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Perez Unloads on Will -- 'Disgusting Human Being'

6/22/2009 11:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Perez Hilton just posted a super-emotional video on his blog, blasting Will.I.Am as a "coward and a disgusting human being for lying."

WARNING: This video contains VERY explicit language.

During the 12 minute clip, Perez says the whole thing started after a confrontation with Fergie at an award show after-party. Perez claims Fergie came up to him and asked why he trashed her on his website.

Hilton claims they eventually went their separate ways, but later in the night, Will.I.Am -- Fergie's bandmate -- saw Hilton and came at him "like a heat seeking missile," demanding Hilton stop writing about Fergie and his band on his

Hilton claims Will and his manager, Polo, followed him outside the club -- and then Polo punched him in the head "2 or 3 times."

Hilton claims when he got hit, he thought to himself, "I think my eye might be falling out of my head."

Perez added this parting shot to Will, "God knows it was not a random fan that hit me ... you a re a f**king liar."

Minutes earlier Will I. Am released his own video message, claiming he didn't beat Perez.


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Love how Perez calls other people unprofessional! lol If he was punched in the eye "two or three times" and he bleed, wouldn't there be a mark or bruise?

1898 days ago


First and foremost, I think if Perez would have gotten hit by WILL.I.AM, he would be a little bit more F%^^& up looking. He looks pretty fine to me in his video tirade of 11 minutes. Second, I guess this is what happens when you talk S&*(*( about so many people and their "drama" as Perez puts it in his video. Third, why are you twittering and not calling the police immediately??? Do you not know how to dial 911? And you were with Lady Gaga and she has a bodyguard but you are afraid they may have a gun??? So you Twitter instead of calling 911. That's real smart and just seems a little fishy... Well Perez, your story sounds fake and save the drama for your Mama!

Boom Boom Pow. Oh yeah, Fergie is not Ugly, U R!

1898 days ago

Shan Shan    

Carrie Prejan is cracking up today!!!!!! Perez had to have known his day of reckoning would come.........

1898 days ago


Perez represents everything that is wrong with America. He is rude, useless and embarrassing. He spreads hate and lies and contributes nothing positive to society. I honestly don't know why anyone gives this man any attention.

1898 days ago


@ #6 i think i just got BamGayzelled by Perez. So i never go to his website, oh well- i'll live longer :)

1898 days ago


For all you Perez bashers Freedom of Speech works both ways. Even though you might not like what he has to say he still should be able to say it. I dont see why Perez would lie about this.

1898 days ago


It's difficult to believe anything Perez says but I'll give it a wait & see attitude.

1898 days ago


So Trump, you REALLY want this headcase of a hypocritical douche on your Miss USA pageant panel again next year? With each passing day Carrie comes across looking more and more better. While Mario, Trump, Lewis, and even this hate site TMZ, keep looking worse.


1898 days ago


I think the black eyed peas just moved a head of aerosmith as my all time favorite band. If Perez stood in my face and called me a fa**ot I would hit him. That is provoking to do something like that. And typical double standard of gays. If Perez had been called that he would have claimed discrimination and gay bashing and all those other things. I think someone that is as ugly with their words as Perez is capable of being and then hiding behind a non-violence stance is cowardice.

1898 days ago


it was his manager so he didn't hit you, lay charges against his manager.

1898 days ago


He needs to go away. EVERYONE STOP VISITING HIS WEBSITE, boycott it!! Everytime you visit it you give him publicity he does not deserve! You'd think a guy could at least TRY to defend himself in a fight, he is such a puss!

Seriously, after he ruined that beauty pagaent girls life I completely stopped going to his website and I will NEVER go back. Please people, stay off!!

He's done, he's worthless and mean and we need him to disappear, he has no redeeming qualities and he thinks he's a celebrity. buh-bye Perez!

1898 days ago


This pathetic man makes his living spewing hate and lies towards others. I don't condone violence but I can totally understand someone wanting to beat the crap out of him.

1898 days ago


I actually love Mario, but for all the wrong reasons. It's thanks to hypocritical quacks like this fool that will continue to make most Americans be opposed to same sex marriage. So the more Mario and Harvey show their true colors and hypocrisies, the further they push their bs "cause" back!! So keep up the good work haters!!! The world is watching!!!

1898 days ago


Mario I believe you completely and agree violence is not the answer & you shouldn't have been attacked for your freedom of speech on your blog. With that said, I can see where a lot of people in this world would be very angry with you. Your blog is one of the most cruelest ones out there. Your opinions on most of the people you blog about are very cruel, inflammatory, hurtful, in poor taste...must I go on. Yet, at the same time, you can sometimes be funny, but usually it's at the expense of others. I get it. It's your signature, your calling card, what makes you popular.

You have to realize though that one day this was going to happen. If it wasn't from this Will I am, it would have been from an angry father/mother/sister/brother/aunt/uncle because you demeaned someone they care for. You dish it out plenty and it has made you famous & rich. Is this what's it all about? Couldn't you channel you energies into something better? Think about it.

1898 days ago



1898 days ago
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