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New Miss Cali Knows When to Shut Up

6/11/2009 6:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She had only been Miss California USA for a few hours -- but last night on "Larry King Live" Tami Farrell did what Carrie Prejean couldn't: She put the polarizing gay marriage issue behind her.

Tami Farrell: Click to watch
Sure, it's kind of a cop out to not take a stance on the issue, but as she rightly put it: "It's silly ... that the world is looking to beauty queens for the answer." Just smile and wave.

FYI -- Though Prejean believes otherwise, pageant officials swear Carrie's political beliefs had nothing to do with her firing.


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intolerant left? what a joke! pull your head out - it's bigots that get put in their place you pathetic morons

1868 days ago


Wow. There's a reason why she didn't win Miss California. Yikes! How did this girl win any sort of beauty pageant?

1868 days ago

Lenn K.    

Who in the hell would want to be Miss Cali is a state that's flat out broke, illegal aliens running amok, moral decay at every turn, taxes up your a$$ and political correctness gone crazy. Don't tell the truth about any of this or you'll be branded a racist, gay-hater and flat out bigot.

1868 days ago


"New Miss California KNOWS When to Shut Up?"

Wow Harvey, you couldn't sound more Communist if you tried. Somewhere, very deep down below, Hitler is giving you two thumbs up. Forget the gay mafia, this is the Gay Nazi Regime!!!

1868 days ago


What a disgrace. Instead of showing young women to be strong and to stand up for what they believe in, they’ve shown them that they should conform and just fall in line. With three young daughters, I would hope they would feel free to honestly speak their minds and to be true to their beliefs without fear of prosecution. What happened to free speech? Make no mistake that this is exactly what this is about. Free speech only applies to those with liberal views who agree with the liberal media and Hollywood. They are applauded while those with conservative views are punished.

1868 days ago


I guess we'll call her the "sloppy seconds" Miss California?
You TMZ people are a joke. Carrie Prejean couldn't put the issue of gay marriage behind her because that azzhole Perez Hilton went on the internet and called her all kinds of foul names. And then you TMZites and other media losers kept brinigng it up again and again and again. Carrie will be just fine, TMZ. Take your gloating and shove it. Then again, you people would probably enjoy that.

1868 days ago


Even tho I don't think Prejean should have been put down for her personal OPINION that was asked of her, I do, however, believe she should have been fired long ago for taking naked pictures. BTW, I don't support gay marriage either. Even if I did, it's her opinion.

1868 days ago


Carrie should have been fired a long time ago she is nothing but a drama queen, not a beauty queen.

1868 days ago


TMZ. you and the media are the ones who cant shut up about this gay marraige subject. You are so biased on this subject, it is pathetic. Of course the new Miss California can put this behind her, she ws not asked this question to begin with. Neither was the reigning Miss USA. Carrie Pregean was put in the unfortunate position of being asked a question which really should not have been asked of her. It created too much controversy. This new Miss california is not that pretty. It is easy to dismiss this subject, or say the right thing when you were not the one put on the sspot and asked th question to begin with. leave Prejean th ehell alone, all the media atention and strain was probably too much for her Perex Hilton never once had the class to apologize for calling her a stupid bitch, which he should have done. Perez is the one who needs his butt kicked, not carrie.

1868 days ago


In a weird way I'm so happy this happened. Carrie has been made a star from this and will financially be set for life, but I am sorry for the unncessary hateful, disgusting, lowlife garbage she's had to endure from the intolerant left, but this is a great example to the country, and the world, of what Liberalism is all about!!!

They care nothing for civil discourse because they know they always lose when the debate is based on facts and realities. All they can do is bully, spew slanderous, vile lies and personal attacks. This is what we just put in the White House!!! Though Obama, just like the entire state of California, agree no to gay marriage, he is doing the same thing that Harvey and Perez are doing, and trying desperately to silence anyone that opposes his radical Socialist ideals.

Wake up people!!! If this can happen to an innocent, barely able to drink legally college student, it sure as hell can happen to you. Big Brotha Liberal is on the move!!!

1868 days ago



People are entitled to their opinions -- unless those opinions are wrong.

'bout time she got fired. It wasn't about her comments -- it was about her inability to respond to phone calls, making her own interviews, etc... she signed a contract and broke it. Plain and simple.

Gay marriage FTW!!!

1868 days ago


Ok TMZ, we get it. There is no cause other than Gay marriage. It is what you stand for. It is what the Miss USA pagent stands for. We understand.

Silly us. We had thought that beauty, grace, poise and intelligence mattered in a beauty pagent. Now we know!

1868 days ago


I"ll give this new chick a chance, but I'm hoping she's just a BUTTERFACE and that when she stands up she's got a slamming body. Because from the neck up, she's not even in Carrie's league. But hey, at least this new one can bark on cue and won't think for herself. That's from page one on "How to be A Good Liberal"

1868 days ago


I could frankly care less about a beauty queen's opinion on difficult social and political issues, but find it irritating that Prejean is incapable of accepting how her own irresponsible behavior (missing appearances, violating contractual agreements by making unauthorized appearances, etc) contributed to her current status is very telling. She truly believes that her superior physical attributes and self-righteous moral/religious beliefs exempt her from acting like a professional, responsible adult. No doubt she will be embraced by the right-leaning media who will probably put up with her lack of professionalism for a while, but being a dishonest, irresponsible party to agreements will eventually alienate even her biggest supporters. In the end it is her own narcissism that will cost her a promising career. Trump was an idiot not to can her to begin with. The message is that it is okay to violate your employment obligations for religious reasons, that the rules are different for people of faith and that all of the rest of society needs to fear the wrath of right-wing 'Christians' if one of their own is actually held accountable for their actions. As a Christian of the persuasion that believes being Christian means actually trying to imitate the example of Christ--not browbeating others to force your morality on them and using supposed issues of morality as a venue to bring attention to yourself--I can't think of a less Christian message. Carrie is young and she may have been able to learn compassion and humility with age and experience, but this whole situation robbed her of that opportunity to grow as a person. She has, instead, learned that she can profit from flouting her contractual obligations and breaking her word. She will most likely still have to learn hard life lessons, as we all do, it will just be that much more difficult for her now because she has been given a skewed viewpoint of her own importance due to this situation. For her own sake, she should have been held accountable to begin with.

1868 days ago

SocialistCowardicePigs basically admit this new chick won't dare express any of her own opinions, especially if they're not shared by the far left? Wow, I mean....just wow....nice to see TMZ finally coming out and admitting what we've always known, you're Socialist pigs. Carrie will still be the biggest Miss California ever and make bank off of it. I know that eats the insides of Liberal haters everywhere

1868 days ago
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