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Second Autopsy Critical in Carradine Death

6/7/2009 12:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David CarradineSources tell TMZ the second autopsy of David Carradine's body will be conducted in a matter of days, and two issues are on the line -- cause of death and life insurance.

As for cause of death, here's what we're hearing ... if this is truly a case of auto-erotica, typically people who do this will put a cloth or something between the neck and the skin to avoid marks that would be difficult to explain. There's a picture that was published in a Thai newspaper showing the body hanging. We will not publish it, but we do not see evidence of anything between the neck and rope. To the contrary, the photo shows redness in the right shoulder area, next to the neck.

Another issue -- if this is truly a case of auto-erotica, generally there would be a magazine, video or something of a sexual nature within eyeshot to stimulate arousal. If nothing like that is around, it's suspicious. The photo does not show any obvious signs of sexual material in the area, however there appears to be something that looks like some sort of picture that may have been taped on the wall. We can't see exactly what it is.

Also -- the notion behind auto-erotica is that oxygen is restricted to heighten orgasm, but the subject generally has a ladder, stool or something like it to restore oxygen. The photo does not show a ladder or stool, but the body is almost in a sitting position. We do not know if any items were moved before the picture was taken.

One of the biggest mysteries -- the photo in the Thai newspaper shows that Carradine's hands are tied above his head (which we reported Friday), yet Thai police say no one was with him in the room. The question -- how's that possible?

As for the second autopsy, it's often harder to determine cause of death because the body has already been through a procedure, but the advantage of the second autopsy is that there's more info and, as one source put it, "you can be more focused in terms of what the issues are."

David CarradineNow, as for life insurance -- most policies provide that the policy is void if the cause of death is suicide, but if it's an accidental death insurance companies are not only required to pay out ... some policies provide that the beneficiaries get twice the payout.

Short story .. a lot will be riding on the second autopsy.


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1st hoes

1901 days ago

arte help    

He offed himself, its that simple, even my cabana boy Jose says so!

1901 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

DEATH ERRECTION is common in suicide by hanging in which china leads the world.The only CRIME here would be if someone killed him.DON`t look at a dead man`s DEATH ERECTION that is not a crime and is common.

1901 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

Did I call it or did I call it. 4 days have past and every other post is about David Carradine. Still speculating and still exploiting. I bet if there is really a photo TMZ is passing the collection jar trying to scrape up enough to get their hands on it and publish it.

1901 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

I THINK THEY WILL FIND HE WAS DIEING FROM CANCER and used the a DEATH ERECTION to easy into the LIGHT.The pain is blocked off in this way of suicide.

1901 days ago


Not all life insurance policies are voided if the insured commits suicide. Sometimes there is merely a two-year exclusion WHEN the life insurance was bought could also come into play.

1901 days ago


To the vile low-life who posted a link to the photo of Carradine after he died - you are disgusting! Even MZ doesn't stoop to such low and debased levels. YOU ARE A SICK PERSON.

1901 days ago


I don't see much in the picture that looks like Carradine. Am I missing something?

1901 days ago


Show the people the photo and let us make up our own minds.

Don't always tell the people what to think.


that is your intension.

1901 days ago


As difficult as it is, the family is just going to have to accept that he may have killed himself.

1901 days ago

excretive producer    

From what I've gathered after viewing a close-up of the photo (c'mon, i'm curious!), this person's -- allegedly Carradine -- hands are tied in front and hung from the closet bar. It's a rear view and his long hair (dark at that) is in the way so I don't see how one can tell if there was something placed between the skin and rope around the neck area. Looks like posterior is covered in tattoos (positive id?)

So he was either adept at tying himself in knots for years apparently (re: ex-wife's divorce papers) or he may have had help in this scenario. At any rate, I wonder if he was really aware of the consequences not only of potential death but the worldwide tabloid and news reporting -- read: humiliation, embarassment for himself and family. The price paid for this fame was shame.

1901 days ago


I can't make out crap from that photo. His face isn't shown. Why would he tie his hands up above his head? That is strange...but this whole thing is strange. The family is embarrassed about him dying while doing this, and the young wife wants to make sure she gets his insurance money. It looks like she has managed to spend the rest.

1901 days ago


If the photo shows him hanging in the closet with his hands tied above the head, he probably acted alone.
His kinky little habit killed him.

It's hard on the family, we all understand that. But denial or blaming thid parties does not help anyone.

1901 days ago


Seems like the ex-wife knew him and his habits better than the new wife did. No surprise there.

1901 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

The BIG MONEY won`t be from the life insurance claim

1901 days ago
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