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Paris Hilton

To All the Men She Loved Before

6/14/2009 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton's reality: Euro-toy Cristiano Ronaldo was just a "friend" -- whom she took home in the middle of the night a few days back and shared large quantities of alcohol. As for Doug Reinhardt -- she has only nice things to say about him ...

Hollywood -- where you create your own reality.


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of course paris had many man SHES A SLUT she has to have her own tv show cuz everyones starting to relize shes A FAKE always say i dont know why people can say such hurtful things bitch u give us the reason to shes a stupid slut thats all she will ever be SLUT OF THE CENTURY

1916 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

I`d ROLL dahz butch HOHO dwn Hard.Right MUDG N?

1928 days ago

PEPSI Generation    


1928 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

Messe N withe the star BLUCH...OOY BLUCH>>>OOY blam blam

1928 days ago

I am    

There have been sooooooooooooo many men enjoying a night in Paris.. her pikachu probably could use a major rehaul. Until then, she might benefit from a know, to pack 'em all in in order of importance. Failing that, you could probably employ Ron Jeremy as a 'stuffer' to insure her innards don.t fall out from the slack. Jeremy! Are you in there...there...there...?

1928 days ago


cristiano ronaldo is a player

1928 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

She needs a scarlet letter H put on her forehead for life. It can stand for Ho or Herp, take your choice! The only thing amusing about her is her desperation, which gets worse by the day! She's doomed to suffer great unhappiness for the rest of her life and it is well deserved! I just wish that the paps would ask her if spreading diseases around to as many people as possible is what she considers community service?

1928 days ago

Michael Madsen    

WoW! It took me like... three hours to read the first few posts. A little repetitive... but humorous at times with just the right mix of peronal comment versus informational. You should write for Newsweek... seriously.

1928 days ago


Attn TMZ:

You need to add code to check for duplicate sentences within a post, and auto delete the post, if true.

Some people out there are beyond moronic when they post a ridiculous and repetitive diatribe.

Just my two cents...

1928 days ago


Did she say she works too much? I didn't know drinking and whoring yourself out was considered work.

1928 days ago

Drew Kroeger    

I love hearing the latest "celebrity news"; however, I write this sincere message not addressing Hollywood's mess, but hopefully enticing the heart. Please read and take the lead on an exception here - honoring the wish; can TMZs appeal and networking help get this son to the home run derby? I know not typical TMZ boundaries, but felled to reach out. Please help honor this young man's Father's sacrifice.

Warmest regards - Drew

1928 days ago


If you do a Google image search for "sushi wallpaper 1600", then on page 2 of the results, an image of Paris Hilton on her hands and knees in a bikini appears. Paris Hilton and sushi are linked together online? Go figure.

1928 days ago


Paris should build her house on the grounds of a prison.

That way, every time she has a fight with her boyfriend of the moment she will have hundreds of horny guys available, who are willing to dive into her cesspool at a moment's notice.

1928 days ago


I hope he used a condom...she does evry hot & not so hot guy in L.A. When is she goitn to go away...

They now ban from events. Your event is soooo over if Paris attends....She is so 2002....

1928 days ago

Hollywood's a Hazard    

Paris Hilton ain't what she used to be. Looking rundown needs a makeover.

1928 days ago
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