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New Miss Cali Knows When to Shut Up

6/11/2009 6:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She had only been Miss California USA for a few hours -- but last night on "Larry King Live" Tami Farrell did what Carrie Prejean couldn't: She put the polarizing gay marriage issue behind her.

Tami Farrell: Click to watch
Sure, it's kind of a cop out to not take a stance on the issue, but as she rightly put it: "It's silly ... that the world is looking to beauty queens for the answer." Just smile and wave.

FYI -- Though Prejean believes otherwise, pageant officials swear Carrie's political beliefs had nothing to do with her firing.


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" Liberals are exactly like how the Nazis were. If you believe the same way they do then great, you're a hero. If not, you best keep your mouth shut or they'll try and shut it for you." Actually this sounds more like a conservative approach. A greater percentage of liberals read conservative papers etc than conservatives read liberal papers. And if both read early American history, you'll note that the patriots aka rebels were extremely liberal, to the point of being guilty of treason. (I imagine if they had Nazis back then, our Patriots would have been called that, too, by those who prefered the status quo). But NOTHING of this has to do with a stupid beauty contest. The new Mis CAl is right--this much ado about something beauty queens shouldn't be dealing with at all. They aren't politicians. They aren't supposed to be lightning rods for controversial issues. Since Prejean decided she wanted to do that, rather than the things she was supposed to do, it's right that she was let go so she could follow her new, more political, dreams. I wish them all well.

1906 days ago


In reading the comments I see the possible liberals focused on the fact that the girl didn't fulfill her contractual obligations--hey wait, aren't contracts business and isn't good business practice supposed to be the perview of the Republicans?--and not attacking her views or conservatives, but the conservatives are spewing much hate and filth at who they perceive as the nasty liberals for everything and everything. (They also seem to forget that their opinion is in the minority--and what their conservative president did to us, which will take decades to clean up). So why is that? why are these conservatives so full of venom that it spills out in every imaginable forum? And did you notice McCain hasn't come to their defense on this? He knows what the rest of us do: these conservative poster make themselves and the Republican party, look really, really bad, and make the majority of Americans, who voted against that kind of approach, feel good about their choice (and the winner). Don't they get that they are the endangered minority, that the rest of the country does not think like them? And no I'm NOT talking about the gay issue, I'm talking about their venom. That's so last century, folks....

1906 days ago


I'm still wondering why this is so important. The world is not coming to an end over the change in crown.
I do find it quite interesting how people are all over an individual when they chose to exercise their right to free speech by "firing" them. Are we (used very general) going to start shunning Miss America's just like the Dixie Chicks for speaking our minds. Let's move on to something else now.

1906 days ago


Carrie won't get too far with her holier-than-thou attitude. Her former modeling agency yanked a contract with her as well, because she she is so difficult to get along with. It wasn't her comments on gay marriage that sunk her, it was her OWN stupidity. Maybe when she grows up she can move to Alaska and run for governor.

1906 days ago


PEOPLE! You are NOT getting this. The bimbo wasn't fired because she spoke her mind on gay marriage. That was LAST month, and Donald Trump let her stay. Carrie was refusing to appear at events she was UNDER CONTRACT to appear at. THAT is why she was fired. This is NOT so hard to understand. Quit twisting the facts and get a grip.

1906 days ago


@ 54 Let_It_Go-Already,

Oh yes, the old "I'm a liberal and listen to Rush and watch FOX News" tactic to try and convince anyone you are sooooo well-rounded and informed. Give it a rest. The only reason you don't read liberal "papers" is because they're all complete failures and have gone out of business. And I have absolutely no clue who the hell you think you're talking about when referring to the patriots, aka rebels? Our Constitution is all the proof you need to realize and understand our founding Fathers were in no way, shape or form, Liberals. And you contradict yourself on another subject. You say beauty contestants aren't politicans, so why on earth did Carrie have to answer such a political question? Why aren't you angry with Perez Hilton or the Miss USA pageant that ALLOWED this agenda driven judge, and his question, in? Your hypocrisy is hilarious though, I"ll give you that much credit.

1906 days ago


Number 56 JEN - your comment is flawed and represents a personal bias - you say conservatives belive strongly in their position but gays want to shove their position down the collective throat. . . . your just mixing words - it is not conservatives it is religious fanatics who are also shoving their position down gays throats - HOW ARE YOU HARMED BY 2 GAY PEOPLE GETTING MARRIED? Please answer this question.

I have seen numerous incidents of gays getting physically harmed and having their personal possessions destroyed by so called religious minded individuals just because they are gay. Maybe the gay population needs to get more violent and create a serious movement in this country until all of you little closed minded self-righous people pull you head out of you rear and stop trying to control others personal lives - - - -

1906 days ago


Ok "Not Liberal, Not Conservative." You're about as moderate as Bill Maher. Please, don't be so cowardly and just admit what we all know, you're an anti-American/Christian/military liberal. It's written all over the wall for cryin' out loud. Aren't breaking contracts and promises the Liberal motto? You people should be putting a statue of her up, but instead you attack her for doing what liberals do on a daily basis. Last time I checked numbnuts, support for gay marriage was in the minority, even in the very BLUE state of California. So either you're lying or you are just dumber than dirt. McCain!?!?! LOL!!! You really aren't the sharpest tool in the shed, now are you? McCain is a hair to the right of Obama. He lost because he wasn't Conservative enough, not because he wasn't liberal enough. Damn man, you're embarrassing yourself. For you to have the nerve to talk about venom after the past 8 years of some of the nastiest, most hateful, disgusting things ever said about a President, sitting or not, is beyond laughable. You sir need to go to the corner and put on the dunce hat.

1906 days ago


I find it comical that all the same intolerant liberal quacks on here that demanded she lose her crown last month because she doesn't support gay marriage, are now on here DEFENDING her, saying she didn't lose it for her stance on gay marriage. It's down right scary how hypocrically stupid you people are.

A friendly reminder since apparently 99% of you didn't bother to read the actual story. Trump gave her a chance to keep her title yesterday, she refused because the abuse she was taking from the bullying Miss Cali. office wasn't worth it and she has a million other things she can now do and make loads of money at. It was her choice to leave. Sorry that that fact doesn't fit your hate-filled agenda.

1906 days ago


This has nothing to do with Carrie's rather backward statements regarding marriage, and everything to do with the fact that she didn't show up at speaking engagements at which she was contracted to appear.

If you don't do the work, you don't get to keep the job. Period. It is that simple.

1906 days ago


Thank goodness we've found a 'gal' who 'knows when to shut up'. Yeah it's about her not meeting contractual agreements, yaeh that's it. Wasn't it Donald who saved the last beauty pagent reject when she partied too much? Yeah, I'm sure she met all her contractual obligations...

1906 days ago


The truth in America today is the fact that ALL homosexuals just have one AGENDA and only one AGENDA, and that is to POLLUTE & DENOUNCE anything that is GOOD & SACRED in God’s eyes. They have already called God a homosexual years ago, so I guess both of those issues stand well undisputed! Esp when it now comes down to the last sacred frontier left in America - namely - Normal God Blessed Marriages, which always have been defined as a “Church Union in God’s eyes between 1 man and 1 woman” - PERIOD! Homosexuals won’t be happy until they lastly change the 10 Commandments to a more Sodom & Gomorrah version to fit their sick Agenda. Carrie spoke the TRUTH as she seen fit - according to her own religious beliefs, but yet all the homosexuals of America (otherwise just known as homegrown Terrorists in and of themselves) came out of their closets yet again, and had to mount yet another sick homosexual marriage march on WASH DC, and every sick city in-between yet again. If you haven’t seen it yet in your small town and state - you will. Give it time. Next time you eat that Iowa grown Corn on a Cob ask yourself this - “I wonder where this thing has been lately”? Looks a little brown! All the New England states are going QUEER - started with “closet case” Teddy Kennedy’s queer state of MA of all places - go figure huh? It’s just a matter of time until it comes to a city & state near you. Stay brainwashed America - home grown homosexual Terrorists are alive and well in the USA. And to all the homosexuals out there that don’t like the truth and what I’ve just said - Go F yourselves to death with AIDS! Nobody cares about you - not even God!

1906 days ago


Why are the inbreds on this site going against this new girl? Tami was already doing Carrie's duties. Remember that?? She was already doing Carrie's job while Carrie still kept her title. Carrie was not fulfilling her contract and they had to get the runner up to do her job a lot of the time.

You would be singing a completely different tune if the whore you support became Miss USA by "default" if the current Miss USA won Miss Universe.

Carrie broke her contract since day one, she wouldn't do her job, they owned her for the next year and she did nothing but attack them and make their lives miserable. The Miss California Organization paid for the "biblical correct" whore to get implants and gave her all these opportunities and she wouldn't do her job. Read the damn emails!

I hope all you degenerates run a business one day and have all your employees not do their job and think that they are your boss telling you what to do. Tami is a better role model and was doing a job Carrie was suppose to do and didn't have the benefits of being Miss California. Did you hear that?? Tami was doing Miss California's job without any title. That's someone dedicated to pageants instead of that whore you defend who used, abused, and lied to all the people that helped her get to where she is. You should all be ashamed of yourselves for saying anything negative against Tami who did nothing to Carrie. Is she suppose to say no i can't accept the Miss California title though I WAS ALREADY DOING THE JOB?

1906 days ago


This will hurt Mr.Trump,He thinks he can run every thing,But he will soon find out that he is not so hot.Like all the other people out there,Miss Cailf. will come a lot better after the is all said and done,Every body will be after her to work for them,She is a smart and beautiful girl.GOOD LUCK

1906 days ago


Just for the record, from someone who has known Tami personally for years, she is an intelligent (honor student all through high school), kind-hearted, small-town girl who is as genuine as they come and who has raised a ton of money for various charities. She is classy as well as NATURALLY beautiful (unlike Carrie). Oh, and she is not asian at all--she's a natural blond, too. Tami will make a wonderful Miss California!

1906 days ago
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