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Chaz Bono and GF

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6/16/2009 12:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

First pics and video of Chaz Bono and girlfriend Jennifer Elia, out and about in L.A. yesterday.



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106. Many people are born with gender issues that are hormonal and not just a preference.
Good for her that she will live her life as she was intended to do - as a man.
How come nobody comments on Jamie Lee Curtis - or others born as a hermafradite?

Posted at 5:24PM on Jun 16th 2009 by chicagogal11
What you are repeating about Jamie Lee Curtis is Urban Legend. There is no proof that she was born a hermaphrodite ( with male AND female genitalia). Yet here you are repeating what you HEARD or READ as truth. So what has this to do with Chasity Bono the proclaimed Lesbian NOW Transgendered person?

1955 days ago


Why do cute lesbians (Cynthia Nixon, Portia Rossi, this chick) always go for the butchy softball playing lesbians? I don't get it. They don't like men, but they like women who want to be men????

1955 days ago


I think it is wonderful that these two people are in love and obviously happy..But my question is, will Jennifer still want Chaz when he is a man? Is she not a lesbian? I don't know..just askin!

1955 days ago

Just Jenn    


1955 days ago


Poor chastity boner...She is a she and she was born a she in her mothers womb..SHE aint a man and never wll be..Her gal is Mexican and pretty 4 her age..IM ALMOST SURE ella is not in love with chastity,, however probly good friends..SHE needs a meal ticket and Cher will be leaving plenty to her kids if she ever dies..Chass has dough but no balls

1955 days ago


Um, ya, gross. Just plain f*@king gross. Nasty. Sick. Ew. Vomit. Barf.
No, I am not "homophobic", I am "homosickened".

1955 days ago

Now Hiring    

I say good for her! She should do what she wants to.......It is 2009 not 1950 and if this is what makes her happy then I say do it. If she was not Cher's daughter none of you would care and I say she should not care what any of you think.'

Go CHAZ!!!!! Good for you and best wishes. I hope this makes you happy!


1955 days ago


Our comments are mean?? We cant do what we want?? She can have a major sex change and we are supposed to shut up and JUST Accept..BULL Crap..I dont like it and its SICK and I dont dislike Chastity Bono..She has had head problems all her life..She is not a man and will never be a man PERIOD..People were mean to me all my life and still are..GET REAL..The whole world has turned mean and ugly and money hungary like never B4...ITS a mean ugly world but I have something that helps me..GUESS??? Most of you would not agree with Me and comment mean things to me so Ill just say Guess..ITS very simple..This is a mean website...Its Celebrity Bull Hit(S) and opinions make TMZ I guess..I dont like this website but I tune in sometimes..IM Mean

1955 days ago

melinda wells    

did cher payfor chaz surgery, what does chaz do .

1955 days ago


Hey Jennifer your boyfriend is fat loser. Get used to it. Oh and all men are dogs so you are now someones b!tch.

1955 days ago


Cher must be horrified about the sex change, yet I'll bet she'll be supportive of Chaz.

1955 days ago

Corey Feldman is the king of douche!    

I want rub my fingers over her hairy chest!!!

1955 days ago

I know    

She was not born in the wrong body. She is just completely messed up in the head. She need a ton of therapy. I do feel bad for her though, too let her weight go like that. Both her parents were thin so it's probably not genetic she just ate and ate and ate and ate and ate. Now she wants a sex change, get mental help sweetheart.

1955 days ago


chaz looks like chris penn

1955 days ago


She looks just like John Candy!!

1955 days ago
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