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Wedgie Justice

Man Ripped for

Shooting Fox

6/24/2009 11:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Getting a shot of Megan Fox can be a serious pain in the butt -- and one super-intrusive paparazzi learned it the hard way Monday night in Hollywood.

While chowing down with Shia LaBeouf after the "Transformers 2" premiere, one dude ran into the restaurant, bum rushed their table, snapped a pic and booked it. Only problem: Their bodyguard was faster.

Security chased the D-bag down and used the atomic-wedgie technique to keep him from escaping. All while Shia and Megan got a laugh at the moron's expense.


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idiot yo!

1950 days ago

What a farse    

Citizen arrests (detentions) vary from state to state. In California, a private citizen can detain a civilian for a misdemeanor committed in presence of witnesses. The private citizen is not encouraged to be vigilantes; however, there is legal justification for citizens who detain these suspects. Of course, they must use only 'reasonable force' necessary to detain. This video clearly shows that the suspect trespassed on private property in plainview, and was detained until on-duty law enforcement officers arrived on scene. If the suspect feels he was falsely-imprisoned, he is more than able to attempt to press civil charges; but mind you, he will lose his case badly (and have to cover the legal fees of the defendants).

Whether or not Fox was sitting in front of a window or not does not matter. Whether TMZ or another outlet would have bought the picture or not does not matter. The fact of this incident is that a man broke the law and was apprehended according to state law.

1944 days ago


What's the big deal about taking a pic of these two B (if anything) celebrities. They're in a public place; is there some rule that says you can't take a pic of them? They should be glad someone even wants a pic; I wouldn't. They thought this was funny? Glad they got a laugh. It'll be interesting to see them in about 10 years (if not less) when they aren't even on the B list anymore. They'll be begging people to take their picture. Then we'll see who's laughing.

1956 days ago

I am    

Guess the pap will file big bucks lawsuit alledging EXTENSIVE ANAL INJURIES.

1956 days ago


The "bodyguard" is just a rent-a-cop. He has no legal authority to give the pap a wedgie. The pap had exited the scene so why was the "bodyguard" chasing him? So the pap got a picture - what's the big deal? If the rent-a-cop was a true provider of professional protective services, he would have stayed with the VIP's he was supposed to be guarding.
TMZ - you call the pap a douchebag, but if he had gotten some great picture of Fox & SL, you would have been in a biiding war with other media outlets trying to get the "exclusive" pic.

1956 days ago


jizz, public is only on city sidewalks.

b list, yeah..but rich too.

1956 days ago


Uh...they are sitting right in front of the window. Apparently they wanted their picture taken.

1956 days ago


Seriously...they're sitting at a WINDOW in the restaurant...and they didn't want their picture taken???? Riiiiiight!

1956 days ago


iknowpopculture and DSC: You're assuming that they had a choice of where they sat. Even if they did choose to sit in front of the window, it's one thing to take pictures THROUGH the window, but this guy walked RIGHT UP TO THEM and flashed a camera in their faces.

1956 days ago


I was one of the paps outside the restaurant... the guy doesn't even work for an agency.. just some d-bag with a camera.

1956 days ago


I am glad I am not fameous and hunted by PaP's. If this clown interupted my dinner and shot a flash in my eyes he would need surgery to get the camera out of his ass!

1956 days ago


peanutbutter...they ALWAYS have a choice of where to sit!!!!!! These two are in the BIG movie this weekend...believe me...they can sit anywhere they want to sit!

1956 days ago

Linda Mott    

They aren't the President of the United States, what's the big deal? The Pap should ignore them totally and see how long it takes for them to be begging for pictures to be taken. Don't sit in the window if you don't want someone to take your picture and be glad people even know who you are. BOYCOTT THEM!!

1956 days ago

Tom L.    

Please tell me why you refer to the guy as a "D-bag." How is this any different than what any of you guys at TMZ do? By the way, Harvey, it's time to come out of the closet...

1956 days ago


The security has gone too far with this treatment. He should have just let him go and tell him not to come back again.

1956 days ago
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