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Chaz Bono's

Only Regret

6/13/2009 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We know a lot more about Chaz Bono's decision to become a man, and there's one thing he wishes he did differently -- that he had done it sooner.

We broke the story on Thursday -- that Chaz was changing genders. Now we know a lot more.

-- His partner of several years is totally cool about the change, and both of them say it will not alter their relationship. By the way, the partner -- Jennifer -- is hot. She has dark hair, she's around a size 2, and on and on.

-- The process has been going on for a while now. Chaz is taking hormones. As for when he's having the breasts removed -- no date has been set. That operation typically is the marker when judges allow someone to legally change sexes.

-- Cher has known about this for a year.

-- Chaz underwent a tremendous amount of psychological counseling before beginning the physical process of transitioning.

-- Chaz has considered himself a man for as long as he remembers.

-- As for wardrobe, we're told Chaz doesn't think a lot will change because he's been wearing mens clothing for a long time.


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Don Rosen, Jr.    

Congratulations. I hope this completes your process of becoming whole. I do feel for you and wish you the best. I had the opportunity to see your mom in Vegas a couple months ago, front row center seats. Incredible. She can still out shine all the young entertainers today. She looks fabulous. I met your mom in 1975, after she and your Dad split, Greg Allman was my around the corner neighbor in Macon Ga. She spent alot of time there at the house in the early days. They jammed for the neighborhood kids ( I was 17) quite a bit outdoors. I tried to get a "meet and greet" pass at the end of her show but unable to do so to say "hi", and tell her I am proud of you doing what you had to do to make you feel like a whole person. Congratulations again.!!

1943 days ago


Can all of you who aren't transgendered, transsexual, gender variant or conversant on the issue please pick up a book on the subject and read it. Your complete ignorance on this issue is appalling. Do you feel that insecure about your own gender identity that you have nothing better to do than to sit around making idiotic and phobic comments about someone else's life that has no effect on you whatsoever? Wake up, just like there is gray between black and white and center between left and right and a middle ground to every other thing in the universe, gender is no different. So if you'd like to go on believing the societal expectation stereotypical crap that you've been spoonfed all of your life, then by all means, continue to do so. But if that is your choice, then shut the F*CK up.

1934 days ago


Hey Just Curious: Only if she says so.

And stupefied, you really are, aren't you? ...Transfolks aren't 'gays reaching for social acceptability.' That's just backwards. It's waaay safer to be gay. Again, this isn't about society, it's about being in one's own skin. Would you like to have the wrong genitalia, face, shape? Me neither.

1934 days ago

First whores!    


1957 days ago



1957 days ago


When is TMZ going to check grammar and spelling before posting a story?

1957 days ago


I've never seen act remotely manish. She either is a very bad TS, or she needs lessons. Shes always looked very feminine to me.

1957 days ago



Stop calling this person HE until they actually become a HE!!!!!


1957 days ago


What does CHER have to say about Chasity becoming "Chaz"? Not that it matters, but she's certainly been quiet...

1957 days ago


I am transgendered. I have been reading a lot of comments on previous posts about Chaz' transition, and to be honest it breaks my heart. Being transgender/intersex already makes you hate yourself enough. It doesn't help when people are cruel in pointing out how disgusted they are by your existance. We get treated like ish because of a mess up when we were developing in the womb. Google it. It's a gene that gets activated by hormonal imbalance in the womb, which in turn gives us the wrong brain for our bodies. We'd give anything to have been born normal.

1957 days ago


Lets break it down...Chelsey let herself go, became too fat to be considered an attractive female. so now she is going to use Momma's money to have a go at becomming a fat man. I think we get it now and you won't need to do 15 more stories about this mess of a human. Time to move on...

1957 days ago


Why is TMZ repeatedly saying "he." It is currently a "she." Until surgery is complete.

1957 days ago


Kieth at 11:31, I agree with you wholeheartedly. Until SHE actually gets reassignment surgery, SHE is still technically a woman. Just because you're taking hormones and getting surgery at some undetermined date in the future, does not say at some point the surgery is written in stone and SHE can't change her mind at any time. Just my way of thinking, calling her a HE at this point is just a little on this side of weird. On an aside, I think years ago you had to actually LIVE as whatever gender you were transitioning to for 2 years, plus have extensive psychiactric evaluation for a period of time before a surgeon would even talk to you. Maybe things have changed.

1957 days ago


instead of calling HER a HIM why not call her an IT, that is terribly disgusting, and no wonder she confused about herself, look at her parents! am sick of hearing about this homo thing, its getting to get out of hand, US straight people dont run around saying what our sexual preferences are. keep your private lives private! instead of prop 8 for gay marriages, why they not just try to get sodomy legal? world is turning into nothing but a bunch of freaks!!

1957 days ago


Who care!!! TMZ should keep bashing Carrie Prejean and our homophobic prez Obama.

1957 days ago
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