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Ryan and Simon Search for Talent at Strip Club

6/12/2009 11:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This ... is an American one dollar bill.


Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell scouted for undiscovered, highly flexible talent at a London strip club called Stringfellows last night -- and were diligent enough to stay there until 4:45 this morning.

Next season on "American Idol," look for hot chicks who can't sing, but can pick money up off the floor without using their hands.


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Button up that shirt dude, unless you are "Trolling" for Guy's!!!!!!!!
Just hating.................

1959 days ago


Simon has sex with women dressed in flintstone costumes.

1959 days ago

PEPSI Generation    


1959 days ago


Iam Smartman is a tool. TMZ should do a 'Memba Him on this dude. Iam Smartman resurfaced at a gay bath house in Hollywood looking like a total doucebag.

1959 days ago


Simon gets dressed up for this and wears a tee shirt to idol every week. Too funny.....

1959 days ago


NOT getting the whole IAM SMARTMAN issues with one of you. Dude hasn't even commented on this story.

Perhaps its you Patriot 2 , and you have changed your handle, if you will? HHHHHMMMM, I'm thinking that you need a hobby. Badly. To have this vendeta for this person you don't know.....its a little odd. Or are you pissy because he called you gay? Not there is anything wrong with that. Strange, very strange. You are scaring me a little.

1959 days ago


Simon was ogling the girls. Seacrest was asking them for makeup tips.

1959 days ago


They closed the club down, kicked out all the dancers and guests, left only Seacrest and Cowell to dance for each other. Seacrest gave Cowell a lap dance, poll dance followed by the champaigne room...

1959 days ago

BY . the number one Britney hater out there    

Ryan gay seacreat is a very sick me who can't come out of the closet and tell the world that he is gay like Adam. Come Ryan gay seacreast we all know that your gay so what you what for it 2009. Oh and Adam is Ryan gay men boyfreind.

1959 days ago


Simon makes jerk, low class remarks to contestants on idol. there is no telling what stupid, uncalled for remarks he will make to women who cant sing who wer found found in a strip club. When Simon is ugly, he makes himself ugly, both inside and outside.

1959 days ago

London not England    

Ryan is NOT going to come out of the closet because he has an IMAGE to protect.....I is mind it might cut into some of his fortune if the world knew he sucked Merv Griffin's You Know What to get to where he is....
But women have been doing it since the beginning of time, so I don't fault him that....
But HATERS HATERS HATERS...leave the man alone....he's making his wage, just like you or me....his is just astronomically BIGGER than ours!~!

1959 days ago



Skin crawlingly creepy. The thought of those two sitting there at a strip club.

Men who go to strip clubs are such losers.

Especially old dudes.

Any man who goes to a strip club is a sick loser.

Any woman who dates/marries a strip club patron needs her head examined.

Get a prostitute if you want to have sex and can't get a date. Sitting fully clothed with other men while a woman gets undressed is a sad perversion. Too afraid to get undressed yourself, too afraid to have actual sexual contact and perform, so self-loathing that you like the humiliation of the strippers.

Cowell looks like a bloated old sleaze. Seacrest looks ridiculous trying to prove he's straight.

Cue the hysterical attacks from the sickos who are threatened because their sickness is being called out. No matter what your shrill protestations or attacks, cloak it in whatever language, you are SICK SICK SICK.


1959 days ago

even in front of a strip club seacrest looks gay

1959 days ago

J D    

Simon is a classles prick I 'm surprized he's even looks at women I thought he was a queer!!!!!!!!!!

1959 days ago


These 2 guys are a joke.

1959 days ago
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