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Pageant to Carrie: Your Court Is Ready!

6/16/2009 6:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie PrejeanCarrie Prejean has threatened to sue the Miss California USA folks for defamation, we've learned. But we just obtained a letter the pageant's lawyer fired off to Carrie's lawyer, threatening to sue her for her "churlish insolent misbehavior."

The long letter details the alleged misdeeds which led to Carrie getting das boot. For starters, the pageant's lawyer says Carrie is full of it when she stated publicly she didn't ink a book deal. The letter also says Carrie had wrongfully turned down 39 pageant appearances since May 12.

And the letter claims Carrie defamed pageant honcho Keith Lewis when she said he "pressured her to appear in Playboy." Lewis says he merely passed on the offer, which he never advocated she take.

The letter says Carrie was fired because of her "intolerable misbehavior," citing "hostile communications from Carrie."

carrie prejeanThe letter threatens this: "If Carrie Prejean wants to assert in public that she was courteous, cooperative or professional in her conduct as Miss California USA, the history of her churlish insolent misbehavior can be presented."

The lawyer goes on to demand that Carrie stop making defamatory remarks and recant the ones she already made ... or else.


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You go girl, you keep doing what you are doing because 70% of the US is on your side. Even obama! The Miss USA pageant is low life anyway, go for MISS AMERICA, brains are required. And, you have brain! Screw the negative folks, and SCREW POLITICAL CORRECTNESS! I am sick of it!

1956 days ago


Show US the little man in the boat, you whore!

1956 days ago

Donald finally realized that Prejean gives crappy head    

DAMN STRAIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!
that white girl thinks she can get all gangster and criminal, naw that aint straight. if she was black, she would have already received the death penalty.
damn fool ass white girl. ya need to take ya paperz and walk.

1956 days ago


what is a pageant organization doing "Passing on" the idea of posing in playboy?

it sounds to me Prejean was actually telling the truth. They were trying to do things to make her break the rules since she wasn't let go for the gay marriage thing, or for partially nude photos... they were trying to do everything they could to kick her out and humiliate her, so they try to get her to do demeaning things like Playboy or I'm a celebrity knowing she wouldn't do it.

1956 days ago

Megan F    

So, guess the NOM folks might sue the pageant to get more air time - airing her laundry in the press some more will do it - plus, will bring in more cash for the org. That would be unbearable - more Carrie whinning and lying on national TV. Interesting that no major media outlet wrote or spoke a "peep" about her today - except that she's scheduled to be on FOX with Greta in just a few minutes - for 15 min. and the last guest on the program. She says that she's "shocked" that things went as far as they did - just shocked!!

1956 days ago

Mary Worth    

They bury some dead lawyers 8 ft under; because, deep down they're good people.

1956 days ago

Mr. Paulo Franca    

I think they'll only stop being hostile when the title Miss California is given to Perez Hilton.

1956 days ago

Mary Worth    

39 pageant appearances since May 12th?

I wouldn't be surprised if the owner of the Miss Universe Pageant, a certain Donald Trump, pressures the judges to select the current Miss USA as the next Miss Universe!

1956 days ago


Mr. Trump is strangely quiet... Is he frightened of something?

1956 days ago


I'm surprised Carrie lasted this long... It's obvious as a pimple on your nose that once it was clear that she couldn't easily be fired for stating her opinion and answering an obviously no-win question with the truth, the "ever so tolerant beautiful people" have been working hard to throw crap at her and claim it was roses. Notice that the only "pageant appearance" that's been mentioned is an offer to appear in Playboy... wonder why that is? Could it be that suddenly most, if not all of the assignments sent her way have been promoting gay/lesbian issues?... meaning that if she showed up and "supported" them, she puts the lie to her statements during the pageant.
The main reasons Trump didn't let her be fired immediately were a) he and his organizations were getting more publicity than even he could have bought on the market, and b) to fire her too soon makes it look like they don't support freedom of speech and honest expression. (They don't- at least not for anyone with a different opinion than their own- but they cannot afford to appear as if they don't.) Firing her now, and throwing lawyers at her is simply to make it look like it's her fault. It isn't... and never was.
I, for one, will never knowingly support another Trump-owned... anything. In the long run, the real winner here will be Carrie. While I'm sure that all of the participants in this debacle sleep well at night, Carrie is likely the only one for whom a good nights sleep requires a clear conscience.
Bravo, Miss Carrie... Bravo!

1956 days ago


Lerve the pic with her mouth wide open. Just waiting for a real man to insert it and give her a true religious experience.
The nasty little slut wants it.

1956 days ago


Haha I have just the right size pearl necklace for her.

1956 days ago


Is it just me or do her tittts look bigger?

1956 days ago


She will be stripping at the CHEETAH In Vegas soon!

The Pageant Board should take the BOOBS Back too!

1956 days ago


Hey Carrie, do you swallow????

1956 days ago
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