Chaz Bono's Only Regret

6/13/2009 12:25 PM PDT

Chaz Bono's Only Regret

We know a lot more about Chaz Bono's decision to become a man, and there's one thing he wishes he did differently -- that he had done it sooner.

We broke the story on Thursday -- that Chaz was changing genders. Now we know a lot more.

-- His partner of several years is totally cool about the change, and both of them say it will not alter their relationship. By the way, the partner -- Jennifer -- is hot. She has dark hair, she's around a size 2, and on and on.

-- The process has been going on for a while now. Chaz is taking hormones. As for when he's having the breasts removed -- no date has been set. That operation typically is the marker when judges allow someone to legally change sexes.

-- Cher has known about this for a year.

-- Chaz underwent a tremendous amount of psychological counseling before beginning the physical process of transitioning.

-- Chaz has considered himself a man for as long as he remembers.

-- As for wardrobe, we're told Chaz doesn't think a lot will change because he's been wearing mens clothing for a long time.