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The Hulk in Shock Over Jacko's Death

6/25/2009 7:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Luo FerrignoLou Ferrigno -- former "Hulk" star and Michael's trainer for his upcoming tour -- and his wife, Carla, are in pieces over the King of Pop's passing.

Carla, crying, told us: "He was so great and we all loved him. Lou can't even form words right now -- he's in total shock ... he thought he was going to be training Michael tomorrow. He was planning on flying back to Los Angeles to do it. He's very shocked right now. Michael was so cute and sweet -- he didn't deserve this."


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Really TMZ, is there ANYONE else you can possibly ask how they're feeling about MJ? C'mon! We seriously don't care how the Hulk, Cory, or any other celebrity or former celebrity feels about Michael Jackson. Enough already!

1946 days ago


Well, I'm somewhat less depressed because I'm numb at the blunt remarks in these blogs.

Michael Jackson was a jewel. He was found NOT GUILTY.

Lou Ferrigno has been his friend and personal trainer for 15 years. Mr. Ferrigno had begun training Michael for this tour, but was attending a Monster Bash in Pennsylvania on Thursday, and was scheduled to fly in Friday to work with Michael when he heard news of Michael's death. I care what The Hulk has to say, he has first-hand knowledge of how Michael was doing physically CURRENTLY with his recent training. They were good friends. He matters.

1945 days ago

Scott Brown    

Would Michael Jackson expose his 8 pack on stage?
We loved Michael, but NOT that much...

1947 days ago


Lou is shocked, Im shocked he had a job... recession blues, time to drink! "across 110th St" & bourbon! will do the trick

1947 days ago


I am not a Fan of his Offstage Antics & Allegations Of years of Molesting several Boys,However,He was a human,& Now there is 3 childrean without a Mother or Father:(I certainly Did alot of Dance Competions To His Music in the 80's & Have Moonwalked like the Rest of the World.This Is Probably A Relief to alot of boys around the World,While crushing So Many With True Belief in their Idol...Prayers to the Family,Children,& friends Of Him & Farrah Fawcett,& Ed McMahon(3 celebrities Who Have been no Stranger To Controversy,Are American Icons)God Bless.

1947 days ago


When could Lou form words?

1947 days ago


He "didn't deserve this" uh most folks that die do not deserve this. What a thing to say Hulk's wife.

1947 days ago


So funny that everyone is coming out of the woodwork NOW. Where were all these folks who you see dashing to the hospital ( mom, bro, sis) when Michael needed them most ? Amazing everyone from Lou ( all of a sudden you're trying to be famous) to Arnolld and even Liz Taylor wants to grace the cover of internet websites acting as if they were all best friends ALL THIS TIME.

1947 days ago

Harvey Lee Roth is a Penis Smoking Hermaphrodite    

He was close friends with Liz Taylor you douche.

1947 days ago

Corey Feldman is the king of douche!    

What’s up with all these turds coming out the woodwork??? Free publicity…

Next are Priscilla Presley and Macaulay Culkin…

RIP Michael...

1947 days ago


The Hulk????????????? Really? Pffffft...................................................... Who cares what "The Hulk" has to say about this right now?

1947 days ago


tmz..he has a name and he has every right to be called by his proper full name. it is a bit "ancient" to call him jacko. didnt the cheap gossip reporters call him that in the 90s. hello this is the 21st century. that nickname is gowing tiresome now.

1123 days ago

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