with the kids....that is all for the show...they are taping this down in NC. It isn't a real family vacation. Jon's not there, but, you know who is....the bodyguard. If I wanted to prove to my husband that I was not having an affair, then I would get a new bodyguard. She has not been quick to do that. Everyone is coming down on Jon...less you forget who he is married to...a very difficult woman. The truth is coming out about her.

Here's the thing though...most of us have skeletons in our closets long as we don't become celebrities, the world won't find out.....

1936 days ago

First whores!    

15. What does TMZ have against Ed Hardy/Christian Audigier?

Posted at 5:24PM on Jun 4th 2009 by KWG

It is douchey gay. Look at the hoodie. It is hideous.

1936 days ago

oh please    

I never said it was a family vacation...On mondays show it showed Jon wasn't even with kate for her birthday. Me personally I think this is all just a ploy to get rattings for the show. Yes Kate does like the lime light. Jon says he doesn't. But he's spending the money with no problem. Go figure. On a side note...Maybe Jon and Kate needs to take a VAC for the two of them and leave the 8 kids home...Kates biggest problem she's putting the kids before her husband.

1936 days ago


It is douchey gay. Look at the hoodie. It is hideous.

Posted at 5:26PM on Jun 4th 2009 by habitat

It just depends on preference!

1936 days ago

gossip fan    

Did anyone ever think that Kate didn't want Jon to be with her on her birthday. She's got her bodyguard to keep her happy. Jon is with the kids way more that Kate is, she's gone 2/3 out of a month "promoting" her crappy books that she had someone else write. There is a lot more to the story than just what's on the surface. She didn't look too sad that her husband was gone when she filmed her fake surprise trip to the cake place she went to. They both make me sick

1936 days ago

Psyclon Nyne    

Finally this gankweed grew a pair of succulent lychees...

To paraphrase Patrick Swayze's famous movie quote in Dirty Dancing..

Johnny states: "No one puts baby in the corner."

Dat's rite, no one puts mah bebez anywherez,, k8btch

1936 days ago


Why is everyone so freakin MEAN to these people. So what, she is a little bitchy sometimes... I would be to if I have that many children to keep up with. He choose her knowing she was that way... and how does a hoodie make him douchey???? Whatever TMZ :o(

1936 days ago

danadane's 2001 again huh? Ed Hardy gear screams "I'm a tool!!!!!!" who left the shed open?

1936 days ago


I wouldn't be at all surprised if every bit of this is staged. As for Kate being a bitch; he knew she was a snake when he married her. Maybe he likes being pushed around. Maybe she wasn't a bitch until she had eight kids to deal with along with a lazy, unmotivated husband. I think eight kids would push anyone over the edge. Studies show that people with kids are significantly more unhappy than those without children.

1936 days ago


why do you keep talking about these two .... isn't this a celebrity gossip web site. I am tired Heidi and Spencer, I am tired of the gosslings, I am tired of Dannylynn.... do care about them.... talk about real celebrities.

1936 days ago

Big Dee    

Will you leave these people alone?! Jeez, do we need pictures every time they take a dump? And Harvey is the king of a pack of douche bags. How dare he criticize anyone. Look at the slovenly way he dresses. All of you should look in the mirror. And your overuse of the word "dude," as in "dude did this or that" is retarded. Do you even have any black people working for you? Why are you in love with ghetto slang? You're all a bunch of losers.

1936 days ago


Can someone tell me, why is there never any mention of Kate's parents or other sibs beside her brother and sisterinlaw, I think that is telliing if the rest of her family doesn't want anything to do with her.

1936 days ago


what a fat @ss pig. it's funny to me...the wife keeps getting better looking and this disgusting pig just keeps getting fat. what a waste of flesh. who on his wife and EIGHT effing kids? he should be shot in the head!

1936 days ago


correction: ...who CHEATS on his wife and 8 kids.

1936 days ago
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