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Barbara Walters Is Anti Anti-Aging Ad

6/16/2009 2:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Barbara Walters has been around forever -- but that doesn't mean she endorses every anti-aging pill on the planet.

Barbara Walters

Walters is pissed at something called Exilatrol for using her picture in one of their online ads. Next to her photo it says, "As seen on Barbara Walters and 60 Minutes." She tweeted her displeasure, saying, "If u see ads for products with Resveratrol showing my photo and name they are false."

Babs talked about Resveratrol, an ingredient in Exilatrol, in an anti-aging special in 2008 -- but she has never specifically endorsed any product.


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Bill Shavens    

First...haha...sounds like she is laying the smack down.

1919 days ago

Corey Feldman is the king of douche!    

I'm retarded and number 1

1919 days ago

Bill Shavens    

Im retarded and number 2

1919 days ago

Michael Madsen    

She looked one hundred years old fifteen years ago... she looks like a corpse now... just my VIEW.

1919 days ago


But the ad doesn't say she endorses it simply 'as seen on' if she talked about it on a show then the ad isn't really saying anyting false at all.

1919 days ago


This companys has been using Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman, and Courteney Cox's pictures in their ads too.

And #4-it is ILLEGAL to use someone's image for any reason without their permission. Especially a public figure.

1919 days ago


I've been promoting Exilatrol for months as part of an affiliate program. $50 per sale is pretty decent... who cares if I use Bab's image? MONEY MONEY MONEY!!!

1919 days ago


#5 Really? Then TMZ, every newspaper, tabloid, news story and late night TV show that has ever run a story about a celeb or politition without first getting permission to air the persons image is in some big trouble. Not saying Babs couldn't take civil litigation to fight the use of her image but they can still print that she talked about it on her show, if in fact that is what happened and she might even lose a fight over the image if she spoke positively about the product at the time on air.

1919 days ago


My Aunt looks like Dorothy Hamil and takes these drugs religously.....swears by them, and shes like 90???

1919 days ago


I was scammed by this company. Tried to cancel, they already mailed the next batch, no refunds!!!! They also sign you up for some other program, read the fine print very, very carefully! Better yet, don't order this one!!!!!!!!!!

1919 days ago

Woody McBreairty    

Using Barbara Walters in an anti- aging ad is like using Amy Winehouse for an anti-drug ad, as in "This is What You Don't Want to Be/Look Like." Barbara Walters eyelids have been so stretched her eye balls are bulging and her mouth is so tight her lisp is even worse. The only ad I can think of for Barbara Walters is "I'm So Full of Myself That I Will Be In Your Face Until I Drop Dead, Like It Or Lump It. I Am Babwa WaWa."

1919 days ago


Barbara Walters just stares at herself on the TV monitors where-ever she goes, it's so annoying. Walters also does her old lady quick step trying to look YOUNG but actually looking OLD, (young people don't do that). Walters "day" has come and gone, exit the stage Barbara.

Walters also does her annoying "Library Lady quiet speech" and FINALLY even Whoopi Goldberg said today on The View, "What? I can't hear you!" Barbara thinks her quiet speech demands more attention but it is a reminder of her OLD AGE.

Walters also thinks saying "penis" makes her cool, it makes her sickening.

Exit the stage, Barbara, you did your work. Even though you are a fake screwing all over the place while trying to look like a "journalist". The streets are filled with women who think they are "journalists", if you can my drift.

1919 days ago

Corey Feldman is the king of douche!    

Barbara Walters is really 110 years old...

1919 days ago


Eh, im so sick of these fake products out there. NOTHING will stop aging. Yes, even surgery won't stop looking old...if anything, surgery can make a person look worse than if they would've just aged gracefully (look at joan rivers. Had she not messed up her face, she pry would've looked better lol). No product will ever make you look young...and whoever falls for this, im sorry you get scammed. Just like weight loss products, they tend to charge you more than what they advertise. I would be mad to if they used my pic without my permisson, especially if its a company that scams people...This is just a low way to. get people to sign up thinking it will work. But it won't! If you must look young, then use botox, least it works at wrinkles.....although i would never use it lol.

1918 days ago



1918 days ago
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