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Black Eyed Peas Held Captive

6/22/2009 12:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Black Eyed PeasWe're told there's a reason Polo Molina, the general manager of the Black Eyed Peas, turned himself in. Sources tell us Toronto cops said they would not let any of the Peas out of the country unless they got their man.

The Peas are on tour, so being locked in Toronto would have created big problems.

Perez Hilton
claims Molina beat him in the eye last night, after the MuchMusic Awards.

Molina has been charged with assault. We're also told Perez plans on pressing the case.


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Violence does not solve anything....but...when you spew hate and gossip it is a life and risk you take....him blogging on his site looked like a high school kid all dramma and hurt....yes you are a human being...but try treating people the same respect that you want to be treated with..telling personal things about ones life is none of your business....and sooner or later people will retaliate to being verbally asssauleted and you raised the bar by calling him names that perez knows himself is offensive in the gay community.....he raised the bar and he is not right what the person did but when when you play with fire could you expect any worse of an outcome..hate does not solve hate a man and walk away from the situation that takes more courage and self respect then spewing out slurs that are demeaning to the community.

1896 days ago


polo you're a little bitch. how dare you beat a homo. that means you're a homo. there is no other reason to beat a homo unless you are a homo yourself. my friends saw you at gay pride you little bitch.

1896 days ago

Chuck D    

Give Molina a medal for punching that retarded fat freaky little turd faced creep. He's mean spirited and talentless and will be a ratings drain if Trump puts him on his Miss USA contest next year. I refuse to buy a Dell computer because they underwrote a night club event with him in Austin this year.

1896 days ago


molina has a really small penis

1896 days ago


Perez Hilton aka Mario Lavandeira deserves to be hit and I'm sure everyone else who Mario makes fun of on his website feels the same way too. I'm sure his familia feels the same way too! Pinche Cabron!!!

1896 days ago

me so horny    

I would love for perez hilton meet the IRON SHEIK, because he would make perez humble while breaking his back. LOL

1896 days ago


Even though Perez kinda deserved it, I was always told it's not right to hit girls.

1896 days ago


"We're also told Perez plans on pressing the case."

Perez has no say in whether the case is pressed or not. It's the Crown that lays charges. One can only guess what other kind of pressing he'll be doing.

1896 days ago


just goes to show you that all minorities are violent.

even oprah has nailed gayle a few times, o wait, thats something else.

1896 days ago


thank god this happened in canada. in canada, you dont thug around like little bitches, like this molina bitch. hopefully the queen flies in and waves her wand and tiara and sends him to live the rest of his life in beautiful sunny Nanuvut.

1896 days ago


Why is this guy critiquing music. What credentials does he have to put a mark on someone elses product. It is unprofessional, even more so than rolling stones review of the black crowes record that they had not even heard. Here in Cleveland we try to keep our disparaging comments to ourselves as to avoid a smackdown which would be forthcoming if we all were to talk as freely as this sissygirl queen. Yes freedom of speech, but then again...SMACKDOWN! I hope WillIAm acts quickly by charging Perez with enough stuff to get the manager outta the pokey. Start with false accusations and slander!

1896 days ago



1. He is of another species. When assaulted and the man still standing in front of him, he claims he doesn't know what to do.
It's called fight or flight and is ingrained in the human genome.
2. He complains about having someone in his face, all the while in our face in his video.
3. He likes to embarrass others but has a big problem when it is done to him.
4. So he is a hypocrite.
5. He is hetrophobic and a wussy.
6. He would receive regular poundings in 49 states.
7. He is disgusting and why is he given press credentials?

1896 days ago


Perez Hilton's "journalism" is only about a half-step below this website.

1896 days ago

Take off, eh?    

Oh boo hoo hoo. It's so sad how all these poor little multi-millionaires can't play nice in the big Sandbox of Life. I can see it now:

Fergie: "Stop calling me names. I'm pretty and I'm telling my Mom on you"

Perez: "You're f'ugly, you're f''ugly, ha ha hee hee ha ha ho"

Will.I.Am: "When I grow up, I wanna have a funny name"

Polo: "Me no like sandbox. Me go sucker punch someone. Me smart. Fergie f'ugly."

Shame on them all...

1896 days ago


Who made Perez famous? These wannabe celebs......He is really unprofessional....

1896 days ago
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