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Lindsay Lohan -- The Face of Frustration

6/20/2009 8:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's not just a saying ... sometimes pictures are worth a thousand words. Lindsay Lohan at Sam Ronson's house, trying to gain entry at 3 a.m. yesterday morning.



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You know what really disturbs me about this photo? It's the fact that you people are out there at 3 AM taking pictures of this girl. I mean look at it. It's 3 AM and she has you clowns sticking cameras in her face, while she's knocking on someone's door. Look at how bright the camera lights & flashes are. And people are saying that she's the one messed up? How do you figure that? I'm certainly no Lohan fan & she is no doubt a very troubled person. Basically she's become a "party girl." (being kind) ....But what you people are doing puts you in the category called Bottom Feeders. Try focusing on doing something constructive, like trying to do things to help her out & up. Let her , "disappear", then maybe she'll start to come to & stop her foolishness.

1915 days ago


Try doing something for someone else. It will get you out of yourself, even if just for a few minutes. The more you think of others the less you will wallow in self pity. It really does work. You are too young to have this much negativity associated with you. How about making beds or serving food at the Midnight Mission? There is so much you could do for others that would in turn make you feel better about yourself.

1915 days ago


sunglasses at 3 in the morning? So much for rehab.Is she a living Lohan,I thought she knew who killed her? has she blown anyone on a boat lately?and is it true shes a mean girl?Did she try to trap her parent,does she not have herbies,and finally i heard when she was a teenager, she was a drama queen.

1915 days ago


Despite everything, i still maintain this girl is one of the most talented young actresses that hollywood has produced , she has so badly missed her way and because of it, she is missing out on oscar worthy roles which she is more than capable of tackling , to hoard the gossip headlines and make money for sites such as this one. It is such a pity, its not about being a lesbian , that does not impede her work as an actress its her behavioural problems and her emotional roller coastering that will not allow her to fulfill her potential.. But, dont rule her out, afterall, who would have said that DREW BARRYMORE would have got it together when she was a teenage tearaway.?She is still very young and stupid time will tell what happens in the future, she might calm down and start to look at getting her career back on track or she might just go the way of other tragic young talents too numerous to mention .

1915 days ago

Sue Wong    

This is no way to treat someone you claim to love. Why doesn't Sam give LL a key for heaven's sake. Maybe she's one of those power hungry and sadistic people who get off on making her wait around and chase her. LL is a beautiful woman, why the hell doesn't she get a little self respect and dump Sam permanently. Alot of girls or guys would be happy to date her., especially if she gets her life together. This is very sad and I'm not a fan.

1915 days ago

Ronnie PECS    

What a tourted soul

1915 days ago

Zach Swan    

When the inevitable day comes that poor Lindsay lines a 12-gauge up under her chin and pulls the trigger with her toe, YOU, the TMZ paparazzi, who are constantly harassing this fragile, emotional train wreck (even in the middle of the night when basic human decency would dictate that you back the hell off,) will be responsible and have her blood on your hands.

Shame on you.

1915 days ago


It seems these people could learn a thing or two after seeing their pictures all over the place. Life wasted.... its just a sad thing.

1915 days ago

sparkys nemesis    

My hair's thinning at the temples, too. Best not to highlight that by pushing your hair back...and her frustration and stress will cause more thinning.

1915 days ago


Isnt she suppose to still be on parole? I dont understand why they are not drug testing her especially because of the way she has been looking and acting lately!!?? Must be another one slipping through the cracks??

1915 days ago


I actually do feel bad for her - she looks pretty pathetic in these pictures. Whether it's drugs or not it's sad. The girl has so much going for her that people would kill for and she chooses to go the other way. I don't know what happened in her childhood or in Hollywood but she has problems. I don't know what it is about that disgusting DJ that she finds so appealing that she can't let go. The "DJ" is obviously on drugs also and seems very nasty to treat another person that way, she must get some sick thrill out of keeping Lindsay hanging on then separating then doing it all over again. She needs help, both of them. They are horrible for each other.

1915 days ago


Why would anyone open the door to this ambulatory venereal disease?

1915 days ago


Why would anyone open the door to this piece of ambulatory venereal disease?

1915 days ago


i don't see any humor in this
u ridicule her when she is in the most vulnerable state...she is completely heartbroken and needed sam but she refuses to even let her in
that is just plain wrong

1915 days ago


I am so annoyed by this woman! Is it safe to say that she just goes from one addiction to another? drugs,alcohol,anorexia,bad choices!! Holy cow, someone please do her a favor, lock her up for a year, let her realize that the world doesnt revolve around Hollywood, she doesnt have to keep up with anyone, She used to be such a talent, Lindsay, please just go away for a year, go hide, get a cottage in the mountains, or hang out on a private beach far far away from this life... you should still ba able to afford to get out of the public eye for 12 months! I am sure that you havent wasted all that money that you made.. do yourself a big favor.. go get lost somewhere, revisit you past, do some serious soul searching.. Get real again, become human.. Really if you cant do this you are just going to be a washed up scrawny old nothing.. Think about it this way, if you cant stay out of the public eye for that amount of time, then you are just looking for all the trouble that you have ..and you like bad attention, is that your new addiction? do you think that bad attention is better than nothing? If you answer that yes, then instead of getting away privately, then check yourself in somewhere!

1914 days ago
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