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Perez Unloads on Will -- 'Disgusting Human Being'

6/22/2009 11:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Perez Hilton just posted a super-emotional video on his blog, blasting Will.I.Am as a "coward and a disgusting human being for lying."

WARNING: This video contains VERY explicit language.

During the 12 minute clip, Perez says the whole thing started after a confrontation with Fergie at an award show after-party. Perez claims Fergie came up to him and asked why he trashed her on his website.

Hilton claims they eventually went their separate ways, but later in the night, Will.I.Am -- Fergie's bandmate -- saw Hilton and came at him "like a heat seeking missile," demanding Hilton stop writing about Fergie and his band on his

Hilton claims Will and his manager, Polo, followed him outside the club -- and then Polo punched him in the head "2 or 3 times."

Hilton claims when he got hit, he thought to himself, "I think my eye might be falling out of my head."

Perez added this parting shot to Will, "God knows it was not a random fan that hit me ... you a re a f**king liar."

Minutes earlier Will I. Am released his own video message, claiming he didn't beat Perez.


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Hater of Perez    

I am so glad the fat git got it. I hate him. He trawls the papers and sites, like TMZ then repeats it on his site. He wouldn't know an exclusive if it hit him in the other eye the fat ugly dog. He is so sad, always the fat kid who was ignored at school, billy no mates, then became addicted to the site and it grew. No talent whatsoever. Go Blackeyed peas!!!

1912 days ago


This Perez Hilton/Fergie/etc. thing is so petty it's not worth its pixels.

1912 days ago

Fade to black    

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black... Perez Hilton is about as deep as Saran Wrap and he's the last person who should say anything about anyone. He makes Darth Vadar look like the Welcome Wagon.

1912 days ago


HAHAHA. Perez is such a liar.
I dont see Will.I.Am and/or fergie doing this.
It had to be a fan, has to much to lose to do something like that.

1912 days ago


Okay, is it just me but doesn't this sound really similar to the Chris Crocker thing?

1912 days ago


This guy really needs to wake up. It must be the 1st time he has ever been hit. (Which I highly doubt)
My eye was falling out? Get over yourself! I am never going to his site again! What a loser! Who twitter's about being attacked and the whole 911 crap. Handle it like a PROFESSIONAL and get over it! If you start running your mouth again I hope the same thing happens. YES YOU DESERVED TO GET HIT. I am not promoting violence but, honestly what did you think was going to happen? TOOL BOYCOTT PEREZ ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

1911 days ago


"I like writing about other peoples drama, I don't want drama in my own life". Oh wow, you thought you could trash talk about other people and expect them to go over to your little box and have tea time with you?

1911 days ago


Perez had everything that came to him...and that is coming to him.
What do you expect when you build up bad Karma for how many years by trashing people that he does not know?!
I wish Perez would shut up and go body cares that you have the drawing talent of a 2 year old and you think your funny by drawing stuff on celeb photos. ITS 2009 PEREZ! NO BODY CARES!

1910 days ago

Wait a minute,that's my house!    

Why Why Why did I try and listen to this wanker's bed-ridden sob-fest...what a sorry human being, did gaga film this for him, she who will do anything for fame? And did Talentless, actually refer to Fergie as fugly? Here's a mirror, perez.

1910 days ago


Ha ha! The NEW Chris Crocker!! only really ugly fugly! That little pig face thing is not working so well!

1910 days ago


For one thing PERRRRREZ IS NOT PAPARAZZI he s A Bitch and it needs to get a life and oh yeah it also needs to lose some weight fat ass sorry flat ass

1910 days ago


I wish that I could get that fat ass in a jail cell for 1 hour. I would even let it be filmed for the Howard Stearn Show. I would crack each and every bone in his body. Scream 10 starring Big Fat Sloppy Ass Perez Hilton and The New 380 Lb Freak Of nature, Bighammerscott. Listen as bones crack and skin tears as Hammer puts Big Stinking Perez in every submission known to man.

1910 days ago


perez hilton is an idiot, all he does is talk smack about anybody that does not agaree with him , he is ridiculious, people whatever anybody is doing to keep this guy in public QUIT !!!! so we dont even have to hear or see him again, or someone just kick his ass everytime he goes out , then maybe he will stay in !!!! ps the reason he talks smack about fergie is because she is beautiful, sexy rich everything PEREZ hilton could nerver be HE IS JEALOUS!!!!!!!

1909 days ago


You make GAY people look bad. STOP TH E MADNESS.


1909 days ago


the fat bastard has had it coming for a long time.jus wish it had been someone more violent then he would have had his ass kicked!long live

1909 days ago
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