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Megan Fox


6/15/2009 10:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just in case the headline wasn't clear enough -- Megan Fox is single!!!!!!!!

It's not a guess ... it's not wishful thinking ... she actually confirmed it with her own two perfectly shaped lips.

Here's the actual quote she gave to The Sun newspaper during an interview in some country for some movie she's promoting: "I'm currently what you would call single I guess."

Sorry Brian Austin Whatsyourface ... congratulations everyone else!

Megan Fox

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Only marry foreign women    

In a year or so to save here career, Ms. Fox wll A) be a spokesperson for PETA/Domestic Violence/Save the Children campaign; B) become a lesbian; C) marry and divorce a rocker dude; or, D) visit The View/Oprah an complain how Hollywood has no good roles for women.

1964 days ago


Sorry, I do not find her attractive. The lazy eyes are really weird. Let's move on to someone else please.

1964 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Megan Fox says,

[On giving male writers an amped-up version of her past] "They're boys; they're easily toyed with. I tell stories and have them eating out of my hand."

"Boys in their twenties are a waste of time. They have nothing to offer conversationally; they're immature. I feel like I have a better shot with someone in his thirties."

1964 days ago


megan fox can eat soft serve.. conversational;ly speaking... plop spews from her idiotic mouth and it don't sound or smell like roses.... pllllooooppppp

1964 days ago


She is cute.

1964 days ago


Thank god this over-hyped wannabe goth chick is single. Its always been my dream to bang a girl, who at 23 already looks like a used up porn star hag with a terrible complexion. I'll take Vanessa Marcil at 40 over this skank any day of the week.

1964 days ago


Megan Fox "I'm bisexual" and TMZ loves me.

1964 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

“I’d barter with him [Megatron]” she says in the July issue Total Film UK, “and say instead of [killing] the entire planet, can you just take out all of the white trash, hillbilly, anti-gay, super bible-beating people in Middle America?”

1964 days ago


meg fox is absolutely the WORST actress EVER

She will take her rightful place in this industry quite soon... awaiting offer from vivid

1964 days ago


This girl is a total media whore, and I don't get why you keep publishing ego-boosting material about her. She talks like a truck driver, is covered in tattoos, and thinks it's still cool to pretend to be bi just to get guys to want you more. She's a sleazebag.

1964 days ago


She looks like a trailor park hooker. How sad to look like that.....and be so rich. Poor thing.

1964 days ago


Beautiful Women have to be ugly sometimes cause of all the HATERZ in the world. Looks like there's some on here-Right Right

1964 days ago


You're either: single, married, divorced, separated or widowed. She wasn't married, so of course she's single!

1964 days ago


haters gonna hate, you all can't appreciate a supreme hotty like megan.

1964 days ago


#15, you're out of your effing mind! Shia is NOT better looking than Megan Fox. Just because you don't like somebody, doesn't mean they're not physically attractive. Shia is very homely looking, and I consider myself a fan. His looks are run-of-the-mill, at best. At least, Megan is somewhat exotic looking. Walking through the halls of my university, I see guys all around that are MUCH better looking than Shia ever thought of being. You don't need to aggrandize one in order to deprecate the other. Megan is out of Shia's league!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1964 days ago
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