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Alba's Shark Attack Victim -- She Owes Me a Bite

6/10/2009 4:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who was defaced during Jessica Alba's Oklahoma City tagging spree wants payback -- and he wants it in the form of a hot midday meal.

Jessica Alba

Elvin Mack -- who's actually on the United Way billboard Jessica allegedly ruined -- told us:

"I'm really hurt that she chose me to defame on a charitable organization billboard, she obviously doesn't know what United Way is ... a public apology and some lunch would be nice since she's in our state shooting a movie!"

Meanwhile, investigators in OKC wanna have a chat with Alba over the sticky situation.


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Well, Alba's movies haven't been the greatest.... well, when she is the lead. It makes sense she needs something for publicity since all we see is her in photos with her baby nowdays. How is her film career going when she is the lead? Tanked! Just like the sharks!

1962 days ago


She's an idiot

1962 days ago


The united way is a scam.

1962 days ago


Yes. Jessica Alba is racist. I'm shocked that she took the time to remove her white sheets when she was posing for these pictures. Clearly, by the location of the poster, she wants sharks to eat the blacks. And, not just any sharks, great WHITE sharks. There are no sharks in Oklahoma. Think about what this means. This means she wants to round up all of the African-Americans, put them on a boat, and on the way back to Africa she's going to throw them overboard and feed them to the sea. This illustrates her opinion that whites should rule over all. What do you think she'll sport next, a Stars 'n Bars tattoo? A skinny black mustache? Das Vierte Reich ist kommen.

1962 days ago


Wow there is some really rude stuff on here. I live in OKC and I am a little shocked that someone would say to nuke it. I guess I dont really get where that would come from. I do agree that this really is turhing into a bigger deal that it should. But I will say that no matter what city it is that you shouldnt vandalize it regardless of who you are. We should be proud of where we live and try to make it better. Honestly, I dont think that she meant to offend anyone at the United Way - I just think the sign was located where she thought her poster would make the best impact. Also she used some glue that is not coming off and that is why people here are upset. She put the posters around our downtown that we have spent millions of dollars updating and making nice and now there could potentially be permanent damage. I'm sure that guy isnt trying to use her for publicity. Sometimes when you are interviewed and you arent used to that kind of thing you say something stupic and I am sure that is what happened here. I really didnt realize how mean people can be to people/places they know nothing about. Wow.

1962 days ago


At first, looking at that billboard I thougth that guy was wearing a T-shirt with a shark on it....
United Way should be thankful to Jessica that it was a target for this action: now people know what it is. Publicity for everybody. Win-win

1962 days ago


LOL, Good for you EJ. The guy in the picture is a friend of ours and he spends a lot of time helping people and different organizations. He is in no way looking for any fame out of this.
Hello EJ from Jessica and Mike!!!

1962 days ago


Now she needs to go to the local grocery store and "FREE" the lobsters.

1962 days ago


Isn't this a win-win for everyone? United Way even admitted this was great publicity for them and it couldn't have better timed. Also, Alba is a babe and gets to promote herself, her Oklahoma movie and her animal cause. There is no such thing as bad publicity, at least not here. And was there really any connection with sharks and United Way? I don't think so. It just happened to be the lucky billboard that got the Alba treatment. Who's complaining?

1962 days ago


If it was anyone that was not a celebrity they'd be in custody. But because shes famous shes not been arrested yet?! Its not like shes hard to find. I live in Oklahoma City and she was filming a scene today at Cattlemans restaurant! Here's an idea, if its against the law what she did then arrest her!

And this dude is full of it. I mean really, she put a picture of a shark over his torso. Get over it. She didn't give him a unibrow or put devil horns on him. He just wants his 15 minutes.

1962 days ago


So they had a thing on the news about her defacing property and they want us Oklahomans to pay for it. Well i say send her the damn bill. She has more than enough money and she has no right. If she wants to save the damn sharks then go to where there is a damn ocean...not somewhere in the middle of the U.S. Is she really that stupid?!?

1962 days ago

allissa Rhodes    

eww screw the sharks i hate those things and they deserve to be extinct... now onto the united way thing, thats a dumb move to deface a billboard for an prganization that does so much for people

1962 days ago


If this dim-wit had a brain she'd be dangerous!

1962 days ago


Hey TMZ, where's your story about Casey Affleck flipping out at Starbucks in OKC and throwing his drink everywhere because hee didn't believe the guy actually made it with soy milk? He had to be escorted out! Who do these celebrities think they are coming to our city and acting like 5 year olds? What next, is Kate Hudson going to sleep with all our men too?

1961 days ago

Just sayin    

After working at more than one workplace where the price for not "voluntarily contributing" to United Way was to be fired, I say thank you Jessica Alba. I have always thought any organization that would go to the length that that one does to get money from people that have so little money in the first place could not be up and above board. Of course they proved me right with their scandal a few years back.

1961 days ago
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