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Quaid Babies Settle Drug Lawsuit

6/19/2009 7:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lawyers for Dennis Quaid's twins have settled their lawsuit with Cedars-Sinai, the hospital that made mistakes with the drug Heparin that almost killed the babies.

Under the terms of the settlement the hospital will pay each child $250,000.

Dennis Quaid and Kimberly Buffington previously settled their dispute with Cedars last December for $750,000.

According to the docs, the babies have "not recovered completely from the effects of the injuries." The docs says "the overdose has subjected the [children] to emotional and possible future injuries..."

Under the settlement, Cedars has agreed to provide future medical care for the twins if it's related to the hospital mishap.

Dennis Quaid


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GOOD FOR THE QUAIDS!!!!!!!!!! I'm sooooo happy for him and his family! That was plum ignorance what the hospital did to those babies!!! Now this is what you call a lawsuit worthy of!

1889 days ago


OH,and what charity was they going to give that money to?best I can remember it was not about the money but lets see I have not heard anything about charity and I am sure if it was donated it would be all over the computer.just wondering?

1889 days ago


Good for them, smart making the hospital pay if anything else happens, I'm sure there will.....put the money into their college education fund!!

1889 days ago


If the hospital going to pay and take care of all future related healthcare needs for the children and the each child get 250K them being the ones that went through it why do the parents get more? Yes they suffered too but not as much as the infants.

1889 days ago


All that money has to come from somewhere, like the pockets of people that aren't rich movie stars. That $1.25 million dollars they've collected so far is going to end up being paid by patients that need it a lot more than the Quaid's do.

1888 days ago


The families of the babies who actually DIED as a result from heparin overdoses in the other states have not received nearly as much compensation as Dennis Quaid or his twins. His twins appear to be very healthy, thank goodness, and more than likely WILL NOT have any future problems. Like "Troy" said, we the non-movie stars are the ones who ended up paying the Quaids off. I don't agree with this was for once a "lawsuit worthy of"

1888 days ago


I would like to believe that the money that the Dennis and his wife won was put into their foundation for medical mistakes and the prevention of them that I believe they started after the ordeal happened. I would think the the money that the twins got would be put into some kind of trust if the parents have no say in what happens to that money. If they do have say, I hope they invested it into the foundation as well.

1888 days ago


How disgusting for all the people posting negative comments about the Quaid's getting a settlement. Just because they have been successful in life does not make it unfair for them to get a settlement. This couple and the children have been through a horrible ordeal and it is not for any of us to say if they should or should not get money. I have never commented on anything ever before but reading some readers comments just made me irate.

1888 days ago


$250,000 each! That's nothing for what those children have been through!

1888 days ago

Michael Madsen    

Be a-quaid... be vawy, vawy a-quaid.

1888 days ago

Michael Madsen    

I'll shoot back a a bottle of Heparin with a coke chaser for twenty-five hundred bucks.... come on!

1888 days ago


What happened to those babies should never happened, but I agree with what others said: the non famous folks would never get these amounts of money!

I have noticed both Quaid and his wife are still chainsmokers. Do they realize that's at least as dangerous for their babies?

1888 days ago


the rich get richer, Dennis your a stupid @ss Douche suck as an actor 2.....................

1888 days ago


Why do the kids get a lot less then the parents? It was hard on the parents yeah but the kids almost died! Shouldn't they be compensated more?

1888 days ago


medicswife, they are prob. going to put that money away for the kids, it should be their money. Why do people think that if you have money you should donate any money you get. After you get your paycheck and someone wants to give you birthday money do you say no thank you or take it and give it away? I didn't think so. Stop bashing people for having more then you.

1888 days ago
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