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R-Patz: 'Twilight' Fans Are a Pain in the Neck

6/15/2009 6:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Today in NYC, two rabid Edward Cullen devotees did what oh-so-many crazies only dream of: Wrapped their two arms around the magical man meat that is Robert Pattinson.

Robert Pattinson: Click to watch
It wasn't long until security pried 'em off -- but the two gals still touched him for .5 seconds more than you have.


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Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former.A.E.
And it is soooo true...

1901 days ago

Barbara Ann    

Please some of you stop hating. Not everyone has the same taste or attractions. Because they vary as do we doesn't give anyone the right to rip someone apart by slamming everything from their looks to their talent. If all of you haters have seen this kid do is Twilight, I would give your "opinions" a rest until you see all that he can do. I am an Indie movie freak. I have seen the Haunted Airmen, The Bad Mother's Handbook, How to be, etc. This kid most definitely has talent in his craft of acting as well as his musical abilities. He is also a gifted piano player, writer, etc. I don't know this kid personally but he appears to be genuinely uncomfortable with all this screaming and grabbing attention and feels like some of you do..."what are they doing"??? I've read and heard from people who have had a chance to actually sit with, observe and speak with RP that he is the nicest guy and is completely put off by this exaggerated attention...not because he thinks he's "all that" but simply because "he doesn't think that, at all". Like him, don't like him but give him a break. One thing he truly doesn't deserve is your hateful negativity. He is a talent and that talent is wrapped in a beautiful package...perhaps that's why "haters" go at him...they know it too and jealousy makes people say and do terrible things. We're all entitled to our opinions but let them come from our intellectual point of view and not from our past or present adolescence. Leave him alone...he's going where most of us will never ever be blessed to be whether you like it or back off!

1901 days ago


This poor kid. I actually feel bad for him. I agree that his security should've done a better job. He needs to get really big guys like snoop has. As for the girls that attacked him..what makes them think its ok to attack a total stranger, even if you are obsessed and think you "know" him, he is a stranger. Give the guy a break. No wonder so many celebrities have issues. I would too if I was being attacked and stalked like that. Did you guys notice how he kept grabbing his hair. I saw him say in an interview that he does that when he's nervous and freaked out. Those that say he should quit if he freaks out about it so much, have you thought about the fact that maybe he doesn't want to quit because he is really passionate about his work. I think if I was giving the opportunity he has been given, I would feel the same way, but not want to quit because of my love for the work. just my thoughts. oh, and for those who will think that i'm a huge fan of his, i'm not. sure i liked twilight but i like the books better and think there may have been someone better to play this role. i'm not totally ruling him out as a good actor though because that's the only role i've seen him in so far.

1900 days ago


Once again we see the how unhealthy it is to have a cult driven society. What a sad culture we are today, when people cannot distiguish between reality and a movie character. Those girls were probably hoping he would change them into vampires.

1900 days ago

Can't Understand...    

I can't understanding how people can get that fanatical about anything. I really enjoyed the books (Twilight saga) and the movie. However, asking for his autograph or picture is one thing. Attacking the guy like that is ridiculous. Leave him alone. Remember, it's a character he plays, he is NOT Edward Cullen!

1900 days ago


I feel so sorry for him and the rest of the cast..He seems nice but all the girls need to keep the obsession behind closed doors and treat him like a human

1900 days ago


WOW.....poor guy :(
I don't understand why tweens/teens ect get all's not like he's going to date/marry anyone who's not famous....get a grip girlies!! it isn't gonna be you so leave the poor guy alone!!he's just doing his job like any other person on the you go running and screaming at you hot garbage man......i think not!!!!

1900 days ago


Im an actress trying to make it in this business and its something that comes with the territory. But they do need to back off, he is just a human being. Leave him alone people! can he not take a simple walk? BACK OFF! I feel bad for the guy

1900 days ago


That was insane! I feel really bad for him, what a way to live.

1900 days ago


Poor guy. Some one should buy tranquilizer darts for those girls, mace, tazers, something disgusting.

1900 days ago


I feel bad for him too:( Girls are crazy! But, if you watch the video right before he gets to trailer he has alittle smirk on his face lol Men!!! he loves it, wouldn't you if young girls were throwing their panties at you. Robs hot!!

1900 days ago


i feel so horrible for him!!! no wonder the guy is paranoid and doesn't leave his house much, who could blame him. sure he's one of the sexiest guys i've ever seen, but i wouldn't assult the guy just to meet him. and to whoever asked if anyone would be into him if he wasn't an actor, i would be. he's a talented musician and seems (from interviews) to be a really down to earth honest to god nice guy.

1900 days ago


I'm so tired of seeing his pallid, fugly ass, all the time. If he wasn't a celebrity, most people wouldn't look twice at him other than to tell him to comb his dirty, unkempt hair. The guy is seriously gross! Yuck!

Just as jealous females have wearied of seeing pictures of Megan Fox, I'm greatly dismayed at having this Robert guy shoved down my throat 24-7. No Megan, no Robert. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Pardon me while I go hurl, after seeing this latest video of the "Golden Boy."

1900 days ago


Hahahaha....poor little muffin.....

1900 days ago


Its one thing to have fans... ya thats great but when they start actually hanging on you while your trying to walk... thats not cool at all. Lets see what if he fell and got hurt or hurt someone else whats gonna happen.. someones going to get sued... it just not safe! also if you really love him that much why hang all over him while he is obviously uncomfortable and annoyed?... just to piss him off or what?!

1900 days ago
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