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Britney Gives BF More than 10 Percent

6/10/2009 8:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Most people hate their agents ... but not Britney Spears. It's official ... she's dating him.


William Morris agent Jason Trawick (seen above with Brit last month) is officially Brit's boyfriend -- multiple sources confirm to us. It's 100% true.

We're told Jason has been visiting Brit on tour -- most recently in London over the weekend. Jason has been telling people when the tour is over he's taking his sweetie on a vacation in a "private location."

Better check with daddy and his lawyers first!


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Wanda W.    

So what ? The trainwreck known as Britiany is not her own woman yet. She still must answer to DADDY for everything. She cant vote, write a check herself, hire a carpenter, or travel without DADDYS permission. She is like an indentured servant or something. Is that anyway to have a life, to be "Handled". Thats not FREEDOM she has,its servatude !!!

1858 days ago


I agree with 13. the cycle will never end. I'm glad I'm not her or someone I know. I'm not sure what can be done at this point to save her.

1858 days ago


All smoke and mirrors folks. Just a planted story to show how "normal" she is. The fact is she's incapable of having a friend again. Too many diseases working there.

1858 days ago


Last year, when Jason Trawick accompanied Britney and her myriad of babysitters to Mexico, it was reported that he was married...which just added fuel to her fire to chase him. Is he now single? The lip-syncing, gyrating, talentless, mentally brain dead, washed-up Pop Tart only dates the "hired help" because no one else wants anything to do with her. She's toxic waste. Hopefully, she isn't allowed to get married (remember, she needs her Daddy's approval to make any legally binding decisions) and have more children...she can't properly care for the two she's got right now.

How about some interesting gossip?

1858 days ago


For those making remarks about her weight, girls who are curvy when they're young end up fat, especially after having children. It's hard for them to maintain their shape, although she works hard at it.

She looks happy. Maybe she finally has someone who has her best interests at heart.

1858 days ago


And not one nasty tattoo on him!

1858 days ago


I think he is cute. Good for her!!!

1858 days ago


Be happy for Britney that she has a positive and mature male role model to be her lover and companion and, also, someone of maturity to be a positive male role model and guide on behalf of her adorable sons. It's a blessing her parents and, especially, her father pressed forward and got the worthless bums, drug addicts, and money thieves out of her life so she could heal emotionally, psychologically, and physically with a professional team around her. Her manager has, obviously, been a part of her healing process. He's handsome, intelligent, and likely a sweet and tender man with more class than she has known from the others who used her as a sexual object and for money.

1858 days ago


13. Dayum... SLUTney's looking like a FAT PIG. Nice slumpy posture, fat gut & stupid belly button piercing. Once a dumbass, always a dumbass...

Posted at 1:32AM on Jun 10th 2009 by Yuck

What a gross thing to say, Yuck. You're what is wrong with America. The girl is probably 5'5" and 130 lbs, which according to the BMI calculator is WELL within the "normal weight" catagory.. Everything up to 150 lbs/5'5" is NORMAL WEIGHT.

Before you start in with your bash session - I am 5'5" and 108 lbs (which is considered underweight by BMI standards but I have a problem thyroid which has caused the weight loss).. so don't even try to say that I am fat. I wish I looked like her.. she looks good and healthy.

The FAT comments are juvenile and disgusting.

1858 days ago

Bev, Phoenix    

Whoo Hooo....Good for her he actually looks normal and possibly has his own money FINALY!!!

1858 days ago


omg you people are do you know how she is with her children?? I love it that everyone believes everything they read about people. "Please die already" ?? need to get a life.

1858 days ago


I don't understand how it is legal for Britney to work a job when she is under a conservatorship. People under a conservatorship are unable to work and care for themselves. Obviously Britney does not need a conservatorship if she is able to travel, work, and have custody of her children. This whole Conservatorship is just a way to control her. It's so bogus. The sad part is she can't hire a lawyer to represent her and her best interest. Usually when a person is under a conservatorship the court appoints an advocate for the client and watch out for her best interest. Obviously Britney doesn't have that. Furthermore, who in their right minds would date someone who the court finds unstable enough to need someone else to make her decisions. How can Daddy allow her to date knowing she can't make her own decisions. Something smells fishy here!

1858 days ago


Shouldn't this be unethical?

1858 days ago


What a HO. I think that she is nothing at all. Looking for attention. Also hear her tour overseas was a flop. Lip syns again.

1858 days ago


I cant stand the media and other people how their soo judgemental and negative. Yes shes in the public eye and obviously her private life is never going to remain private which sucks, but I think it should. It shouldnt be anyones business who she dates except hers, but that will never change because people like to know other peoples private lifes if their in the public eye I guess. And these sources, do you know how many people lie and gossip and make up rumors just to get their name in a magazine or something?

1858 days ago
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