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Carrie Prejean -- I'm Not Paranoid .. I have Enemies

6/13/2009 2:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie Prejean told Larry King the Miss California USA people were pushing the gay agenda so hard they couldn't hide it -- even asking her to go to a gay event in disguise.

Larry King Live

Prejean insinuated pageant officials wanted her to pose in Playboy -- they've told us they were merely passing the offer along, per her demand.

Prejean did not address Donald Trump's statement to us ...that she treated people in the pageant like s**t and refused to participate in 30 sanctioned events.


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Blah, blah, blah! What a sore LOSER!

1921 days ago


I seriously think the media is enjoying watching this meltdown. She obviously has a mental disorder. It's everyone elses fault. They ALL hate me. They HATED me from the start. Hell, they paid for your fake titties didn't they? They supported you at Miss USA didn't they? Oh Carrie, accept the $500,000 from Hustler honey, because that's the only big $$$ you're ever going to see. We know you were offered 52 personal appearances and made one and had excuses for the other 52. Gee, in the REAL WORLD darling...................................YOU'RE FIRED!

1921 days ago


she's certainly going out of the way to show she's Sarah Palin's successor

1921 days ago


I can't believe I got censored for sticking up for Her!?

TMZ Your Homosexual slip is showing!!!!!!!!!!!

1921 days ago

show me the $$    

As someone whose daughter competed in a lot of beauty pageants, all the men in charge were gay, and made a very healthy living by it. I don't think it's paranoia; I bet they do hate her. Gay men are worse then women when they feel they've been wronged (hell hath no fury....). They would have gotten rid of her one way or another.

1921 days ago


do it Goddy style

1921 days ago


Wah! Wah! Wah! I'm blaming everybody who made me lose the crown by jumping on the anti-gay bandwagon and NOT because I refused to honor those pesky contract obligations I originally agreed to do IF I won the crown!

1921 days ago


Yeah, like this old, dried up bag of bones is a serious, "objective" journalist. He patted Keith Lewis on the back live on the air after Carrie was fired. So the fact that he even tries to dispute that she doesn't have enemies (which is obvious to any honest, real American) is just plan stupid. But, no one has ever accused a liberal of actually being smart and informed.

Too bad for all the gay mafia members that the new Miss California agrees with Carrie down to a "T" on the gay marriage issue.

1921 days ago

who dat    

The more this woman speaks, the less appealing she becomes. She seems to have a serious angry streak that runs through her.

1921 days ago

Jennifer Love Hewitts Fat Ass    

Hi I'm Carrie Prejean, I think way too highly of myself for being a homophobic dumb blonde who's mom is a lesbian. I'm only 22 years old and I know I look WAY older than that and by the time I hit 30 I'll look really bad. And despite my age I know that my limited knowledge makes me an authority on any topic. I may be an immature mean spirited bitch but my bible gives me the right to be because I believe satan is trying to test my faith and I will not let him win.

In closing my hatred for gays stems from my own personal family dysfunction where my mother is a lesbian and my father is a gay man. The genes that run in me are unpure and I hate myself for coming from them. I will eventually kill myself so that I am no longer conflicted on the issue.

1921 days ago


ehhh....I am...ehhh....the President....hmmm....of the.....uhh....United States....of....ehhh....America. I thank you all for me...ehh....despite....hmmm....having absolutely zero experience at all. Also...hmmm...I would like to....uhhh....I would like to thank you....for ehhh....not holding me....and EXACT same anti-gay marriage the same Carrie Prejean.....hmmm....huh...even though...ehh....even though we agree 100%.

I ask of keep the focus on her...and huh...and....and to continue to ehhh....give myself....and huh....and my brilliant bigot of a Vice President....and ehhh....and also my possible very gay Sec. of State...a...ehh....a pass. So you....ehh...thank you all again and hmmm....and just ignore all those....ehh...all those horrible economic and job loss numbers...uhhhh....just keep on....ehh...just keep on hating on Miss Prejean for....ehh...for agreeing with me 100% on gay marriage. So bless!!

1921 days ago


Is there no end to the malicious vendetta the staff at TMZ is directing against this woman? I mean, anybody who reads the copy written at TMZ and other gossip sites knows which team the staffers bat for, but enough already with the bashing of people who hold principled positions that don't mirror your own! Jeeesh.

1921 days ago


FL Tom,

In all seriousness, what else would you expect from people that have zero principles and realize they're on the losing end of facts and reality? That's all they have to fight with. Mean, vicious, slanderous attacks. It's what the desperate and cowardice do, which in all intents and purposes, sums up liberals to a T. Carrie is eatting these fools for breakfrast and she's only 21 years old. That's how easy it is to defeat the uninformed that only have anger and emotion on their side. Just sit back and enjoy the Liberal beatdown as I am. It's entertaining.

1921 days ago

Jay D    

I've been in plenty of pageants. So get off her nuts because if you've never been in a pageant. You wouldn't know how mean the gays are and how much the straight woman act like the gay guys!
The pageant directors only look out for the pageant and push the girls under the bus when they can!

1921 days ago


Oh BOODEEE HOOODEEE. Cry me a river, Prejean. You got fake tits out of the deal. Now go do something positive with them, okay honey?

1921 days ago
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