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Perez to GLAAD -- Now I'm Mad!

6/23/2009 9:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Perez HiltonGLAAD was furious when they heard Perez Hilton used a gay slur to attack Will.I.Am on Sunday night -- and even asked for an apology -- but now Perez is ticked off at the organization for being ticked at him. Follow that?

Hilton, a former GLAAD employee, tells TMZ:

"I am saddened GLAAD chose to victimize me further by criticizing me for how I non-violently dealt with a very scary situation that, unfortunately, turned violent. While I doubt I will get an apology from GLAAD, nor do I expect one, I would just hope people know how difficult it is to intellectualize a situation and think rationally when a thug disguised as a musician is screaming at your face and intimidating you. I am just very fortunate and grateful that nothing more serious happened to me."


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Looks like Perez has jumped the shark. He is an obviously insecure person who is playing in a bigger field than he can handle. I am surprised he hasn't been attacked sooner. He is such a wuss.

1911 days ago


I support Perez

1911 days ago

patty peterson    

hey 4 1 perez he didnt hit u ok everyt1 go 2 nd watch the 1st video that pops up will made it ok watch it nd then tell me who u believe perez stop tryn 2 get attention u kno ur lieing 4 attention

1911 days ago

Chixie Dick    

Perez Hilton is a despicable human being. The way he makes his living, his offensive choice of words that night, his cry-baby antics, all disgusting. And not only won't he apologize, he expects GLADD to apologize to him? I only wish he'd gotten his butt kicked further.

1911 days ago

NOT a unique name    

Perez , can you say whiney 3itch?

1911 days ago


This is the absoloute height of hypocrisy by Hilton. The way he vilifies people on his website for doing the same thing, just goes to show you that this guy is a total douchebag hypocrite! I'm glad someone punched this guy in the face and it probably wasn't the guy he's blaming for it. It was probably another gay person in the crowd who took offense at his gay slurs! (At least I think that's how it should be spun.) I think that the gay community should totally turn against him (Hilton) and boycott his website for his hypocrisy.

1911 days ago


Perez, or whatever your name is, just go away! You are a BIG LOSER, you are ugly, don't dress right, you look like you don't bathe regularly, your opinions are stupid and dull, you're a jerk, a whiney cry baby, and again, a loser!!!

1911 days ago


What kind of society will spawn a bottom-feeder like this know-nothing, do-nothing, simpering, whining, moron, who has no talent except for getting his ugly mug everywhere crying about his "widdow black eye." Boo hoo! Oh, how I wish he would just go away!

I don't fault Mario. I fault the stupid celebrity media industry who follow this person's every move and utterance. I cannot bear to see this idiot's stupid face any more. PLEASE STOP!!!

1911 days ago


the word thug doesn't pop into my head when i think of, is it cuz he's black? anyways you can't try to purposely make someone angry and then cry about it when you do, what did perez expect him to do.

1911 days ago


is this guy seriuose?????? you called a grown man a fa**ot what do you expect to happen. such being such a baby, grow up.

1911 days ago

Is she blind?    

I think it's pretty funny that only 4 comments out of the 250+ posted are in support of Perez. I quit going to his site as soon as he began "victimizing" Carrie for answering a question honestly; without bashing gays or spewing filth. In my opinion, he got just what he deserved. I'm only shocked that it hasn't happened previously. I would normally agree that violence is not the answer but, neither is earning your living by demeaning, critiquing, and being verbally abusive..especially to your bread and butter.

1911 days ago

I hate Mario    

I hope this stupid queen fades his fat ass into the sunset never to be heard from again. Thank god t.v. wants nothing to do with him. Now time to get rid of that stupid blog of his.

1911 days ago


Perez is one of the most hate filled people I have ever watched evolve. He
makes his living trashing celebs he takes a dislike to and building up celebs
who either have his viewpoint or whom he consideres harmless. How proud
his parents and family must be to read the vitrol he spews out daily.

1911 days ago


I am actually a reader of Perez's blog site...I have to say I'm shocked at his behavior for a couple of reasons. After reading his site for a couple of years now...I KNOW that if this had been another celeb, gay or straight and they had thrown out the "fa***t word, he'd be all over them. But since it was him and he is's suppose to be ok. You can't have it both ways. If had said that to him, he'd be all over him. And so would every organization in the world. Think about it for a minute Perez....if the shoe were on the other foot. You are wrong...just admit it and move on. It's going to be interesting to see if Perez "man's up" and takes responsiblity for a stupid the heat of the moment, we all make them.

1911 days ago

Trooper Tom    

He needed a good solid bitch slappin forget the punch

1911 days ago
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