El veterano actor Peter Spellos, que protagonizó la serie de televisión "American Dreams" y una serie de animación "Transformers" ha muerto después de luchar contra el cáncer de páncreas, TMZ ha aprendido.

Peter falleció la madrugada del domingo mientras se encontraba en el Franciscan Hospice House de Indianápolis, según su amiga y estudiante de interpretación, Jennifer Smith.

Jennifer, que tiene poder notarial sobre Peter, nos cuenta que había estado recibiendo cuidados en el centro a medida que su salud se deterioraba y añade: "Fue amado y cuidado y rodeado de gente durante sus últimos días".

Peter es quizás más conocido por haber puesto voz al personaje Sky-Byte en la serie de dibujos animados "Transformers" Robots in Disguise". Interpretó el papel durante 39 episodios, lo que le convirtió en un gran éxito en el circuito de cómics.

Además de su extenso trabajo de doblaje, Peter también fue actor de cine y televisión. Interpretó a Motorman en "Men in Black II" y a Gus en la serie de la NBC "American Dreams".

Su hermano, James Spellos, dice que Peter será incinerado y la familia está planeando una reunión en línea para los fans.

Tenía 69 años


Peter Spellos 'Transformers' Star Dead at 69

Veteran actor Peter Spellos -- who starred on the TV series "American Dreams" and an animated 'Transformers' series -- is dead after battling pancreatic cancer ... TMZ has learned.

Peter died early Sunday morning while he was at Franciscan Hospice House in Indianapolis ... according to his friend and acting student, Jennifer Smith.

Jennifer, who has power of attorney for Peter, tells us he'd been receiving care at the facility as his health deteriorated, and she adds ... "He was loved and cared for and surrounded by people during his final days."

Peter was perhaps best known for voicing the character Sky-Byte on the "Transformers: Robots in Disguise" cartoon series. He played the role for 39 episodes, and it made him a big hit on the comic-con circuit.

Besides his extensive voice work ... Peter was also a live actor in movies and TV. He played Motorman in "Men in Black II" and Gus in the NBC show "American Dreams."

His brother, James Spellos, says Peter will be cremated, and the family is planning an online gathering for fans.

He was 69.


Tyrese Gibson Selling Mansion For $2,500,000 ... Transformer Included!!!

Tyrese Gibson sure knows how to sweeten a deal, and it's paying off for him ... to the tune of nearly $2.5 million.

The actor/singer has accepted an offer on his Woodland Hills, CA mansion -- and while it has 7 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and 5,225 sq ft. of luxury ready-made for entertaining ... the real unique jewel is in the backyard.

Tyrese has one of his 'Transformers' costars -- it's actually a Bumblebee replica -- posted up next to the lounge and firepit.

He originally bought the house for a mere $1.385 million, shortly after it was built in 2010 -- so, it seems his purchase really paid off. He had originally listed it in early 2021.

It has some really cool features -- besides the transformer -- including 25+ ft. ceilings, a huge kitchen, an indoor movie theater and a recording studio.

It gets even better outside -- the backyard has another kitchen, a bar and a Benihana style grill.

Yeah, Tyrese thought of everything ... dude even put a beauty salon spa back there!!!

For the record, Tyrese did offer to include the transformer in the deal, IF the buyer wanted him and we are told the buyer is getting Bumblebee! The house is in escrow, so it's not a done deal just yet.

Jason Oppenheim of Oppenheim Group represented the buyer and the seller.

Tyrese Selling Mansion With Transformer ... Backyard Bumblebee!!!

Tyrese is looking to transform his crib into cash ... he's selling his mansion for millions, and there's a movie-size Transformer on the property!!!

The 'Transformers' star just listed his 5-bedroom home in the Woodland Hills area of Los Angeles for a cool $3,499,000 ... and the first thing that jumps out is the huge Bumblebee figurine standing guard over the property.

Bumblebee's chilling on the back patio towering over the pool and hot tub, and this Transformer is so big it's peering into the home's second floor!!!

Sounds like Bumblebee could hang out inside ... the place is 5,225 square feet with 26-foot ceilings ... but he does look pretty epic in the backyard. Totally feng shui.

The master suite comes with dual walk-in closets, plus a steam shower and a soaking tub. Oh and there's a home theater with surround sound, perfect for watching the 'Transformer' movies.

The garage has room for 3 cars -- regulars ones, not Transformers -- and there's a huge kitchen with stainless steel appliances, plus a home gym.

Tomer Fridman and Jonathan Siegfried of Compass have the listing.

'Transformers' Star Sent Us Airborne in Car Accident ... Say Pedestrians

"Transformers: Age of Extinction" star Jack Reynor allegedly went all Decepticon -- mowing down two women in a Hollywood intersection ... according to a new lawsuit filed by the women.

The women claim they were in a crosswalk 2 years ago when the Irish actor plowed into them ... throwing them into the air and onto the hood of his vehicle.

According to their lawsuit -- obtained by TMZ -- both women got messed up pretty bad ... one had injuries to her knee and back, while the other suffered head trauma and hurt her leg.

The alleged victims are suing Reynor for at least $25K.

We've contacted Reynor's rep to get his side of the story, but so far ... no word back.

Michael Bay I Cracked Under Techie Pressure When Teleprompter Failed

"Transformers" director Michael Bay says his epic meltdown in Vegas yesterday might not make him popular with technology nerds ... but also says it hasn't exactly hurt him with the ladies.

Bay was on "TMZ Live" explaining why he freaked out and walked off stage during a big presentation at the CES convention.

It's not like he's never been on stage ... he says he's been front and center hundreds of times, but explains why this one was different.

Here's the deal ... Samsung should kiss Michael's ass, because now everyone's talking about its newfangled TV.

Michael Bay Freaks Out Onstage -- Walks Off

Michael Bay melted down in Vegas today ... after his teleprompter malfunctioned.

The "Transformers" director was the featured speaker for Samsung TV at the CES convention. No sooner did he walk out on stage when it was evident something was terribly wrong.

Michael went blank and then made a reference to "type" ... we've confirmed it was a teleprompter problem. He said he'd wing it, but watch the video ... that didn't happen.

Michael walked off the stage ... leaving the audience and the moderator dumbfounded.

Anyway ... dialogue was never his strong suit.

4:12 PM PT -- Bay posted a message on his website explaining the fail ... "Wow! I just embarrassed myself at CES ... I got so excited to talk, that I skipped over the Exec VP's intro line and then the teleprompter got lost." Then he added the obvious, "I guess live shows aren't my thing."

Mark Wahlberg Still a Pain in the Neck

Mark Wahlberg is still feeling the pain after putting his neck on the line while filming "Transformers: Age of Extinction" back in October -- stepping out in Hollywood Wednesday with a neck brace.

Wahlberg didn't hurt his neck while performing some awesome stunt. The actor claims he woke up one morning while filming in Hong Kong ... and his neck just started hurting ... he doesn't know exactly why.

We're told Wahlberg's docs think the brace will help his recovery.

Keep your head up.

Michael Bay AC Attacker Was an Extortionist!

Michael Bay just told TMZ ... the man who attacked him with an air conditioner was an extortionist who vowed to torpedo "Transformers 4" unless Bay paid him off.

Bay told us on "TMZ Live" that he was shooting in a Hong Kong neighborhood earlier in the week and had paid various businesses on the surrounding streets money in return for shutting down during the shoot. One dude held out, and, according to Bay, set out to ruin the shoot by turning on an electric saw and making other noises when the cameras were rolling.

Bay says the guy -- who he's convinced was on drugs -- came at him with the air conditioning unit.

The way he tells it ... very entertaining.

Michael Bay ATTACKED By Crazy Dude Wielding Air Conditioner

Famed director Michael Bay almost got clobbered by what appears to be a drugged out crazy who swung an air conditioner at his head on the set of "Transformers 4."

The incident occurred today in Hong Kong. The attacker somehow made it on the set, accosted several members and then set his sights on Bay. When Bay realized what was up, he saw the crazy man swinging an air conditioner right at his noggin.

Bay then wrestled the unit out of the attacker's hands and security quickly subdued him.

There are reports out that Bay was injured by 2 men on the set -- untrue.

Josh Duhamel 'I Always Wanted a Boy'

Josh Duhamel is having a little BOY ... and he's totally psyched about it -- telling TMZ, "It's gonna be fun to teach him what I know."

Duhamel's wife Fergie is due next month -- and at LAX this weekend, the "Transformers" star told us how pumped he is that the ultrasound showed boy parts.

During the convo, our photog had an honest moment -- telling Josh he's nervous about having children because he's scared to death to have a girl ... with the dating and the makeup and the whathaveyou.

Josh told the photog he feels his pain -- explaining, "I have 3 sisters. It wasn't fun as an older brother."

So, what's easier -- raising a boy or raising a girl? Someone's gotta have the answer ...

'Transformers 4' Fire Breaks Out On Set 100-Year-Old House Damaged

A fire broke out on the Texas set of "Transformers 4" ... causing major damage to a 100-year-old home ... and officials believe it may have been caused by movie pyrotechnics.

A rep for the Pflugerville Fire Department tells us ... the fire started in the attic ... but emergency responders sprung into action and were able to extinguish the blaze before it had a chance to damage the rest of the home.

Unfortunately, the FD says the attic suffered "substantial damage."

The rep says, "There was one injury to a civilian who was transported to the hospital by Austin Travis County EMS. We have no other information on this person or their injury. "

We're told ... officials believe burning embers from pyrotechnics may have caused the blaze, but they're not sure at this point.

So far, the fire is being ruled as "accidental."

The FD says the home has been released back to the homeowner.

Shia LaBeouf 'Transformers' Felt Like A 'Finger Up My Ass'

Shia LaBeouf claims filming "Transformers" felt like having a "a finger up your ass" -- and now, the actor says he's quitting big budget movies for good.

26-year-old Shia spoke with The Hollywood Reporter recently, swearing off studio flicks for the rest of his life ... in favor of a career in indie films -- saying, "I'm done ... There's no room for being a visionary in the studio system. It literally cannot exist."

Shia said, "You give Terrence Malick a movie like 'Transformers', and he's f**ked. There's no way for him to exist in that world."

Shia then gushed about the people behind his new movie "Lawless" -- saying, "These dudes are a miracle ... They give you the money, and they trust you -- [unlike the studios, which] give you the money, then get on a plane and come to the set and stick a finger up your ass and chase you around for five months."

That stinks.

Failed 'Idol' Transformer Guy -- I Want a Do Over!

Drew Beaumier -- the guy who blew his "American Idol" audition Wednesday night while dressed in a ridiculous Transformer costume -- is begging for a chance to redeem himself ... and we have the video!

He's actually not that bad -- but the best part of the video ain't his singing ... it's his incredible collection of fully-functional Transformers outfits.

The guy is definitely more than meets the eye.

'Transformers 3' Victim's Tab -- $350k ... and Rising

Medical bills are rolling in for the "Transformers 3" extra who was brain-damaged on set -- and the early total is more than $350,000 ... an astronomical tab Paramount Studios says it will foot.

Gabriela Cedillo's attorney Todd Smith tells us the 350k only covers her initial month-long hospital stay -- and does not include other costs like an airlift, ambulance rides, and the rehab facility where Gabriela is now.

Gabriela was partially paralyzed when a stunt went horribly wrong back in September.

Paramount -- which is producing "Transformers 3" -- has said it will pay for Gabriela's medical expenses.

Family Rips 'Transformers' Investigation - 'Ridiculous'

The family of the woman partially paralyzed on the set of "Transformers 3" is blasting the government agency that cleared producers of any wrongdoing ... claiming their findings are "ridiculous."

In a statement issued today, the family of 24-year-old Gabriela Cedillo said they were "deeply saddened and disappointed" that the Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration cleared Paramount simply because they used a licensed welder to set up a vehicular stunt on Sept. 1.

The family claims, "The mere fact that the welding was performed by a 'certified welder' ... does not in any way suggest that the weld was performed properly." The family continues, "In fact the evidence is clear that it was done in a slip-shod fashion."

The statement concludes, "It is completely irresponsible for even a local government bureaucrat to rush to such sloppy conclusions."

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