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Kate Gosselin Is Constantly Secured

6/6/2009 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's nothing more dangerous than the beach -- that's why Kate Gosselin demands that her new "friend"/security guard Steve Neild always watches her back.


And nothing says intimidation like cargo shorts and mandals.


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Umm, I thought he was married. Does he ever spend time with his wife... or just his girlfriend and her kids (and nanny- someone's got to watch the kids when the cameras aren't rolling)??!!

1931 days ago

uh duh    

Hello there are usually two body guards with her AND can you blame her? Not that anyone would want her... but those kids might be a hot desire to some sick person out there. It does happen. While I don't like some of the choice her or jon are making now, I do respect the choice to keep there family protected. One person can not watch all those kids alone.

1931 days ago


It's interesting that Kate traded in for an older man, and Jon for a younger woman. I would've guessed the opposite. Kate probably considers herself a milf, and Jon needs a parent to tell him what to do. Oh, the tangled web we weave!

1931 days ago


Can ANYONE please tell me why this witch has security? Oh thats right its not security ITS HER BOYFRIEND. EVERYONE knows it and she trys to act all pissedoff when people bring it up. NO ONE gets so mad about something if its NOT true. She is a iiar and a cheater. SHE KNOWS IT. SHE should be at home with her other kids. I guess she cant sleep with her " BODYGUARD" if shes back at home.....

1931 days ago

Chris is fug    

Bodyguard?? Oh please so diva of her. More like an assisatant/boyfriend/eyecandy/kendoll. Bodyguard?? Give me a break. Yea like her kids are really at risk there of being kidnapped with the paparazzi filming and photographing her 24/7 now. God she needs to get rid of her TLC TV entourage and get those kids off the show!!!!!!!!! What a miserable horrible mother and human being.

1931 days ago

Kristen J    

Well stated G Marie. If Jon doesn't want to help with HIS kids then Kate does need help. The kids don't need to just sit at home because the dad is having a mid-life crisis...or whatever it is. And yes, Kate needs to stop playing the victim. But, there are a lot of crazy "fans" out there who would try and talk to the kids. They need to be protected!

1931 days ago


Dude must be nuts. Now that's a single mom with baggage.

1931 days ago


There's nothing wrong with this kum-belching gutter sl*t that a good, solid punch in the face wouldn't fix.

1931 days ago

Chris is fug    

The only 'protection' those kids need is from their own spotlight -hogging-book selling- diva mother of theirs. I pity those kids. Its truly sad. When they see her with her bodyguard boyfriend, its just going to confuse and mess up the kids even more. Congrats Kate, you just ruined your kids lives. All in the name of greed. You are a miserable person.

1931 days ago

Oh Please    

This woman is such a ho bag and so digusting. Why doesn't she just f... the bodyguard on film for ratings? I am sure her fans would love to see that....actually, I might tune in. Both of these vile parents are playing with the public for ratings. They want to get as much $$$ as they can...before the show stops. She doesn't care about her kids. Any mother would have pulled her kids from the show when the nasty publicity started. It will be great for the kids to watch their opening on season 5. Maybe they will blame themselves for the divorce. These kids are damaged and anyone that thinks not is an idiot. To all you stupid idiots that love this're really sick and need a life.

1931 days ago


Hang a Scarlett A (adulterer) on Kate. She lives it, she shows it off, so hang the Scarlett Letter A on her for the stupid viewers to really understand what's going on with Kate.

If this wasn't true, she would change her ways, change her and her kids life at home, get rid of that "BODYGUARD/giggolo" and she would stop embarrassing and exploiting her kids.

How humiliating to have a Mother like Kate. Imagine what the kids' classmates, neighborhood, and the world are saying about Kate?

1931 days ago


Steve isn't exactly new. He can be seen sitting behind Kate on the plane on their vacation to Utah a few seasons back.

1931 days ago


Don't watch the lunacy and it will go down the "tube" so-to-speak.... Can't we as Americans find the ability to discover our own individual creativity without participating through watching the train-wreck-lives of people who have no core values? This woman simply had in vitro fertilizations and gave birth to excessive multiples (just like canines and felines) without considering how she would support all of those children. Real mothers don't stand on the beach with their body guard-lover and her kids dressed in designer swimwear for photographs to be hawked on the internet and television for money. Real women and mothers are actively participating in the daily--24/7--lives of their children through education, sports, and social activities while cultivating relationships with real people not a camera crew and bodyguards to befriend them. What sick nonsense...

1931 days ago


He's been around for a long time and he precluded anything Jon did. I a perfect world, those poor kids would be removed from that woman. She doesn't like them, they're just a ticket to fame.

1931 days ago

she looks like her son    

This is so sick on so many levels - where to begin?

Kate and the bodyguard are shameless human beings and do they honestly believe that anyone thinks they are not a couple? How sick are they to parade this in front of the children?

What parent would make a living off of a medical procedure to have an abnormal amount of children and then place them on TV for the world to watch?

TLC has put money/ratings above any moral obligations and they should be the smut channel.

1931 days ago
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