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Carrie Prejean: They Asked Me to do Playboy

6/10/2009 8:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie PrejeanWe just got off the phone with deposed Miss California USA Carrie Prejean -- and she says the pageant was trying to whore her out to Playboy.

Prejean claims pageant honcho Keith Lewis actually asked her last month if she would take two gigs -- appearing on "I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!" and Playboy. Prejean says Lewis told her Playboy offered $140,000 for her to pose semi-nude. She rejected both offers.

A few minutes ago we talked to Lewis who said he was not pushing her to take either gig -- but merely passing the offers along. Lewis said Prejean had insisted they not turn anything down without running it by her.

Prejean -- who told us she was "shocked" at the news she was fired and learned about it only after we broke the story -- tells us she has been more than cooperative with pageant officials.

Prejean says, "What's behind this I think is a political debate. They don't agree with the stance that I took [on Prop 8]. Shanna [Moakler] is trying to bash me. They don't like me. From day one they wanted me out and they got what they wanted."

Prejean also told us she couldn't believe Donald Trump would say she treated people in the pageant "like s**t." For the record, Trump did tell Harvey Levin that on the phone earlier today. Prejean said if Trump really feels that way she's sorry, adding: "I've shown respect for every party involved, even when they haven't shown it back."

Prejean went on: "I was very respectful of people even when they slandered me and humiliated me. I have not once stooped down to their level."

Carrie Prejean


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Master P    

She is liar, I bet she got fired, because Donald tried to screw her, but she probably laughed when he dropped his pant and saw he had a comb over down under. LOL She's money and fame hungry, we will see her in Playboy or if we wish hard enough maybe in a porn! On a serious note, I would do her, she's hot!! Stupid as hell, but very Hot!!

1904 days ago


People, leave this gal alone. She is surely entitled to her opinions, just as you all are. I do urge her, however, to take the Playboy offer-I would pay good money for that issue. A Sarah Palin Penthouse or Hustler would be a blockbuster, also. Right?

1904 days ago


Thank god this one is going away. But I doubt it. The cry babies a FAUX NEWS will have her back on. They take anyone these days. I have been tired of from day one. She was upset she didn't win, so she used anything and everything she could to carry this along for how ever long she could. Finally Donald has seen her for who she is. A miserable bitch. See ya!!!

1904 days ago


Lying bitch.

1904 days ago


I'm a little whiney turd who hides behind everyone elses 'by' name because I hate myself and can't think of anything intelligent to say. You know me I'm so ashamed I only do what I do because I am in love with Perez Hilton but worry that my teenie little weenie won't be enough for him

1904 days ago


Carrie is studying to be a special education teacher. Maybe she can help us!

1904 days ago


This chick rocks! Just look at it this way: Can you name last year's Miss California? The year before? Etc... Not only has this girl made a name for herself - she did it because the lowly left hated on her for her opinion. An opinion that the majority of Americans share, including the president.

She doesn't need that stupid pageant to move forward. You go girl!!

1904 days ago


Poor "Boobie Barbie"! It's obvious that this babe only wanted the title -- and free boobs -- as entree into the media. Now that she's a hot commodity with the conservative talking heads, she needs to capitalize on that ASAP. No time for details, like participating in events to which she is contractually committed via that title. News flash for you, Boobie Barbie -- even those talking heads that love you so much today will expect you to fulfill your contracts. So when you flake on them and they bash you, what excuse will you use then???

1904 days ago


I don't agree with Carrie's point of view on the issues, but I think there is some truth to this. I think Keith and Shanna conspired to smear her name as much as possible and I believe after Shanna resigned (because she suddenly decided she had morals) that Keith did his best to prove to Donald that Carrie was mean. I think he provoked her into getting upset then would show the correspondence to Donald and say - "see! she's mean and disrespects me".

1904 days ago


But legally wouldn't it come down to she is either fullfilling her contract obligations or she is not? Trump may be a bit of a sleaze but he knows buisiness and I can't see him letting her go unless he knew he was in the legal right to do so.

1904 days ago


Okay, okay. That was a bit harsh. Carrie, please forgive me.

1904 days ago


The country is being destroyed by the liberal, no moral generation. All it takes to be famous now is several abortions, posing nude, talking trash etc. Carrie Prejean is being slandered & fired because of her beliefs & religion. All decent girls with class should avoid these pagents now because they're looking for sluts.

1904 days ago


136. Okay, okay. That was a bit harsh. Carrie, please forgive me.

Posted at 7:57PM on Jun 10th 2009 by Molly2600

No you evil wench.. because I am GOOD, I am CHRISTIAN .. stop hating me because I'm beautiful!!

1904 days ago


Yeah and we are being saved by the lying, do what I say not what I do , "false" moral conservative generation. And apparently all it takes now to be famous is to murder doctors, cheat on your wives, steal, lie and throw around bible verses.

1904 days ago


I'm pretty sure it's the Christians who are looking for sluts.. just ask Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly. And let's not forget the Christian legacy of murder and torture where Pagans are concerned.. it's a dirty bloody history you self righteous hold.

1904 days ago
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