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Alba's Shark Attack Victim -- She Owes Me a Bite

6/10/2009 4:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who was defaced during Jessica Alba's Oklahoma City tagging spree wants payback -- and he wants it in the form of a hot midday meal.

Jessica Alba

Elvin Mack -- who's actually on the United Way billboard Jessica allegedly ruined -- told us:

"I'm really hurt that she chose me to defame on a charitable organization billboard, she obviously doesn't know what United Way is ... a public apology and some lunch would be nice since she's in our state shooting a movie!"

Meanwhile, investigators in OKC wanna have a chat with Alba over the sticky situation.


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Comment #13 fails for citing WIKIPEDIA as a credible source.

And, Alba fails for sticking a poster of a great WHITE shark on the only BLACK person on the Live United campaign.

She might as well have put a burning cross up there.

1930 days ago


I hope that she takes him to lunch........I hope he orders some seafood.....shark tastes great!

I'd rather hear that Jessica Alba is going to PAY for the damages, clean up and replacement of everything that she damaged.

I think that she should do a good chunk of the clean-up herself!

1930 days ago


Jessica Alba is hot, but an absolute moron. She needs to show her ass like Heidi and everything will be fine.

1930 days ago


It'll be really nice if Alba gets some jail time, but I'd be happy just to see her slapped with 50 hours of community service -- maybe cleaning public toilets in local parks or picking up garbage at the side of the interstate.

1930 days ago

u people are idiots    

How insanely hard up is TMZ for actual news? This is an exclusive? You people are idiots.

1930 days ago


i'm sure he didn't mean lunch with her.

1930 days ago


Oh, get over it people!!! If it was her that put the posters up, and was some unknown person, no one would think twice about it. But because it was a celebrity, everyone is raising a stink and getting mad and wanting her charged? Come on, it was a d*mn billboard, not some national monument!!


1930 days ago

Bethany Sweet    

Defacing other people's property without permission is just plain wrong. Duh. There are many, many better ways to get your message across. This was just a dumb ploy, not well thought out at all, to get some cheap attention for herself. I fail to see how she helped sharks in any real way.

1930 days ago


I don't really see how she's "defacing" the billboard. if anything, she almost looks like she's supporting UW. either way - WHO CARES?! Jessica Alba doesn't need to be wasting her time buying lunch for someone that's trying to use her for publicity.

1930 days ago


Take it up with Obama, douchebag.

1930 days ago

Diane Nicoloff    

#25 & #26 maybe you should go and see all the pictures of her gluing these posters to OKC property and then smiling in victory over what she did. OKC is a beautiful place and there has been alot of work done to make it that way. She broke alot of city ordinances and what she did and to defame another charitable orgainizations ad to try and bring awareness of her cause was just plain tacky. I think she is the one trying to get attention for her cause, and the guy is just trying to make light of the situation. I think she should be fined by the OKC police dept like anyone else would, especially since there is photos of her that her assitant took of her putting the posters up, she should have to pay back the cost to clean up her posters , unlike what the article said it was not just one or two posters it was several and she used a glue that makes it nearly impossible to get off, she should make a public apology to the city of OKC and she should make a large donation to the United Way. There are alot of things to do in OKC with your time instead vandalizing billboards, bridges and utility poles and if she wants to be taken seriously in her support of charitable organizations and bring awareness to a cause she should so in a way that is respectalbe.

1930 days ago


She needs to grow up and do things like take care of your own child. Selfish, immature celebrity...

1930 days ago

ralphie the one-eyed    

Since he now has a shark on his chest, and wants lunch;
Alba, be afraid. Be very afraid. The shark-man cometh.

1930 days ago

ralphie the one-eyed    

# 16 is right, do we really need Oklahoma?
Let the sharks have it.
Alba is queen of the sharks leading the attack.
Feed on the humans, my loyal shark hoard.
Feed on them all.

1930 days ago

Texas Jim    

First course: shark fin soup.

1930 days ago
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