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Carrie Prejean -- Minutes of Relevance Remaining...

6/15/2009 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF



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Perez got what he wanted the undoing of a human that did not agree with him.
I don't particularly agree with Prejean but he set her up and she took the bait and now it has cost her the crown and possibly a career or part of it.
Perez must feel good about that.
Kind of like Palin loves her new moment in the spotlight.
That kind of gives Perez and Palin something in common.
Ah, glory, action, Mr. Demille, they're ready.

1924 days ago


The last thing Keith Lewis wants is to be sued by Carrie. In a court of law he won't have Harvey spewing his lies and propaganda for him, the facts will come out and they are all on Carrie's side. I hope she sues their ass off and if in any way possible, I wish Lewis and Moakler could do serious jail time for being disgusting excuses for human beings. Then again, Lewis would like being the prison bathrooms too maybe not

1923 days ago


Well the TMZ inquisition is keeping Carrie in the spotlight at that's good. She's the last public figure that has guts and morals.

I'm waiting for a book deal..... I'll buy 4 copies.

Support freedom of expression at:

1923 days ago


Uh oh Harvey!!! Two prominent gay activists have pulled themselves out of a fundrasier for anti-gay opponent Joe Biden, and even the L.A. Times is going after Obama today for his support of the Defense of Marriage Act. You remember that law, don't you Harvey? Signed into law by Bill Clinton, who like Obama, also opposes gay marriage.

Looks like the quacks on your team are starting to see the light Harvey and realizing that they shouldn't be worried about the opinions of beauty contestants, but instead about the people they SUPPORT and VOTE for that are supposedly representing them.

Times are a changin' Harvey!!! Your Neo-Gay Nazi propaganda is being exposed!!! BAWHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!

1922 days ago


First the conspiring pageant officials say that she missed 20 - 30 then 30+ appearances. Next Keith Lewis appears on Geralo at Large and states quite clearly that Carrie NEVER missed ONE SINGAL obligation.

But, he argues she never committed to any. Do you think maybe it was the Playboy offer that Lewis so dutifully passed along and then ask for a written reply to (is it possible Shanna Moakler was calling in a favor from Hefner). Or, maybe it was the gay events and the Schlock TV show. Then when Carrie tried to volunteer with the Special Olympic, as she has done in the past, Lewis tried to get in the way. He asked about arranging a body guard, as a sarcastic remark because she stated her concerns for her safety a Gay evens.

Any two-bit manager can force and employee out of their job. Trump should fire Keith Lewis for being so inept that it took him this long. And such an easy target.... a 22 year old lady that has been busy battling gay activists, and liberal media attack dogs and every anti-religion bigot on the planet.

1922 days ago


Assuming the judge isn't a pro-gay radical like Harvey and Lewis, Carrie would easily win in a court law with all the facts on the table. Like the poster above said, Keith won't have propaganda spreading hate sites like TMZ with him in a courtroom. Just him and his atourneys, along with Carrie and hers. His actions, that began within seconds of the MIss USA pageant ending, will show beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he and Moakler abused their positions as directors and ran their own radical, personal agendas out of the Miss California office. Sue their asses off Carrie!!! Trump, man up and do what you should have done from day one. Clean house at the Miss Cali office and get some normal, sane people in there that put YOUR pageant ahead of any personal ideologies.

1921 days ago
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