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Jon and Kate Divorce Docs -- Not for Your Eyes

6/23/2009 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Every single aspect of Jon and Kate Gosselin's lives is on display for anyone with the two C's -- curiosity and cable -- but don't expect to feast your beady eyes on their divorce docs ... they're sealed.

Jon and Kate Gosselin divorce papers

The docs, which were filed in Montgomery County, PA, are under lock and key -- safely hidden away from the media hype that has fueled the show's massive ratings.

We're told all the court clerks were personally called by the head of the department, and told under no circumstances are the papers to be released -- and if they were, it means BIG trouble.

If you notice our screen grab from the court's website, the docs weren't scanned in for public viewing (circled).

What we do know: Kate filed the papers and the filing cost her $282.50.


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Oh Please    

You are in the minority now. The show is done, over and will not be back on. I know a lot more than you think I do. You are contributing to the exploitation of these children. Someday when you hear about the backlash to the are going to feel very guilty. Sheeple like you have contributed to the 21st century "Quintland" or "Sexland" the same as the Dionne's. The only difference is we can watch them in our homes rather than travel to the countryside.

1914 days ago

Oh pleez    

1. For those who can't seem to read previous comments:
The reality TV couple is not getting special consideration since it varies from county to county in Pennsylvania whether divorce records are public, and Montgomery County is one that keeps them sealed to everyone except the parties themselves and their attorneys, a clerk tells PEOPLE. The only thing available for public consumption is the name of each party, the type of complaint they filed (divorce, in this case) and the date they filed.

2. All of you defending Kate: You fell for it.

Seriously, Kate should get an Emmy for her performance. All of you women who fall for it make all women look bad. Kate is as responsible for the failure of the marriage as Jon is. Jon cheated because Kate didn't do her job, and neither can communicate.

Kate blamed everything on Jon, claims me, me, me - MY kids and I, I, I.

Seriously, you're all suckers.

1914 days ago

Oh Please    

I must add that I never mentioned freebies. I could care less about the freebies they receive. If the show was just about them, I could accept that. I have been against this from the beginning...bathroom shots, potty shot and having impacted feces taking out of you in a parking lot. Kate was more interested in the beds than her constipated child. I could go on forever and I am just so over this two con-artists. My only interest is getting the cameras off these children. You sound as shallow as Khate.

1914 days ago

The Dude    

not suprised. don't care if there is 1, 5, 8, 10 or 12 kids. You just don't talk to your husband the way she did. Jon did what any man or woman would have done........Went and found someone he could talk to and respect. Let's face it, there is no trail of dirt for Jon until recently. However, Kate has some people from the past saying she alwaysappeared to be a gold digging fame chaser. Before I heard that, I had no respect for her...

She treated Jon like dirt on the show because she was setting herself as a celebrity and applying her standards to her newly self given status of reality queen...... to the way she felt he should be.

Jon is a regular man, he is not fake. And I see why he left because of the charade she got him involved with.

The one thing I think is that more men should take a look at women today. Some can be regular, but some are locked in thier own world chasing agenda's that no one knows about but themselves. Maybe it the society of fakeness that causes this? 70% of women in the US are fake from top to bottom, morning to night. they begin with fake hair color, fake lip shade, fake skin tone, fake eyelashes. fake clothes (no matter what social level a woman belongs to, she always tries to dress like she is in the next higher level to fake the image they are someone they are not) Fake cars (a woman can be living a 600 sq ft crap hole, but with try to afford a high class car to faken thier image) fake lifestyles ( a woman can have a messy house most of the year, but will have to thoroughly clean it for even the least impressive guest, just so she can look like not how she lives)

Man or woman, if the person your with sees something shiny or powerful and you become non-existant until that person or object is removed. Don't be with that person, they are only using you until something better comes along. And they have just demonstrated to you how fast you can become nothing.

I'll just summarize...This breakup was wholly due to the chasing of celebrity status, fame and money by either one or both parents whom are exploiting the children for the sake of thier status....And I'll have to say, it appears to be mostly Kate. What an F'd up mom!

The sad part is that she probably more pissed about possibly loosing the show than her husband.

The greatest thing about marriage and having a good partner is that compared to wealth.....wealth only entertains and amuses as long as there are new things to buy and places to go. Once you done all that over and over, it can become boring as it never gets as deep as a human being, it can never change like person, and when your down you only loose more of it.

With a true lover, you never have to loose if your down, you only gain! Jon was down, and his supposed partner was kicking him.

1914 days ago


What happens with the divorce thing, happens. I'm really anxious to see how charming little
"Maddy" responds. Can you imagine the RAGE? The other kids will survive it - they're only 5 yrs. old....
but "Maddy the miniature Kate" is going to freak. Se La Vie

1914 days ago



1914 days ago


Tessa, we can agree to dissagree. Now the potty moments, showing bare buttocks and the poop scene was a bit much and so was the the fact that Jon had to take one of the children to the van to help him w/his constipation ....... I get that and am in total agreement. However, in all honesty, the kids where not abused and no I won't feel guilty 20 years from now because all of the children will most likely have completed college and just starting their lives. I'll say it 100 times, the media and the public showed interest ..... in having so many kids the parents bit the bait and benefitted greatly. I am sure that Kate will make sure there's more than enough money to take good care of them thus sending them all to a good college etc., ..... I doubt it very seriously if child protective services can prove abuse ..... if so, every child acter seen on t.v. today should be looked at by child protective services. Are you saying that all child actors being abused by their parents ???? I can go on and on but I choose not to entertain you ..... if the show is over than good, they can get back to real reality and live a good, wholesome prosperous life ...

1914 days ago


It says their address is in Sinking Spring, PA, which is Berks Co., not Montgomery Co. If they've lived in Wyomissing and Sinking Spring, both Berks Co, shouldn't they be filing in Berks Co? Just an observation...

1914 days ago

Oh pleez    


They were allowed to file there because that county will seal the records! Learn to read people!!

1914 days ago


I can't believe how quickly it turned to divorce. I'm so upset with these two. All they talked about last night was their kids and how important they are to them but in this case they are the last on their minds. There wasn't any talk of seeking any professional counseling. Just end it. Even after watching several episodes of them renewing their vows in Hawaii. Boy they really pulled one over on us. After watching last night...I believe it is Jon who is wanting the divorce. I don't agree with the way Kate treated him but he knew who she was going into the marriage and then having so many kids. I think Jon is bailing on her and the kids. My heart goes out to these kids. I feel like I know them personally. End the show! End the book tour! Your book will still sell. Your kids' hearts are breaking.

1914 days ago


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1913 days ago


They make me sick stop with the piping of children all it does is tear a family apart. But it did take there mind off of screwing or they might have more children in this matter and be lkie that other stupid ass octomom

1913 days ago


What I want to know is did Kate have a coupon for the 282.50? If you don't watch the show you won't understand lol

1913 days ago

Chrystal K.    

Poor guys.

1913 days ago


Why were the papers filed in Montgomery County instead of in Berks County, where Jon & Kate (and I) live?

1913 days ago
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