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Rihanna Sued:

Ignorance of the Lawn,

No Excuse!

6/16/2009 7:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

RihannaWe just got hold of a lawsuit filed against Rihanna today.

Christian Moeller is suing over some property, claiming Rihanna has been trampling all over his property.

Moeller is a professor of design and media art at UCLA. Moeller has created spaces for the W Hotel in Hollywood.

Here's what happened. Rihanna rents a home owned by Stephen Yacobian, whose house is next door to Moeller's. Moeller gave Yacobian an easement -- the right to drive cars on a portion of Moeller's property.

But two years ago, Yacobian renovated the property and the easement wasn't really being used. To make matters a lot worse, since Rihanna moved in she's been allowing cars to drive on Moeller's lawn to get to her driveway... and the suit claims sometimes the cars just sit there on the lawn.

So Moeller wants the easement eliminated. As for Rihanna, Moeller is suing her for allowing people and cars to trespass on his property.

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Bash a Pap    

Wow Mike Kochertz. Google your name and there are like 300 TMZ comments. And you're making fun of fat asses? Get a life. get YOUR fat ass off the couch and get a life.

1953 days ago

Mike Kochhertz    

Fung, 6' 2'', 185lbs, i'm a minor league hockey player, and on the road 11 months a year and in a hotel almost every night! It's not even worth describing my life to you, let's just say, 4am starts the day, and ends about 8 with just about nothing but excerise in between. Actually, I bet you are on the couch. This is ridiculous, I know, I'm only a minor leaguer, and it is not some great existence, but, I would love to meet some of the a-h's on the internet in person, and see what they have to say then.

1953 days ago

Mike Kochhertz    

only 3 1/2 years till Obama is gone!! I know everything is still Bush's fault, but, can someone please tell me when is he gonna fix the economy? Oh, after the first term, the "Bush problems were so big, I need 4 more years". Oh boy, health care is coming!!! Yea, now they can take more of my money for the lazy asses! How bout' I just give you my whole check, what the hell!

1953 days ago

Mike Kochhertz    

No, I'm a homo, I get lots of excerise!!

1953 days ago

If TMZ had the whole would understand    

And they call women golddiggers.... What an idiot. A easement is forever.if he is all that he should of checked with a lawyer before he signed it.

1953 days ago

Mike Kochhertz    

Yep, look at Pittsburgh, won the Stanley Cup, I think they are about 90% white, and while the city went nuts, I don't even think there was one arrest. Don't compare sizes either, allthough it is about 43rd in city size, the Pittsburgh Metro area is about 3 million, about 18th. They also had est. 350,000 a few days later, and again, no arrests. You tell me, honestly, what the difference is?? Oh, what I meant about size, allthough L.A. much bigger, Pittsburgh had a bigger parade, so throw that difference out.

1953 days ago

Mike Kochhertz    

Yes Fung, you're right, I live in NYC, was in "the burgh" on business, the day of the parade, actually yesterday. Next to new years here in the apple, I've never seen such a large gathering with no violence what so ever. Actually, a pretty cool city, almost like a European city, nice people. Don't know why they still call it the "steel city' though, it's almost all trees, techie stuff and hospitals. Can't beat the big apple though!

1953 days ago


i am tired of stories about her tmz come on ppl

1953 days ago

If TMZ had the whole would understand    

The lengths the racist go too. The majority of the people out there in LA that night were hispanic! LA is majority hispanic now get cable so you can watch CNN you f**kin rednecks!

1953 days ago


Let me get this right. Moeller the party whom is suing, gave permission and an easement to the home next door to him owned by Yacobian that Rhianna is now renting. The owner of the home told the tennants that they could use the easement granted by the party that is now suing. All righty then, what an idiot! people will try anything for money. Maybe he should just rent part of his lawn out to TMZ and all the other paps, it would pay better than this lame scheme.

1953 days ago

loving RiRi    

Go Home #4...This is a frivolous lawsuit. They just want money.

1953 days ago

I am    

What purpose does all of the sexist and racist comments serve? Thought the topic was the granting of an easement and a tenants company utilizing same as well as parking on a portion of the lawn belonging to the grantor. You don't see this behavior often in upscale's usually standard fare in 'trailer trash' hoods.

1953 days ago

Michael Jackson's Voice    

What goes around... comes around.. but she lives by the saying of : I'm Rihanna Damn it! " So she wont get the saying either. and as for the one sueing her... If he is living next door to Rihanna.. TRUST ME get rich scheme isnt what this is its some one who is fed up with these celebutaunts getting away with murder and doing as they please and disrespecting of others.. Ya' I would sue her too... She is the one encourageing her vistiors to park there for DAYS it would seem. So she is to blame!! Just because everyone wants to pity this girl for the Chris Brown thing... doesnt mean she is the victim in EVERY THING!!! Sometimes you HAVE to look at the facts... she is rude and disrespectful period. No further questions!!!! Princess RiRi needs to be dethroned!

1953 days ago

The fact    

she deserve it.

1953 days ago

pattie in cali    

haahahaaa you get what you give... grow the hell up RIHANNA, your acting like a spoiled child, stop making other people pay for your childish non-caring ways.

1953 days ago
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