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Debbie Rowe --

She Gets Custody if She Wants

6/26/2009 12:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debbie RoweDebbie Rowe is poised to take full custody of the two children she bore for Michael Jackson.

It has been widely reported Debbie Rowe gave up her parental rights to Paris and Michael Jr. That is not true.

During the custody fight that Rowe had with Jackson in 2005, she attempted to give up her parental rights, saying Michael was the greatest father ever. Retired Judge Stephen Lachs, who presided over the hearing, initially ruled her rights were terminated ... but then Lachs reversed his decision.

Here's what happened. We spoke with Lance Spiegel, the lawyer who repped Jackson at the time. Spiegel says under the law, the Department of Children and Family Services must conduct a parental fitness investigation before parental rights are terminated and that didn't happen with Rowe.

So Rowe has never given up any of her parental rights. As a result, under California law, Rowe is now presumed to be the person who will get custody. The only way Rowe can be denied custody is if a court determines it would be "detrimental to the children."

As for whether Rowe will ask for custody .... our sources say you can bet on it. We're told if Rowe gets custody she will get "a huge amount of child support from Jackson's estate."

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girl in london    

That bitch can not have those children. the family will fight tooth and nail for them.

1952 days ago

Sue Wong    

Debbie NEVER wanted Kids. The FACT is MJ was never convicted of child molestation. He was strange but so were alot of celebrities, including Elvis Presley. One FACT is true, he helped thousands of sick and underprivileged kids. I won't judge him because I had a family member start a jealous and untrue rumor about me. We don't talk to this day. Even though I knew I was innocent, I felt ashamed that people would believe what she said and judge me. I'm an honest and upright woman. It caused me physical and emotional stress. I don't know why she did it as I've always been good to her. It's easy to believe things you hear in the media but envy and money can lead people to do all sort of things.

1952 days ago


I agree that these aren't Michael's biological children. Michael was brown-skinned with a wide nose and an afro. At least one of the kids would have some trace of mixed ethnicity and they don't. Anyway, they were raised by Michael and his family and not by Debbie so she should not get custody. They should remain with family. Maybe Reebie would be a good choice. She has lived the most normal life of all the Jacksons.

1952 days ago


There is one Jackson that everyone is fogetting about, and that's Rebie. She's the oldest daughter and from what I heard, raised Janet's daughter. I could see her being the stable one, as she's never in the spotlight and no one has heard anything out of the ordinary about her children. I don't think that just because you are the biological mom, you are instantly the better parent. I believe that they should work together for the benefit of all the children to where they can grow up together. Hopefully, he had enough sense to draw up a will, but to say she should get them, isn't always the better case.

1952 days ago


@ Joel
Are you blind....come online and you will see biracial kids and adults who have a darker parent but they themselves take the lighter genes or visa versa. There is no rule just genetics and the kids are going to either take on the darker or lighter gene from the parents. These kids are biracial they may look "white" but you'd be surprised to know how many "white people" are actually black or bi or multiracial. Best example is Wentworth Miller (I was shocked to know that he was "black" or part black) you can't look at a person now a days and think you are certain. Another example is the male model Tyson and singer Foxy Brown both are biracial black/asian both of which are very dark skinned. R.I.P Michael

1952 days ago


Whoever they go to, I hope all three stay together and that they don't separate the youngest since he's not Debbie's. I hope that these children are loved and looked after the way they deserve and not have to cover their faces anymore.

1952 days ago


I find it strange that people so quickly state these kids need a "normal" life, normal by who's standards? Ours. The life those kids led with their father may have seemed unusual and extreme to us but it is the life they knew, sending them to live with a woman who seemingly didnt want them and has had nothing to do with them would be a crime.

1952 days ago


That's not your mother...(snatches wig)'s a MAN, baby!

1952 days ago


Anybody suggesting Janet should get the kids ought to take a look at her nose. How stable can SHE be? You want the kids getting surgery to get the Jackson nose too?

1952 days ago

damn doctors    

She gave up the kids. She should not have them.

1952 days ago


She went through all her money and had her hands out just in the last year or two. She will want the kids because of the money and I don't think that is the rreason she should have them. You also have to remember if he had a will he could have appointed someone to take his kids. I am sure at this stage in his life he probably had a will doing that so you have to remember there are other options than the woman who bore the babies.

1952 days ago

Arlene Jackson    

The kids should stay with micheal's mother.

1952 days ago


I am black. I have two very white children. And unless the egg fairy came in during the night and switched my eggs, then it IS possible for a black person to have white kids.

1952 days ago


If Rowe gets custody, I think the judge will allow her to also take blanket because he was not married to the surrogate and there is not a chance for a relationship. The cohesiveness of the family is most important not the surrogate.
I had a feeling he would die soon, after seeing him on television news about his return, I sensed that he would be gone really soon.

In my gut I felt Micheal would die, Micheal, like my brother, was not convicted of sexual relations with children, I know God does not wish evil and death to sexual molesters but what happens is the evil is so toxic it kills you slowly, it is a death caused internally because of the lies, sexually abusing children, and the evil way he made a choice to separate his children from there mother and isolate them, how selfish he was, every little negative ate away at his soul till it just gave up, it happened to my own brother!

Right now everyone and there grandmother is crying, and missing him but he was not the same guy from the 70's, 80's, that Micheal died a long time ago, this Micheal Jackson needed to die and he did it to himself.

1952 days ago


Maybe ol' Octomom will git 'em!

1952 days ago
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