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Michael Bay: Steven & Jerry Wouldn't Take This!

6/21/2009 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael BayMichael Bay sent a scathing email to Paramount Studios before the release of "Transformers 2," complaining in effect that his famous director friends would be shocked at the way Paramount was promoting the flick.

We've obtained an email dated May 4, 2009 -- from Bay to Paramount head Brad Grey, along with a bunch of other Paramount honchos. Bay complains bitterly that Paramount's ad campaign for "Transformers 2" was tepid and ineffective.

"... I have been waiting, and waiting for the anticipation of an 'event movie' to make it into the 'public zeitgeist,'" Bay writes.

Bay calls the print campaign an "abject failure," with a "pathetic presence" in the L.A. Times. He's especially pissed about the profile of the movie on the MTV Video Awards, calling it "so lame."

But here's the best part. Bay name-drops Jerry Bruckheimer, saying Jerry always told him "a studio that does not make [the opening of a movie] an event ... will get bitten in the ass." He then adds, "Besides my good friend Steven [Spielberg], Jerry has made a lot more successful movies then (sic) all of us."

Bay then asks, sarcastically, "Is this is a cash issue with your company?"

In fairness, on June 6, Bay clearly had a change of heart, sending an email to Grey and others at Paramount, praising them for treating him well, adding ..."Paramount is like family. Thank you all for busting your butts and bringing your 'A game' for the release of Transformers."

Bet Steven and Jerry haven't sent such a nice email to their studios!


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Now, was this all that important to really report news on with all the rest of what is going in the world?

1914 days ago


MIchael Bay first declined the offer to direct Transformers because he wasn't a fan or knew anything about the cartoon. I would rather have a no name director whom grew up as a fan of Transformers then a grown man whom has never watched the cartoon be offered the director position. That was Paramount's mistake, Transformers was my fav cartoon as a kid, Paramount should have never hired Bay, I HOPE BAY QUITS TRANSFORMERS AND LET THE NEXT MOVIE BE DIRECTED BY SOMEONE WHOM GREW UP WITH TRANSFORMERS. Transformers is not like a sports team, when you move to Los Angeles you can become a Lakers fan, just as much as someone whom grew up in Los Angeles. Transformers from the start is kids show, and message to Bay: you never liked Transformers as a kid so why start now as an adult, please quit, for all the true fans.

1914 days ago


This guy's an idiot if he thinks no one knows there's a Transformers 2 coming out.

1913 days ago


Worlds worst director complains studio doing a bad job of promoting horrible film about children's toys. Man, he's the luckiest man on Earth, and he complains about it and name drops film makers that at least try to make decent movies. Bay has never made a good film, and it's easy to see why. He's a jackass.

1913 days ago


I think it's great for an artist to demand that her/his work gets the marketing it needs to succeed and be seen However, most people who care about movies don't consider Bey a real artist.

Because he's so arrogant, he never seems to grow as a director. Whenever I see his films, I feel like I'm watching the same soulless story over and over again with new toys and gadgets. Preposterous Set Up-Overdone Blow Up-Pseudo-sentimental ending. Over and over again. The only striking thing about his films is the depth of his contempt for his audience. He really thinks we're too stupid to deserve better.

But they keep paying him to make bad movies, and we keep buying the tickets. I'm guilty because I love, love, love action movies. (John Woo is my fav action director because he knows how to merge violence and action with emotion and meaning.) I love seeing things crash and explode but that does that mean that studios have to sacrifice a good story to make it happen? I would be willing to sacrifice two explosions for film for two script rewrites that would make the story better. Really. They definitely put more work into effects than into scripts and it shows. That's why people went crazy for Batman last year. It was an action movie with a script that somebody actually bothered to think about!!

Maybe we all have to sit back for a second when this film comes out and ask ourselves if we should pay to have our intelligence insulted. We should demand better movies and stop paying for mediocre product from bratty directors and overpaid actors.

1912 days ago


Is ROTF an event?

Yeah, like a series of lewd jokes and a vigorous beating.

That kind of event.

1912 days ago


First off, why do so many people hate Bay? I don't get that. I'd rather watch any Bay movie over Indy 4, or Twilight, or No Country for Old Men.

His movies are action movies. He doesn't try to disguise what he does. They are big, loud, and full of action. Why does this earn him the title "antichrist" of Hollywood? Yeah, I admit he doesn't go for really deep character development. Cause it's an action movie. It's about the action. Who goes through major character development over the course of a day or two.

Napoleon Dynamite was a huge success. I to this day don't understand why. There was no plot to that movie. Nothing happened. At least in a Bay movie the bad guys do bad things, and the good guys have to stop them.

Or has the concept of Good and Evil become so arbitrary in this day in age that we can't make that kind of distinction.

In 7 seasons of 24, Jack Bauer has maintained almost the same personality.

I don't understand why people who don't like Bay, go see his movies, then rant about how bad it was. I'm not an Eastwood fan. I didn't like Gran Torino over all. I've not wasted my life by going around spouting hated for it.

Bay haters need to find a new hobby. Cause as long as he makes money. He'll make movies. And frankly, I hope he keeps making them. Yeah he has some lame jokes, but he has good ones too. His movies aren't perfect. But they are fun. At least for me. When I want something with more depth, I'll go look for it.

People need to lighten up. As if there wasn't enough real drama and horrors going on in the world.

1910 days ago


man come on i just wana do a movie man

1835 days ago

Derek Schneider    

If you're done with directing The Transformers film saga perhaps you should ask Stephen Speilberg or someone else to take over for you.

1559 days ago

Nicole da Silva Cerutti     

Caro Michael, tenho uma ideia pro Transformers 3, você pode criar uma Altobot fêmea pro optimus prime, ele prescissa passar a geração da família dele, o nome da Altobot pode ser a o que você quiser. Vou lhe passar umas características sobre ela:

Ela é muito forte, bonita, magra, boa em combate, inteligente e gentil. Se você aceitar minha idéia, podemos conversar pelo E-mail

1279 days ago
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