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Bret Michaels Is Bloody Mad -- I'm No Liza Minnelli

6/11/2009 11:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You're looking at the face of a man who took on the Tony Awards -- and barely made it out alive.

Bret Michaels

Bret Michaels
just posted these gruesome pics of his busted ass face after a prop at the award show came down and cracked him in the kisser at the end of a live performance Sunday night.

The Poison frontman also posted a scathing press release on his website, attacking the Tony's for not caring about his injuries-- because he's not Liza Minnelli!!

Here's a snippet from the actual release -- "I feel had this incident happened to Liza Minnelli, Dolly Parton or Elton John the Tonys would have at least issued a letter of concern."

In the statement, Bret claims he was dazed and bloodied during the incident, but "the full extent of his injuries remains to be seen until all x-rays are back."

Michaels reps claim someone working on the Tony's should have prevented the injury form ever happening, saying "the prop should have been immediately halted until Michaels was clear."

Sounds like someone's setting the stage for a serious lawsuit...

Bret Michaels Tony Awards


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1906 days ago


Maybe he should have gotten his has-been ass off the main stage like the rest of the band. Then again, he'd better soak up the spotlight while he can. Seriously, this guy is as nauseating as Heidi & Spencer and all the other d-listers that somehow remain in the public eye. Surely there's no real interest in any of these people, is there??? Too bad that prop didn't just take his bald-ass head off... now THAT would've been entertaining!!! I say drop him in the jungle with the rest of 'em.

1906 days ago


If his reality show has any truth to it at all.. he's had MUCH NASTIER stuff fall on his face than a stage prop.

1906 days ago

Human Being    

LOL You're right, you are not Liza Minnelli. Shw wouldn't be such a cry baby. You are a has been, no wait, you are a never been, who is extremely boring and that is the reason you can't hold on to the bimbos from your "reality" show. Stop your ridiculous antics. Nobody cares.

1906 days ago

Bill Cosby    

"You're looking at the face of a man *who took on the Tony Awards* -- and barely made it out alive. "

What does "who took on the Tony Awards" mean? Do you mean, "who took one on the Tony Awards"? He took? What did he "took"? Either I'm trippin' or you refuse to hire proofreaders.

1906 days ago


Could You imagine how much He would sue for if He got His butt kicked. Ive looked worse than that and won the fight!!!!!!!!

1906 days ago

Blah Blah Blah    

You jackasses spelled from wrong! Proofread maybe?!

1906 days ago

Pablo Alleycorn    

Asswad shouldn't have been there anyway.

Viva Argentina!!!!!

1906 days ago


If it had been Liza: everyone from Broadway to hell would have been passing the video around laughing like we are doing with the video of Bret. Exception: Liza wouldn't have been afforded the simple "missed the mark" excuse... no, she would have been roasted and laughed at for being a drunk! Bret needs to take his little-girl panties off and but on some big boy boxers and suck it up... his attempt at showboating got his ass-face smacked by the scenery. A real rocker would have taken the hit as a badge of honor of being "hardcore". Oh wait, a real rocker would have never associated their selves with that lame-ass Rock of Ages show, in the first place.

1906 days ago


I am not a great Brett Michaels fan but I have had a nose injury and man they hurt bad

1906 days ago


Oh, man up you girlie boy.

1906 days ago


So... are comments #96 @ 98 transparently from Bret Michaels or does Jake secretly wish for some private face-time with Brett. Perhaps a new contestant on Rock of Love????

1906 days ago


Wow! So many homophobes! Time to crawl back under your rocks, fellas.

1906 days ago

Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

Here's the video:

It's obvious everyone else bails to the back of the stage immediately after the number ends,
but Brett stands there pumping fists at the audience. Like anyone cared.
The visual evidence leads you to believe that everyone else did what they were supposed to,
while Michaels can't resist grabbing a few more moments on the stage and pays the price of pride & folly.

1906 days ago


He didn't see the prop because of his hat.

1906 days ago
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