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Mel and Robyn Gibson -- Confidential Divorce

6/10/2009 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson DivorceMel and Robyn Gibson say they have irreconcilable differences, but not when it comes to keeping their finances private.

We've learned both Mel and Robyn filed a joint request -- essentially asking the judge in their divorce case to keep info about their finances private. The judge saw it their way and signed the order on Friday.

According to the order, neither party (and that includes their lawyers) is allowed to disclose any information revealed in the discovery process. That means all of the financial documents that have been requested to establish the value of the Gibsons' estate can't be released directly or indirectly to the media.

As we first reported, the lion's share of the estate is real property -- houses and what not. We're told the total value is less than the $900,000,000 previously reported -- but it's still a fortune.


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Karen From Pa.    

This message is for Robyn. You can tell your husband I have lost all respect for him. I use to go to the theaters and watch all his movies, then I was buying all his movies on DVD's. Now I have to say an I hope you relay this message to him please-----------------------------I will not spend another dime to see anything he is starring in ever again. He has lost all respect from not just me but most of his fans. We can never look at him the same again. I feel sorry that you wasted so many years on such a cad. His new girlfriend is ugly inside and out. Take the creep for all he's worth. You deserve everything and Mel Gibson deserves nothing!!!! Hopefully he will be penniless by the time all is said and done. Let his new girlfriend support his unfaithful A-- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1911 days ago


Oksana is not a “stabilizing influence” or does she have “a calming effect” on Mel, she is putting pressure on him and causing him to go to drinking again that is not a “stabilizing influence”. I believe she is out to destroy your life Mel. What has this done with your relationships with your kids. She has no concern for her own baby or concern for her baby’s emotional state in that she is using an innocent baby as a tool to come against you with causing you and other people to reject a baby all for money (that is what she is “in love with”); she has rejected her own baby in the womb. She obviously is not secure with “your love for her” that she had to “conveniently” get pregnant to “force your hand”. I don’t believe you are “in love with her” because your heart is so held captive with hate you can’t love anything or anyone; you don’t even love this baby and I don’t think you are genuinely “over the moon” about it. Mel, I hope you read this, Oksana is not going to help you find the Lord, she is not going to help you get rid of your demons. You have a lot of demons in you and this woman is not going to help you get delivered; do you want ALL of your demons to leave? Yes or No. I hope you are not living with her and I hope you cut your relationship off with her and give her some money and send her on her way.

1907 days ago

Nelson Muntz    

THEIR way, not THERE way, TMZ idiots.

1928 days ago


Does anyone proofread or use grammar check anymore? The second paragraph in last sentence has the incorrect use of “there.”

1928 days ago

artie help    

good to know that there are a lot of people who read TMZ who majored in english in college.

1928 days ago

Michael Madsen    

3. good to know that there are a lot of people who read TMZ who majored in english in college.

Posted at 1:26PM on Jun 10th 2009 by sarah palins feet

English has to be capitalized... you moron! You also must capitalize the first letter at the beginning of a sentence you lame brain.

1928 days ago

northern gypsy    

H.W.G.A. (here we go again)...whatever the total estate is worth...don't think it will be 50 cents on the dollar !!!
just hope M.G. remembers this is the mother of his children...and is fair...

1928 days ago


Mel is an IDIOT!
I'm sure his girlfriend's "Hoo-Haa" is NOT worth millions... but that child she's carrying certainly WILL be!!


1928 days ago

oprah & michel hater    

thats cool robin...but take thgis adulterer sinner who fooled everyone into thinking he was a model Catholic...his catholosism is about as faithful as the russian skankyy whore thats having his brat.......that bitch is a smart one....had a baby for me she and her unborn are whores!

1928 days ago


I knew these 2 would be more civil that the media was suggesting. Good for them for being adults about this, i also think that Mel will probably not be fighting his ex-wife over the money.
They were married for 28 yrs, that counts for something!

1928 days ago

river rat    

To Mike (13)

It's quite simple actually! Give birth to seven children and raise them to maturity. You are a putz, Mike!

1928 days ago


Mike, comment 13. You're an idiot just like your hero Mel.

1928 days ago


A Los Angeles judge sided with the rich and famous??? SHOCK!!! Seems like the rich and famous are permitted to litigate in the shadows, i.e the super secret Sharon Stone lawsuit that wasn't even entered in the system and was totally off record and was accidentally discovered by a reporter.

Which lowlife judge rubberstamped this case? The LA Superior Court system is a disastrous mess. One loony judge after another. Unprofessional judges with abusive ill suited temperaments, who make up the law as they go along, making decisions based upon the whim of their mood that day or if they like/dislike the sight of your face, and prey upon the powerless. No shock that a judge is doing Gibson's bidding as the judicial system is not a democracy. Not to mention incompetent administrative staff who make important clerical errors which judges then try to blame on litigants instead of keeping their own house in order.

Anyone who wants their financial records kept under seal should call favoritism if denied.

1928 days ago

something smells    


1928 days ago


he was dating a jewish woman beofre that rusky slut, He dated a jew for over a year and while he was arrested fro DUI he was stilld ating her. so oyu know.
So when he said "cause of all wars" he migght have ment domestical ones! LOLLOL
His body guard is israelian, he had it replaced cause oks do NOT like jew.. as all russian she hates jews and is a veryy abd antismeite. OKSA IS AN ANTISEMITIE SLUT!

1928 days ago
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