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Roker's Speidi Attack -- Al, Relax!

6/15/2009 11:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here it is -- Al Roker's hard nosed interview that dug at the heart of Heidi and Spencer. But did he go too far?

Roker vs. Speidi: Click to watch
Roker unleashed a barrage of questions at the pair in an attempt to find out if they're really the "jerks" they come off to be on television.

Right after the interview, Roker and Speidi each went to different media outlets to bash the other. Heidi told Ryan Seacrest she felt "personally attacked." So the question now is ...


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Woo hoo Team Roker!!!!!

1964 days ago


Are you kidding me - Al Roker was too nice - they should have let Ann or Meridith interview them. I would have called them out on everything. I hope and prayer to JESUS that no other talk show - morning, afternoon or evening and that includes E and TMZ will interview these two idiots about this. This was nothing - nothing at all and I can't believe they are whining AGAIN. Al is correct - that was minute 11 of their 15 - will somebody speed up the other 4.

1964 days ago


the reason al roker did the interview is because no LEGIT journalist would want to take park is such a mockery of anyone.. so the rest of the ones that intrview the most sat NEVER interviews.. HELLO !!!!!! and al probably regrets it this afternoon.. poor thing.. live and learn until you die.. OR al said "what the hell, i want to train and learn more so i will interview these morans, how can i go wrong"

1964 days ago


Geez, Heidi makes Jessica Simpson look like a rocket scientist. Spencer needs to get his azz kicked.

1964 days ago


just be glad Andy Rooney wasn't interviewing them. who are these people? go away - far far away.

1964 days ago


After watching two interviews that Spencer and Heidi have done, I am ashamed to say that I even watched "The Hills." They are both so ridiculous. She seems like she is brainwashed. I don't think that she likes the stuff that is coming out of his mouth but she has been bought and paid for and is in over her head. They both should stick to shows that are scripted because everything that comes out of their mouths is awful. I won't be watching next seaon. I think everyone should boycott anything that they are a part of. I bet when the show is over, the fame has run out and the pops don't care anymore, the marriage will end also. Then they will need religion!

1964 days ago


PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSE, JUST let these 2 fade away into the Hollywood, make believe sunset. They so obviously made for themselves. These 2 are just stars in THEIR OWN MINDS. I don't know anyone who even knows who or what show they were/are on. Fame is relative people.
Al Roker, I'm proud of you. I hate you had to sit through that NON interview.
By the way, This is a "grown" man who said on the show, "If you're real God, let me have a double date wih MILEy Cirus??? Isn't she like 16?
These 2 need some REAL reality.

1964 days ago


oh my god! this is what "reality" has turned to? they call this all reality tv when it is the most bizarre aspect of reality! "speidi!?"

do you hear what they are saying? they are so packaged and marketed, they struggle to say what they actually feel they need to say, because they are love em or hate em soap opera faux-couple "speidi"...

are they lost in the faux reality world. people constantly comment, "when are their 15 up?" really? why are they always around? to make us wonder about how easily people can become manipulated and brainwashed puppets?

did you hear spencer, "well i havent talked to my sister....oh, but i did on a few episodes, and this was through twitter...'al roker'

what??? this is insane ha! yeah im bored ok? better do some laundry

1964 days ago


Self-gratifying idiots, Al Roker was too nice to these two dimwits!

1964 days ago

Seth V    

I'm not a Sepidi fan (mostly Spencer, kinda like Heidi KINDA) but I think he was really rude to them. He wouldn't let them get a word in, he wanted a spacific answer and when they wernt giving it to them he would rudly cut them off. "are you proud?" that isn't a yes or no question but thats all he wanted. I liked Heidi's first attempt at a response of "I'm not ashamed" but he wouldn't have it. Yes Spencer was being dumb but I wanted to hear what they had to say and he wouldn't let them say it.

1964 days ago


Spencer Pratt to Al Roker: Tomato or Ta-mat-o? Classic Villain line. Good job Spencer! lol

1964 days ago


They are making money every time we make comments about them. You are playing right into their hands even acknowledging them. It makes me sick I am feeling the need to comment!

Funny how Spencer can answer all smarta*# like, but he gets mad at Al Roker?

I think Spencer is the lucky one that Al Roker IS a professional...

Listen Speidi, make fools of yourselves all you want, but don't bring down Christianity along with you. WWJD? Doubt think Playboy is a very "Christian" company....fake idiots.

1964 days ago


Oh please, Spencer is a baby. God forbid he be held responsible for his actions and words. I give Al credit. He never attacted Spencer, just let him dig his own grave. Heidi and Spencer are sad, I feel so horrible for them. They are missing out on so many good things in life.

1964 days ago


Al was not out of line. Spencer needs to be sued for assaulting that woman on the show. Also, why isn't Lauren Conrade suing Spencer for slander when he deliberately tried to hurt her by spreading lies about the sex tape. He did admit he was behind it on the Hills show. After watching the interview, how in the heck can that twerp Heidi accusse him of verbally assaulting her? I would say it's her idiot husband who verbally assaults people. NBC was STUPID for even casting them. But, maybe this is their way of flushing them down for good.

1964 days ago



1964 days ago
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