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Susan Boyle Gets 'Exhausted'... Again

6/14/2009 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Susan BoyleWho knew that taking a mentally fragile 48-year-old woman on a singing tour would create problems?

Susan Boyle -- you may remember her as a singer, or someone who very, very recently almost had an entire mental breakdown -- pulled out of tonight's "Britain's Got Talent" tour performance in Manchester. Officials are saying that Boyle's absence is nothing more than a "one off rest day."

Boyle has already performed three times on tour. That means she's only worked to the point of insanity 25% of the time.


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Hey Susan !!! You Did It !! You've Dreamed Your Dream !!! and Thank you for sharing the world over. Your Dream wasnt to be an ongoing job of sorts.. take yourself a break and revamp !! at 48 your only begging life in it's new Era.. THANK YOU FOR BEING PART OF IT !!

1875 days ago


Susan Boyle is mentally impaired... not exactly a funny punch line yet TMZ manages to find the humor in it of course

1900 days ago


This white girl is beautiful. I don't know why you people say that she isn't attractive? I will be a happy man if I marry her. I love her eyes and smile. In case you want to know, I'm a "brotha".

1900 days ago

Still in Shock    

People just don't realize the pressure to perform...if you have rehearsed and performed for a lonnnnngggggg time then it is not so bad. But for a woman who never has done that to all of a sudden wow audiences with her voice and be thrust into the limelight...then is HARD....try being on tour for get exhausted...but it goes with the territory...that is why there is a tendency to turn to drugs and alcohol when you are in this profession.

1900 days ago


Oh for heavens sake. It was made perfectly clear from the outset that Susan would NOT appear at all venues. She has only been out of hospital a week and here you are with negative innuendo. What is it with you people, the fact that she is there at all shows she has enormous strength of character and quite frankly all this constant negativity and Susan baiting by the press is beginning to get on my nerves. Back off, and let her get on with it and stop trying to drag her down to your level.

1900 days ago


This white girl is beautiful. I don't know why you people say that she isn't attractive? I will be a happy man if I marry her. I love her eyes and smile. In case you want to know, I'm a Afr American.

1900 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

Yes Harvey is showing more of his Journalistic professionalism

I know attorneys who are practicing alcoholics. Drunk by 2 in the afternoon every day and ate successful lawyers. What kind of a piece of work do you have to be to fail at being an attorney, HUH Harv??????

1900 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

I bet I could get her hitting those HIGH notes

1900 days ago


Give her a break. she lived all these years in a little cottage taking care iof her sick mother. The 2 years a lone with her cat. Instantly, her life changed to where she is fallowed everywhere she goes. Anybody would have a break down. Go Susan. You have a beautiful voice.

1900 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

Than being a law room paperboy..And you can`t loose your lic.BURPie MACHAL.MOB runs the whole court system don`t THINK so try to get legal on some BS charge like ridding your bike on the sidewalk when the city is gunnin for YOU!

1900 days ago


She's being smart as she needs to take care of her body because if she doesn't, she will have a breakdown. Listen to your body.

1900 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

TMZ, Your idiocy never ceases to amaze me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1900 days ago

Jack the dog Fred the goat and ? the horse    

Let the lady rest in peace.

1900 days ago


It's nice to look at the comments and see that not all people share the opinion with TMZ that mental health is something to laugh at.

1900 days ago


Susan Boyle is a wonderful talent and an inspriring woman. The media should be ashamed of themselves! They are nothing but a group of "Nobodys" who are jealous of anyone who is, or might become famous. Give this kind woman the chance she deserves, and if you cannot find something positive to say about her, then "Shut Up"! I for one, am looking forward to hearing more of her fabulous singing, and there are millions more who just want to enjoy listening to this gracious lady sing her heart out. Instead of looking for dirt on this woman, why don't you focus on her amazing talents?

1900 days ago
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