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Miley --

Too Young For this Much Fun?

6/23/2009 12:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

These pictures of Miley Cyrus allegedy mocking Asians goofing around in the makeup room on the set of her latest film, "The Last Song," has the Internet buzzing the poses are too provocative for a 16-year-old.

Miley Cyrus and Adam Shankman

Director Adam Shankman -- who is a producer on the film and appears in one of the pics -- originally posted the photos on his Twitter page and tweeted the following message in reference to the so-called "controversy":

"Miley is a sweet angel who works tirelessly and endlessly, and is allowed to have fun in the make up room! Seriously! Lighten up or no more behind the scenes pics! She's like my angel little sister.


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Leave this girl alone.

1917 days ago


miley is only sixteen, it is really a case of too much too soon, a kid this young in pics like this a lot of questions come to mind

1917 days ago

Linda Mott    

I hope her mom and dad keep a close watch on her. She has a lot going for her but she is not 18 and they should slow her down and let her know those two years are precious to a sweet young girl.

1917 days ago


Gross. And what is with her huge teeth? Are they even real? They're very annoying. This poor girl!

1917 days ago


Oh Miley when is she gonna learn?! I'm sure we'll hear that those pics were not meant to be put on the web. She should know better by NOW...the MAN that took them gay or straight doesn't even matter IT"S WRONG AND VERY CREEPY..that's creepy what he wrote.Period. Where's her dad in all of this? A grown MAN taking and posting a minor's suggestive pictures is wrong and disgusting!

1917 days ago

blah blah    

Just another publicity stunt.....
Shes is now at min 14 of 15...
did you hear..
her concert tix bombed ..LOL

1917 days ago


She's a whore, plain and simple. Anyone who believes she's still a virgin is an idiot.

1917 days ago


I wouldn't call her a slut. Normal teenage girls are silly and like to "model" amongst themselves there's nothing wrong with that when they're doing it with other girls they're own age. What I find wrong in this pic is that a grown MAN that she trusts took them and posted them that's the way child pornography starts with baby steps... I hope her father does something about's not like another kid put them up out of spite like her other photos...I'm not making excuses for her. It's stupid what she did. Dating a 20 year old? so what. It's a reality- this is what teenage girls like to do..and more than likely your straight A bible reading honor roll daughter is doing or has done. It doesn't make them sluts. Like it's been mentioned MySpace alone has worse! the diffrence is she's a celebrity it wouldn't matter otherwise. Calling her names and putting her down, for all of you who have's just laughable, you're on a site critizing a little girl. KARMA is a bad thing..

1917 days ago


This guy is also a dance instructor and judge on the show "So You Think You Can Dance?"..... if you haven't noticed, the guy is openly gay. The pics aren't a big deal.... if anything, its more like big sister and little sister taking pictures.

1917 days ago


This butterfaced girl needs to stop throwing sex out there. Im pretty sure the moms of her 5 yr old fans wont be pleased. This talentless skank needs to stop making terrible songs and awful shows.

1917 days ago


Whoever wants to see her as a role model is just as bad as a parent as hers. Raise your own damn kids!!!

1917 days ago


22. Another attempt by TMZ to make Miley look bad. She will NOT turn out like Lindsay, Brittany, or any of those other crazy holloywood girls. She was raised on southern values, not an air-head cali-lifestyle. 16 year old girls like to have fun too. There is nothing wrong with this.

TMZ, Miley will never turn out they way you want her to, she wont be your next news maker. So keep trying to make up stories because thats all you're gonna get.

Posted at 11:55AM on Jun 23rd 2009 by CamDunk

TMZ is not trying to make her look bad, she is doing that all on her own. Dating a 21 year old man, dressing like provocativly, posing for provocative pictures with her dad, and now this old guy, and allowing him to post them, oh yeah, that's real Southern values.

1917 days ago


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1917 days ago


Those fake chompers are too big for her mouth and she has a ugly pug nose. I certainly wouldn't want my little friend near that mouth!

1917 days ago



1917 days ago
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