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Jacko's Ex Publicist

Goes Off on Michael

6/25/2009 7:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's former publicist, Michael Levine, just released the following statement, claiming he saw today's tragic events coming for years.

michael jackson
"As someone who served as Michael Jackson's publicist during the 1st child molestation incident, I must confess I am not surprised by today's tragic news. 

Michael has been on an impossibly difficult and often self-destructive journey for years. His talent was unquestionable but so too was his discomfort with the norms of the world.

A human simply can not withstand this level of prolonged stress.''


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vile comments    

if someone has only vile things to say after the death of another human being the person should better say nothing. mourning people don't need hateful people around.

1948 days ago


How sad n tragic it is to lose a life, period... How sad Michael could not have had a better childhood. Perhaps, it would have made a big difference in his life. To me he was a boy trapped in a man's body looking for his childhood n love. It doesn't matter what people say because some will say, insulting remarks while others will say special remarks. What matters now, is that michael left a legacy to old n young alike. Somehow, he touched everyones life. May he now find the peace n love he wanted so badly. May his children and family come together as one for his sake. As far as the media with all of its good n bad remarks -forget it. Just remember him as you would want to, but remember with respect and he who has no sins
cast the first stone.

1948 days ago


Too bad Michael didn't get all this love when he was ALIVE! It would have been the best medicine of all. No matter how strange or odd his behaviour was...he didn't deserve death--my heart goes out to his bury a child..that's the saddest thing on earth!

1948 days ago


Good for you to speak, and speak the truth Michael Levine. I am sure there is a lot more dirt that people refuse to accept that you know of, which I know you must keep private.

As for the statement, I agree. This has been coming for years. The man was pumping himself full of prescription drugs for years, and Demerol is NOTHING to mess with. I send my condolences to the Jackson family, but have no sympathy for what he did to himself. Any person with a brain knows the human body simply cannot withstand this type of personal stress and drug induced stress. He was popping pills like candy, and it all caught up with him in the form of a Demerol injection. He had been warned many times about the way he was using these drugs, and ignored the warnings. Even his own family warned him and were very very worried. But, he ignored all the warnings and plees from family to stop and get help.

My condolences to his family and those who cared about the pedophile. He was a very very troubled and ill individual, and anyone seeing things clearly, seen this coming a mile away. Sorry, but I have absolutely ZERO sympathy for anyone who did the things he has done. He clearly had no concern for the people warning him of what he was doing to himself, and clearly didn't care what others thought. He did what he wanted, and it cost him. With his overspending lifestyle, the freaky weird habits and things he did, the pedophile charges and people he paid off to avoid getting labeled legally, and the heavy drug abuse all did him in. The last 25 years he ruined what could have been a much longer and brilliant career. Once he became a pedophile, I lost all interest and respect for the man, or whatever he was.

Kudos to you Mr. Levine for having the balls to speak the truth. Sure many people and other publicists will cry and whine about your comments. Let them. At least you have the guts to stand up for what you know was right, and speak out on it.

Such a sad, sad waste of a life. See ya later Jacko.

1947 days ago


Michael Levine is sooooo weird and GAY, I know soooo many people that interned at his office, he is very inappropriate toward girls, but it's all fake, cause he is sooooo GAY.

1947 days ago

Michael Levine is a Has Been    

In response to people saying Levine has a right to his opinion. Actually, you are wrong. He doesn't have a right to speak about something he KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT. In fact, his comments border on libel. He insinuates that he has ever had a relationship with Jackson or his inner circle. This is totally false. Levine has never been in the same room as Jackson. He was hired BRIEFLY by members of Jackson's team and not by Jackson himself. He performed poorly and was terminated. If you've followed Levine's career (or lack thereof) you'll notice that he hasn't had much of a career in nearly 20 years. Even then, it was his partner and hired publicists that were contributing to the entertainment PR community, not Levine.

1947 days ago


I know for sure that this idiot was never Jackson's publicist. Levine did the same thing when Princess Diana died. And he had never represented her either. He is a parasite. He attaches himself to tragedy and hopes for press. The streets of Los Angeles are littered with people who he has wronged or who have had brief experiences working for him. No one ever stays long. I know from experience. He is a sick old man. A pervert. A degenerate.

1947 days ago

Ladi Di    

Michael, Michael, Michael. WOW! To watch a little boy come on stage at the age of 9 with his 4 brothers and rock the audience was something to see. (Apollo Theater, NYC). He was AMAZING then, and he continued to be AMAZING from then on. This young man grew to become a household name in EVERY country. WHO DOES THAT! This man was certainly a gift from God, and he brought MUCH joy to this world in the way of music and dance. Why would someone want to bring down a man like that. It's a real shame. What, did he get too big? Did someone get scared? He was TORN APART in the press. Now he's gone. Thanks alot.
Michael, take your rest. You still live. Just someplace else. Love you.

1947 days ago

Hon.Jibril H.Nyonyo kabri    

Mj was my most favourite artist the world over becouse of his unique love for children and his non racist approach toward humanity.As the whole world mourns the demise of a pop icon,may i also join the league of people from all nations to extent my heartfelt symphathy and sincere condolence to micheal jackson fans world over and his family in particular.The toall of us.ADIU MICHEAL JACKSON FOR YOU ARE GOING TO CELEBRATE YOUR GOLDEN JUBILEE ANNIVERSARY IN HEAVEN.WE WILL MISS YOU PHYSICALLY BUT YOUR SPIRIT SHALL CONTINUE TO LIVE IN US FOR EVER.

1947 days ago

Gez (United Kingdom)    

Thank you Michael for being the person you were... I just simply loved you for you, and your talent.

You will always be remembered.

May your beautiful soul rest in peace ....

1947 days ago

A fan    

Mr. Levin, are you sure you are a publicist? Opportunist, perhaps! Disgusting!

1947 days ago


I like millions others loved and admired Michael Jackson for his great musical talents and have followed him since the 60s. So I appreciate him giving me the opportunity to enjoy what will go down in history as the best entertainment ever. But at this time, I can only have sympathy and compassion for him just listening and reading about how difficult his life in his last years had become. Now as a mother and sister, I am feeling the pain that his family must be feeling at this time. May God shine His love down on them in what is their darkest hour. However, I do not view his former publicist as being vindictive, just being truthful about the abuse of prescription drugs by the great Michael Jackson. I was not surprised to hear that this was a problem with Michael just knowing all the stress and pain he had been experiencing over the years. I have knowledge of others abusing prescription drugs but only at the hands of professional and greedy doctors that only care about keeping their practices going without any regard for human life. Hopefully, Michael's life and death will not be in vain and will help to expsose this problem that has been occuring for years in the entertainment field as well as in other fields. I will continue to love Michael Jackson and remember him for his greatest and for all the good he did for mankind through his music and his kind, humbling, and loving ways. He was a good person, a good father, a loving son and selfless entertainment who died trying to get the whole world to love him more and each other which is way more important than any harm he made have done to himself. He has paid his dues. May he rest in peace now from his hard labor of trying to please the world and not have to be subjected to all the viciousness and evilness that he left behind in this cold and cruel world. I am sure the Lord welcomed him home because he is a just God and wants all his special children to return to him for His eternal and unconditional love.

1947 days ago


Mr Levine

I respect your honesty, en JB the supposed publiscist i know for sure by just these comments you made that you are an enabler

1947 days ago


If you get a chance to read Michael Levine's complete statement about Michael Jackson, it actually makes you feel pity for Jackson. And when you think about it, that's probably what we should feel for a person who was clearly sick. His relationship with little boys was sick. His reliance on drugs? His self-mutilating surgeries? More evidence of his sickness. MJ was a great entertainer on stage and in the studio, but a very sick man in his personal life. It seems to me that the posters who are upset with Levine are either fans of Jackson who want to ignore his sick side or disgruntled former interns of Levine's who apparently don't have the nerve to contact him directly. Memo: A "great" person is not necessarily a "good" person. TMZ clearly hyped the headline as though Levine was attacking Jackson, seems to me that Levine felt sorry for him, as we all should. -MDB

1946 days ago


well for starters he was 2 much of a ***** to say anything to mike when he was alive and if you cant say it to his face WHEN HES ALIVE then why does he feel the need 2 say it at all second i dont understand how nobody noticed this but THE MANS NAME IS MICHEAL JACKSON NOT MIKEY NOT JACKO THATS PURE DISRESPECT AND 4 THE SO CALLED FANS THEY SHOULD KNOW THAT FROM NOW ON EVERY BODY IN THE MEDIA SHOULD REFER TO HIM BY HIS STAGE NAME WTF IS JACKO THATS SO DISRESPECTFUL


1946 days ago
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