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Alba's Shark Attack Victim -- She Owes Me a Bite

6/10/2009 4:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who was defaced during Jessica Alba's Oklahoma City tagging spree wants payback -- and he wants it in the form of a hot midday meal.

Jessica Alba

Elvin Mack -- who's actually on the United Way billboard Jessica allegedly ruined -- told us:

"I'm really hurt that she chose me to defame on a charitable organization billboard, she obviously doesn't know what United Way is ... a public apology and some lunch would be nice since she's in our state shooting a movie!"

Meanwhile, investigators in OKC wanna have a chat with Alba over the sticky situation.


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He wants lunch with Jessica Alba? This idiot can't be too upset if he's trying to get a date with this moron!

1930 days ago


ha ha..lunch...oh yeah he is upset about the whole thing. "lunch" will make up for it. i'll take him to lunch if that is all it takes to make feel better. come, on let's go. do you have a crystal burger?

1930 days ago


Gotta milk the situation, cant really blame him. I guest he believes he has a chance.

1930 days ago


Awww he is a cutie and she didn't cover his face.. I think it would be good PR for everyone if they did have a charity lunch somewhere. Sounds like he is being a good sport and workin' it for his charity. She feels bad .. I think it would be good for all parties .. heck they could work BOTH causes into the thing!

1930 days ago

frogs and gravel    

I hope they deport her back to Guatemala or North Dakota or wherever she is from

1930 days ago


Maybe he meant lunch for the organization? I have traveled all over the world. I grew up in OKC and finally moved back. The folks here are really the nicest around. And always ready to help others out.

The sad thing is she probably could have gotten time for an interview where she could mention her cause on any of the local stations. Most do regular stories on animal welfare.

1930 days ago

kyle 81    

I mean "wimper wimper" Oh my goodness what are we going to do a person put a shark on my bilboard, what would I have done if it had been my face. I can't breath. Maybe some lunch wiill help me.

1929 days ago

little b    

yay cute sharks!!

1929 days ago


And some lunch??? How about paying to have the billboard repaired and a large donation to the United Way??? After all, it may be his image on the billboard, but the expense of having the billboard redone doesn't come out of his pocket.
Unless his comment is either misquoted or taken out of context (which is possible) this man seems like a fame-----, just trying to make it about him, instead of about the defacing of a charitable organizations billboard.

1929 days ago


This woman is so uninformed. I don't think the people of OK. have a problem with SHARKS! If anything, The United Way got free publicity. It's funny that he thinks she chose him to defame, someone buy him a cheeseburger. She's a stupid girl vandalizing, breaking the law. She did this willingly, without checking her resources and now she's regretting it. Now that is DUMB!

1929 days ago


God what a bitch
This doesnt help her cause at all
What makes her think a shark picture has to do with United Way?
I hope she physically goes to save a shark and it bites her ugly head off.

1929 days ago


On your TV show you mock Alba for saying Sweden is neutral instead of Switzerland. Actually, Sweden was also neutral in WWII (the last war that mattered to either country). Look it up. So she was right.

1929 days ago


Alba, you are just a cute face away from obscurity, so STFU. Quit trying to fill the ugly voids in your miserable life with causes like sharks. Don't you have a freaking kid to take care of, or is that the job of your nannies? You are such a great "actress", that you can't get any parts unless you are in a swimsuit you empty ho. Plus, everyone knows you have a case of casting couch Herpes, and that will stay with you forever.

1929 days ago


Nuke Oklahoma now while we have the chance. We'd be killing two birds with one stone.

1929 days ago


She is a star! They just slap her wrist & maybe make her do a commercial, that she does not have her heart in.

1929 days ago
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