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Inside Speidi's Torture Chamber!!!

6/8/2009 2:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A five-star hotel, it ain't -- but does it really look like Heidi and Spencer Pratt were being tortured in the Costa Rican jungle when they were held in solitary?

Heidi and Spencer

We got our mitts on these photos of the "chamber" Speidi was forced to sleep in (top), the camp grounds the rest of the cast slept in (bottom) and the detestable duo (just kidding, but it's great alliteration) kissing before they went into the chamber (inset) for a night of "torture."


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sonny chiba    

spencer:you no i didnt mean to punch you in the face baby i love you and you make me do this but it hurts me more
heidi:i no baby praise jesus and cleanse me from my sins
spencer:this is why i love you baby cause you understand,praise jesus

1929 days ago

sonny chiba    

im watching sanjaya pick his shoulder pimples,2 percocet heads praise the lord and say how they wanna help the world in 1 scene,next scene they say frig everyone,aaaaand janice,wow,janice,u are seriosly not even a milf anymore....THE ONLY REALITY SHOW I EVER WATCHED AND THIS IS AWEASOME,I LOVE IT...and stephen baldwin has the best face ever,who is dealing the pills on this island?

1929 days ago

sonny chiba    

does anyone realise that the sprat pack are going through withdrawals...its obvious

1929 days ago


Looks like Heidi's "torture" was self-inflicted - not eating or drinking minimal amounts of water may make you look good in L.A., not so much in the jungle. Also, what better way to get out of a contract than to make yourself sick?

1929 days ago



1929 days ago

penny green    

the only people being tortured are american tv viewers who tried to watch this disgusting piece of crap called a show. please media people,STOP GIVING THOSE TWO PARASITES WHAT THEY WANT. ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!

1929 days ago


I'll start watching this show once Heidi and Spencer have been removed.

1929 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Spencer Pratt=Blond Ted Bundy! I'm sure when he goes to trial for assault, abuse, or whatever heinous act he perpetrates, he will make some religiously based claim that 'god' or 'satan' made him do whatever and then say that he has been saved and is no longer 'evil'. The jury won't buy it!


1929 days ago

Corey Feldman is the king of douche Bags!    

I dreamed and prayed for this to happen, but i really wanted Spencer to be tortured!

NBC is awesome!!!

These retards have been torturing me all year!!!

1929 days ago


Why didn't NBC clean up the jungle after they were finished? If there is any crime being charged, it should be this.

1929 days ago


Here here Real Mom! Well said, indeed!

1929 days ago


I will miss them on the show. They made it interesting. I hope that Heidi is alright and she gets better soon.

1928 days ago


Looks like all the news outlets TOTALLY got it all wrong. There was no torture. That room has NOTHING to do with why Heidi got sick. They were back in camp for a whole night and two days BEFORE she even got sick. It was clear her illness was brought on from their little fast. NOR...did Spencer look all in rage over this. They both said some very nice things, (even brought up them believing it was "God's will), then waved to the camera smiling. Again...SOOOO not what was being put out there by the media. I didn't see anyone of the celebrities overly concerned. No holding of the passports. No keeping them all there against their will. Total example of how we hear rumors and believe them to be fact.

1928 days ago


Tortured and an Ulcer my you know what!!! Another one of the Pratt's and NBC's to try and change public opinion. First of all while staying at the hotel to see if they would be allowed back Spencer admitted on the show he had been throwing up real bad so obviously he had the flu cause I'm sure he doesn't have an ulcer too. Then they spend the night in a dark hut with just fake noises during the night and that was their so called redeeming challenge, then after Heidi and Spencer return to the camp then suddenly Heidi and Spencer go on some kind of fast and didn't eat nor drink so add that to the fact that Spencer already probably had the flu a couple of days earlier Heidi then caught the FLU herself. Not an ulcer but the flu she caught from Spencer and she brought that on herself with this self imposed fast she and Spencer decided to do. Never mind the fact that the other celebrities did in fact vote and said NO to Heidi and Spencer returning but NBC convinced the other celebrities that it would be in their best interest to "change" their minds so they retaped that segment and this time showed where they decided that S & H could come back. Angela did confirm after returning that the vote was indeed NO! So now to try and save face for Spencer and Heidi after they had made vague threats to sue NBC for torture, then NBC and the Pratts concoct this story about Heidi having an ulcer and has to leave the show once again. The whole darn show is nothing but a fake and NBC is taking it's viewing audiences for absolute fools and insulting our intelligence. Well I think it's going to backfire because people are going to quit watching it. NOT because Heidi and Spencer aren't there any longer but because NBC insulted their viewers intelligences and took us all for idiots just like Spencer and Heidi are. No one is buying it NBC and as far as the public is concerned if we don't hear Spencer or Heidi's name EVER AGAIN that will make us all very happy. They came on as nobody's and they left as hate nobody's.

1928 days ago


Damn, I used to watch TMZ because it was actually entertaining, I don't condone or agree with what Chris Brown has done, I am not a Chris Brown fan, but can't help see that if they show him or mention him once, the jokes and ridicule come out, but lately if you see Spencer and Heidi, you don't really hear anything, Chris Brown beat down Rihanna, we all know that, but Spencer pimps out his Ho and himself and it's degrading how low things are these days, the sleazier you are the more you get reported on, It seems Harvey and Spencer are not friends, because it looks like Spencer gives Harvey his "Scoops" sh*T you want to knock on Chris Brown, that fine, but at least he had a credible career until the Rihanna incident, and Spencer and Heidi have not, and will not do anything but annoy us with their existence and thanks to Harvey and TMZ, they will apparently now be seen in a positive light. I hope they sue NBC, and I hope NBC sues back for breach of contract, they knew full well what they signed up for because if they didn't, then they truly are lucky to be where they are with limited amount of brains they have, "you don't volunteer , you get paid"?? well I hope now you can say, "I don't volunteer, I get sued!" Spencer and your ho are such a waste of f*ckin Space!! :) :) :) :)

1928 days ago
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