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Carrie Prejean: They Asked Me to do Playboy

6/10/2009 8:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie PrejeanWe just got off the phone with deposed Miss California USA Carrie Prejean -- and she says the pageant was trying to whore her out to Playboy.

Prejean claims pageant honcho Keith Lewis actually asked her last month if she would take two gigs -- appearing on "I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!" and Playboy. Prejean says Lewis told her Playboy offered $140,000 for her to pose semi-nude. She rejected both offers.

A few minutes ago we talked to Lewis who said he was not pushing her to take either gig -- but merely passing the offers along. Lewis said Prejean had insisted they not turn anything down without running it by her.

Prejean -- who told us she was "shocked" at the news she was fired and learned about it only after we broke the story -- tells us she has been more than cooperative with pageant officials.

Prejean says, "What's behind this I think is a political debate. They don't agree with the stance that I took [on Prop 8]. Shanna [Moakler] is trying to bash me. They don't like me. From day one they wanted me out and they got what they wanted."

Prejean also told us she couldn't believe Donald Trump would say she treated people in the pageant "like s**t." For the record, Trump did tell Harvey Levin that on the phone earlier today. Prejean said if Trump really feels that way she's sorry, adding: "I've shown respect for every party involved, even when they haven't shown it back."

Prejean went on: "I was very respectful of people even when they slandered me and humiliated me. I have not once stooped down to their level."

Carrie Prejean


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Miss Hate - brilliant. Took me an hour to come up with that.

1962 days ago

Wise Man    

Well now she can spend the rest of her life reflecting on her 15 minutes of fame.

1962 days ago


Come on b*tch has a whores mouth and bj eyes, you all know it's
true!! Hell, she's too good for
Miss America!! Straight to porn princess for this little piece of
cheese! I can see it now, Rush, some pills, the American flag, a Bible , a big bucket of lard and
Carrie in a nuns outfit. Hot diggity!!

1962 days ago


Carrie DEMANDED she receive every offer so that she has the final say. Then she says Miss CALIFORNIA demanded she do playboy? What does she think we cannot read her email transcripts? The proof is in the pudding and liars always come out. She was raised in a bisexual household, evidenced by the testimony given not only by Carrie herself but by BOTH of her parents, who BOTH had same sex lovers. This is the real reason for her hatred of gays. Carrie admit it, your mom is a lesbian whose lover lives in RIverside, CA according to KTLA news. And her father lived with several gay men where Carrie witnessed gay sex according to the divorce testimony. Read it and weep, shes fake.

1962 days ago


I'm obsessed, I'm obsessed!!! Must insult Carrie, must insult Carrie!! Foaming at the mouth ensues...

1962 days ago


I can't believe there are still people SUPPORTING her. Read the emails she wrote. She's so childish and unprofessional! So what if she doesn't want the gays to marry? She's a whiny brat regardless of her views and I'm so glad she got fired. She made Trump look like a dumbass for not firing her sooner.

1962 days ago


Good riddance to that piece of trash!

1962 days ago


She uses the same dynamics as Sara Palin: do things and blame others; triangulate whenever possible; want total control and then assign blame to others when it fails. Because they are both phony. They are both mixed up in the head. They are both motivated by self, absorbed with self, are narcissistic and there is no way a narcissist can be a team player. She is a liar. Her body and her physical appearance is a lie. So is her inside.

1962 days ago


The tolerance that all miniorties ask from others is sadly an disrespectfully lacking from ones who 'Claim" to be so enlightened!! Calling people names, asking people to be less than honest smacks of the same kind of right wing intolerance! The attacks on prejean are a disgrace...but it's ok with some so called enlightened person to be so...because they believe their status as a minority allows them privedge to attack...her statements were not as disresepectful as some of the comments I have read on this blog.....Hypocrites all!

1962 days ago


Who cares!!!!!!!!!!! Can we please have someting interesting to read?

1962 days ago


Wow...the media loves to be on the winning side! They throw carrie under the bus & protect the Obama administration with all their current errors. Give America another year as we watch our nation crumble!

1962 days ago


Carrie: This is what you get for not returning my calls!

1962 days ago

Wait a minute,that's my house!    

Breaking News: Miss California, Carrie Prejean, Fired By Christians. Why? Because she does what-ever the hell she wants, and doesn't follow our rules either.

1962 days ago


First of all, I am gay. And, I never took offense to her stating her belief. In fact, I feel like all of the bitching and moaning we gay people do about equal rights and being mistreated is just what we are doing to her. Growing up gay in the eighties as a teenager was not an easy thing to do. Picked on and humiliated and my teenage years bear nothing but scars. Haven't we learned anything about how to treat people properly? Have we not been tested enough as to how to handle differences? And, as for her being fired. She is up against some powerful people. She is alone. It is virtually impossible to fight against people who are stronger than you in most ways. You will normally hear one side, the powerful side. Give her break.

1962 days ago


I'm so jealous I can't stand it!!!!

1962 days ago
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