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Black Eyed Peas Held Captive

6/22/2009 12:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Black Eyed PeasWe're told there's a reason Polo Molina, the general manager of the Black Eyed Peas, turned himself in. Sources tell us Toronto cops said they would not let any of the Peas out of the country unless they got their man.

The Peas are on tour, so being locked in Toronto would have created big problems.

Perez Hilton
claims Molina beat him in the eye last night, after the MuchMusic Awards.

Molina has been charged with assault. We're also told Perez plans on pressing the case.


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1947 days ago


i will take the credit for beating Perez's stupid ass. Come get me, lock me up

1947 days ago

:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

Sometimes a good ole ass whippin is what it takes...................

1947 days ago


Most folks, during or after an assault would dial the police directly. This pathetic, waste of humanity, drama queen twitters for someone to call the police? Methinks it's a fabricated assault. On the off chance that it's couldn't have happened to a nicer person.

1947 days ago


What everyone is neglecting to mention is that Perez said on his Twitter that AND his security people beat him. Perez lied. AND he called a F****T!!!!!!!! Of all people to say that! Someone going around yelling about gay rights and claiming to be so proud of his homosexuality and yelling about how homophobes are evil people - then he uses a gay slur in public and tries to actually justify it on this video by saying he used that word because he knew it would get to Will. Perez you are an embarrassment to the gay community.
Oh and by the way, verbal abuse is NO BETTER. What you do every single day and get paid to do, hurts just as many people and hurts just as badly as physical abuse - so you need to get off your soapbox.
This is karma in it's purest form.

1947 days ago



Hilton's blog is smeared with Peas promo ads! Just sayin,,,,

1947 days ago


To Kate- violence is wrong, but words are just as painful sometimes, have you read his site? He got what was coming to him...

LMAO to the dude who commented: "Kate Gosselin next please" HI-friggin-larious!

AGAIN I'm going to say that PEREZ should be ashamed of himself for tying up the emergency lines - he knows what kind of following he has - I wonder how many calls the police got that night? ONE would have been good. Real Emergencies could have been missed or delayed because of his hissy fit! what a baby!!!

1947 days ago


It's way past time someone punch Perez' lights out!

1947 days ago

sparkys nemesis    

Don't blame Perez, people. Blame Fergie who started it...yes, Miss Wide Part. And then blame Will I. Am for his thuglike, fuglike behavior. And lastly, the idiot manager who must be soooo eloquent that he let his fist do the talking. Ass. I vow not to listen to their music anymore and to think, I once wanted to go to one of their concerts. Ugh.

1947 days ago


What really surprises me is how shocked he is that someone punched him. Did he really think he would never get his ass kicked? Would some one please punch Spencer!!!!

1947 days ago


I Say hit him again k please

1947 days ago


Mr. Polo Molina we applaud u, Sir.

1947 days ago


He deserve jail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1947 days ago


You people are stupid. NO ONE DESERVES TO BE HIT! No matter what he said or did. You got to jail for that morons! Do you listen to the news or have you fried your brains listening to Black Eyed B.S. music. I hate the peas and will never buy their music. They sucks!

1947 days ago


Hahahahaha he was twittering!!!1111

1947 days ago
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