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NHLers: Our Cash Was Blown on MLB Porn Party

6/18/2009 7:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

14 major NHL hockey players are suing a developer named Kenneth Jowdy for allegedly screwing them out of millions of dollars -- and then blowing the cash on escorts, strippers and private jet rides for some of the biggest names in Major League Baseball history.


The list of NHL players includes some of the sport's most famous guys -- Michael Peca, Sergei Gonchar, Chris Simon, Greg deVries, Jason Woolley, Mattias Norstrom, Vladimir Tsyplakov, Jay McKee, Raymond Murray, Glen Murray, Bryan Berard, Dimitri Khristich, Jozef Stumpel and Darryl Sydor.

The players claim they each invested between $250,000 - $500,000 with Jowdy -- who allegedly promised to use their money to develop a luxury golf course and resort.

Instead, the suit alleges the money was blown on private jets, 5-star hotels, and parties with various female porn stars, escorts, strippers, party girls and other women for MLB greats like "Roger Clemens, Reggie Jackson, Joe Morgan and Pete Rose (to name a few)."

The NHL players are suing for at least $15 million.

UPDATE: Joe Morgan just sent us this statement: "It's unethical to use my name when I never went to any of those parties, nor was I involved in any other activities."

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No Avatar

emeril I'm not    

okay sorry boys we will repay you all by taking it out of Rogers pension. K? Happy, at least you had the money to get ripped off.

1953 days ago

Get a Clue    

I will say, those private plane rides with the hookers were off the hook!

1953 days ago

Here 4 Beer    

Wow....This is huge!

1953 days ago

emeril I'm not    

i can only hope missys flight is a safe one.

1953 days ago

Carrys F.    

Oh, gee. Someone gave their money to a guy who was going to "invest' it and then it turned out to be a fraud? Why, that's something new. I've never heard of that happening. How could that be?????? Well, I gotta run. There's a leprachaun at my front door and he's telling me if I give him my money, he'll take it down the street and turn it into gold and then bring it right back . ..

1953 days ago

dj davy b    

Uhh biggest names in the NHL? I don't think so. Those guys are all washed up and several are not playing in the league anymore. While they probably got hosed I think the headline is a bit wrong.

1953 days ago

Sergie Whackov    

These NHL greats are slightly above average, not some of the best. Either way, every other major sport thinks the NHL is a joke so this doesn't surprise me at all. Pete Rose probably used some for gambling, Clemens for roids, and Morgan and Jackson for pimpin. Those players could have just pooled their money together and built their own golf course without that douche's help.

1953 days ago


WHAT? A scandal in the MLB, I'm shocked. I hope they go bankrupt, crooked bastards.

1953 days ago


Hockey? A major sport? Puh leeeze. It's a regional sport and nothing more. Ask the 4 fans outside of Canada and the northeast US. No story here.

1953 days ago


Most of those guys played for Washington, Boston and Buffalo. Interesting.

1953 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

CLINTON jab jab jab GAT on those weights

1952 days ago


# 7: Gonchar is on the Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup winning team. I'd hardly consider that washed up.
#12: Typical response. Hockey is huge sport, and growing tremendously especially in the South. Youth hockey rinks are booming, a reflection of the popularity of the sport at the national level. Just because you're not a fan doesn't mean there aren't millions who are.

1952 days ago


So Joe Morgan isnt mr squeaky clean huh? HO chasing when his talking gig is up for the night huh?...Guy should keep his mouth shut about how Ryne Sandberg shouldnt be in the HOF nor could he hold a candle to him----wanna bet on that Joe? Guess if charachter counts in the future for HOF, you wouldnt get in but Ryne would. No record nor ever a mention of HO chasing with him.

You running with Pete Rose now----he been chasing tail since you and him were on the Reds.

Hope the Big Rags get hold of this story and you start getting held accountable for your "off field" indiscretions. Big mouth angry ex player all you is. But one with a penchant apparently for the hi class hooker. Dang that NHL money must of bought you and yours a lot of tail.

1952 days ago


Mrs Roger Clemens, the one who keeps standing by that louse of a human being is looking more stupid with each new allegation surfacing about Roger the Rocket. Child Molester and Whore user.

Take him for all he's got Mrs K, leave with a lot of money and with your dignity while you still have any left. The kids already know their dad is a louse.

Reggie Jackson you complete phony. I met you when you were a special guest at a Compaq Computer Event in Las Vegas, you talking all God like and such, proud of your parents and the usual assorted lies. Another Hooker user. You all been tested for AIDS or did none of you ever listen to your hero with the Magic Johnson?

Whores these days are more deadly than any Steroid. But you all are old school, And Joe Morgan too, I dont believe him anymore either. How dare he ever comment on any former player accused of using Steroids

1952 days ago

Michael Madsen    

Say it ain't HO, Joe!

1952 days ago
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