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Stephen Baldwin

My House Needs to be Saved

6/12/2009 1:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0612_stephen_baldwin_bn2-1Unless Stephen Baldwin's charity on "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here" is called the "Keep Stephen Baldwin from Losing His House to Foreclosure Org." -- dude is gonna lose his digs on the auction block.

According to documents, Stephen and his wife are more than $824,000 behind in payments on their Rockland County, NY home -- although they only paid $515,000 for it in 1997.

Unless the born-again Christian hits the lottery, his home will hit the blocks on June 24.


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Born again Christians,there are so pathetic those people.Reaching for the last straw in life.Sorry dude,your on your own for this one.Oh wait,maybe that big bro of yours can bail you out.

1927 days ago

who gives a shit    

Maybe Heidi and Spencer will help him out since according to Spencer he is so famous and soooooo wealthy!!!! I thought if you prayed to God or Jesus you got what you wanted.........................

1927 days ago

Linda Mott    

They can come to my house and stay with me for free. They are brother and sister in Christ and I would be happy to share my small apartment with them.

1927 days ago


Cry me a river you sensitive Christians... TMZ is a gossip website that makes jokes towards everyone... Rather it's religion or race or style etc...... TMZ is just making fun of him because like all of the ignorant right wing hypocrites, their motto is; do as I say not as I do... I’m sure this dumb f&ck who campaign against Obama will have his hand out for some type of government assistance. Like Joe the Plumber, aka.. Mr Welfare King, and Sarah Palin, Mrs. I’m not going to take any stimulus money but in the end takes all… Typical Neocon....

1927 days ago


Posted at 3:13PM on Jun 12th 2009 by Linda Mott

I must say, you are one of the rare Christian who actually lives by what she or he preaches and believes in... I have to give you credit and admiration on that..

1927 days ago


It never ceases to amaze me how certain people can find enjoyment from some one else's misfortune. The hateful comments just show a cold callous heart. "Jesus saves..." To mock some one else's beliefs is just rude, insensitive, and narrow minded. If you have faith in the "bigger picture," losing a house is just the lost of material possessions. Losing a house doesn't affect your destiny and all eternity.

1927 days ago


Seriously, this dude has been on all the right wing shows and announces how God has saved him while he is not being an responsible American and being a responsible male and not PAYING HIS BILLS. NO SYMPATHY...

1927 days ago


Ok..Last one.. While he was out on all these right wing news shows annouces his hatred for the president and how God has delivered him, why wasn't he asking for guidance and stability. AND A JOB. WHAT LOSER. I believe there is a God. And I do believe God does things like this to people who preach hate and ignorance. WAY TO GO GOD!!!!!!!

1927 days ago

Cory (yes Feldman)    

"Praise The Lord and Pass the Ammunition"

1927 days ago

Cory (yes Feldman)    

"Jesus Saves BUT Moses INVESTS"

1927 days ago


This explains why he is going on thr reality shows he can.needs the cash.Can't stand the guy his acting is the terrible and he's a loser.

1927 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

Your journalism is confusing, TMZ.
Did he pay $515k for his house
or is he late in $850 plus in back mortgage payments?
Be clear.

1927 days ago

Ice Water    

I read in the OC Register today that Jeana Keough, the fat brunette orange County housewife, also has her 5 homes (4 are rentals) in default. She goes on to say how her life coach is helping her through the terrible ordeal. All I can say for either one of these losers is I hope my hard earned money isn't bailing them out. It's called LIVING WITHIN YOUR MEANS, rotten dumb bastards!

1927 days ago


Poor Stephen and Daniel Baldwin! Even 'Nepotism' hasn't been able to lead them to stardom and wealth to this day. These two particular Baldwin duo always seems to play second fiddle and be in the shadow of the more famous brother, Alec.

If you're keeping score, both Stephen & Daniel are now 0-5 in these so call Reality Shows that has 'Celebrity' in the title:
1. 'Celebrity' Mole. 2. 'Celebrity' Apprentice 3. 'Celebrity' Fit Club, (see a trend here, folks!) 4. 'Celebrity' Rehab with Dr. Drew . and 5. I'm a 'Celebrity' Get Me Out of Here!"

Stephen and Daniel Baldwin: Two Delusional Schmucks trying to achieve that 'Celebrity' status that they are desperately seekin'. Good luck! (Cuz it ain't going to happen in this lifetime!)

1927 days ago


To all those of you that are Christian haters, you all really need to examine your hearts because there is no love in your hearts only anger, fear and pain. From the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks!
Maybe someday you will know what it feels like to have real joy and peace in your hearts!

1927 days ago
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