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Madonna Has Mercy

6/21/2009 2:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Finally -- the first photo of Madonna holding her newly adopted child, Mercy.


Or, more accurately, the first photo of Madonna's hair, part of her shoulder, and Mercy's left hand.


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No one seemed to think that may be her bodyguard's hand. It looks a little big to be a baby's.

1917 days ago


Madonna is old news. Now she has to justify her existence. She could look in her home state of Michigan. Lots of people suffering there during these difficult economic times. Not sparkly enough for you Madonna? If helping the United States is good enough for President Obama, it should be good enough for you, Madonna.

1917 days ago


Why does everyone keep saying she should adopt from America? Does it really matter where a child is born in order for that child to be taken care of? Everyone is a child of the whole world's, everyone needs food, shelter, medical attention. Who cares where the child is born, Kudos for her adopting ANY child that is without a parent, doesn't matter where they live

1917 days ago


Actually, I would have to say that hand probobly belongs to her oldest adopted one. The hand is way to big for a toddler.

1917 days ago


i think it's bullcrap that all these stars adopt kids from other countrys when there is children in our own country that need homes they should be ashamed of them selfs.

1917 days ago


"yes, mommie dearest"

1917 days ago


Now Angie will get jealous and run out to buy another one. Hopefully Mercy doesnt come out as spoiled and big-headed as Lourdes and her uni-brow,

1917 days ago

Blair Berk is a jerk    

Get adopted by Madonna-never watch TV until you move out. Not worth it!

1917 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    


The less I hear about Madonna the less angry I get.

1917 days ago

cosmo in texas    

Did she stand before the courts declaring "Give me Mercy or give me Death!"

1917 days ago


While I cant stand "Mid-life crisis Granny" I do understand why she didnt adopt from the US. Here some crack head hooker who rehabilitates herself for a week can get her kid back. Who wants to love a child just to have it snatched? (doubt madonna loves anyone, but herself...) Even though there have been many rumors about her wierd parenting, her kids will have ever opportunity known to man.

1917 days ago


To all of you who gripe about the " TMZ stalkers" not all stalkers are TMZ. look at the lower right of the pic. Now look down just a tad. You'll see who,what, or where TMZ got the picture....but they sure didn't use a camera!!

1917 days ago


To those who are saying there are plenty of needy children here in U.S. to adopt, I totally agreed. I think the allure of adopting kids from Asia and Africa might be that those kids have the misfortunate of just being born into unimaginable proverty, whereas if you adopt a baby or toddler from the U.S., there's more of a chance that the mom drank alcohol or used drugs while pregnant. And the moms of babies/tots from Eastern Europe (Russia, Romania, etc.) might have did alcohol/drugs while pregnant, and/or if their kid was in an orphanage for any length of time, it is highly likely that the kid has also developed that detachment disorder. Sadly, a lot of kids adopted in the U.S. or from Eastern Europe come with heavy-duty baggage that they never recover from.

1917 days ago


I think this whole adopting thing is getting out of hand with stars.

1. Madonna is a self proclaimed slut. that's a great rolemodel for kids. Sleep around, masturbate on stage, write a sex book. the very essence of motherhood.

2. she's old. She's grandmother age raising young kids.

3. she's on the road a lot. It's the nannies that are actually raising these kids. I mean motherhood is easy when you don't have to be a mother except for photo ops. "eww the kid pooped. Clara, change it please."

1917 days ago


Mercy will have a much better life now. God Bless her.

1917 days ago
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