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Hugh Moron

Grant Attacks in New York

6/10/2009 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He's famous for making stupid decisions -- and last night in New York, Hugh Grant screwed up again ... going from smiley guy to angry thug in one foul kick.

As Grant was leaving the Waverly Inn -- a well-known celebrity and paparazzi hang-out in NY -- the actor engaged the snappers in what seemed to be a little friendly banter. But when our guy tried to innocently point Grant in the right direction to get a cab, Hugh suddenly turned and put his boot right in our photog's "groin."

0610_grant2_x17_video-1Ain't that just Divine.

This ain't the first time Hugh kicked a photog -- back in '07, dude was arrested for an attack in London. Those charges were eventually dropped.


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really now    

I really have lost all respect for Hugh ! I used to think he was a nice guy . And now we know , he's such a jerk ! That photographer should go to the police and file charges for sure !! I don't think anyone should go see any of his movies anymore , since Hugh is so ''bothered'' to be in the publics eye !!

1900 days ago


Hugh Grant is one of the worst actors on film. He plays the same role each time. Why doesn't he kick the paparrazi over there in England? No, he comes to America, the country that paid him millions of dollars for his mediocre acting work and hires hookers and kicks the paparrazzi around like he's visiting royalty or something.

What's up with the British actors attacking Americans. First Christian Bale and now Hugh Grant. Both bonafide a*holes.

I guess Hugh will go on The Tonight Show and try to act cutesy again to repair his image. So sick of him.

1899 days ago


It's b/c he's gay, look at the guy he was with. Why do you think the hooker thing happened when it did, he was tipped off that it was going to come out then they said we'll have something bigger then that. It works no one ever goes there

1899 days ago


I think Hugh wouldn't do that kicking if the Pap go over crossing the line..Why would do such thing if the pap didnt do anything.. You know paparazzi makes celebrity more violent because they do or they say things to them that are not good. Its just that he is pissed off.. i mean Nobody is perfect we do things that are not good. Its just that Hugh is famous thats why everyone in the world knows his deed. Im not defending Hugh but i can see his point.. You would do the same thing as hugh have done if you are insulted..

1899 days ago


It's hilarious to see how some of you have a problem with the paparazzi, yet you still continue to visit TMZ and probably other celebrity sites as well. Here's a news flash. If everyone who hates paps (around 50% according to the poll above) actually stopped visiting TMZ they would probably go out of business or be forced to operate a much smaller company. That won't happen because you are all hypocrites and nosey for all the gossip. The cameras are snapping in front of celebs faces for one reason, and one reason only. Because of you and your support. Remember that.

1899 days ago

D. Sullivan    

Why do people think that just because someone makes movies as a living, that this translates into giving up their rights to privacy. This is NO different than if I were to walk outside and have strangers with cameras following me, yelling at me, and taking my picture. I would likely kick someone too. We have no right to these people and for anyone to say that they give their rights up when they make a movie is just wrong. I could see 5 of my favorite celebrities walking across the street and I would absolutely never ever approach them for either a picture, autograph, nothing. Firstly, I don’t need these items, don't want these items, I am just happy to see the movie and get on with my life, and so should all of you.

1899 days ago

Hugh Granny    

What a pansy, kicking another guy in the nuts. Only chicks do that crap. If he was a man he'd throw a punch at the dude or something. No sack loser.

1899 days ago

Age A    

Grant,s "talent" is as weak as his attack but it was an attack, totally unprovoked, just the same. Charges should be filed asap and a complete follow through must be done. Put his lame ass behind bars where we can see just how tough the goof is, if it would have been me he kicked at I would have set my camera done and dropped the loser, you are allowed to defend yourself in the USA are you not? Put the goof in jail and see if he kicks at anyone in there!

1899 days ago


Great picture of a photographer getting exactly what he deserves - a kick in the nuts. Some (if t=not the majoruity) of the pictures shown on TMZ are questionable in terms of how they were obtained. If photographers want to follow closely, let them wear a cup. I think that TMZ is waiting patiently to be able to broadcast a picture of some celebrity taking a dump, then come in and stop it from flushing so they can all sit around and anayle the size, the style, the aroma. Sometimes all of TMZ needs a kick in the nuts.

1899 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

kick em sideways next time. he's wearing a cup!

1899 days ago


the PROBLEM with the country today , is that all the lowlifes + PARASITES run all the flow of info, such as the MEDIA ,T.V, MOVIES MAGS AND PAPERS , this is why people are acting the way they are , NO respect for anyone unless you use the race card or religion card, then the same PARASITES LIKE LEVIN who run TMZ are afraid to do anything but kiss, while real decent people are being are being destroy by the agenda of TMZ and other MEDIA outlets, there used to be a standard of morals in the U.S. but no more , now all they care about is pushing there poltical correct ANTI-AMERICAN agenda..... I WISH HUGH WOULD KICK THAT PARASITE LEVIN AND HIS LOWLIFE COWARD STAFF right out of AMERICA.........

1899 days ago


Isn't he the one that threw the baked beans a couple years back??

1899 days ago


Notice how the paps stay at least 10 feet from him because they KNOW he is known for attacking. That's what I'd do if I had paps constantly in MY space. That's a good way to kep them away from you. LOL
Thumbs up.

1898 days ago


ok yeah hugh grant is just a little bitch for that cheap shot. that came out of no where. like wth is his problem?

1898 days ago


Why don't you leave people alone? Hugh Grant had the guts to do what many others in his place don't have. You annoy celebreties at all times , anywhere with your stupid remarks and then you act surprised when one lashes out at you? What a lousy way to make a living.

1898 days ago
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