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Felt Jackson Dead at Scene

6/26/2009 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson Dead at the sceneWhen EMTs arrived at Michael Jackson's home yesterday, the medics wanted to pronounce him dead on the scene -- but Michael's personal doctor refused to let them "call it" -- this according to sources close to the situation.

When EMTs arrived there was evidence someone had been performing CPR on Michael for "quite some time." There was evidence of Lidocaine -- an old-school drug that can be used to treat disturbances in the heart's rhythm. Medics took over performing CPR but determined Jackson was lifeless -- and wanted to call the coroner to pick up the body.

We're told Jackson was flat-lined when EMTs arrived.

But our sources say M.J.'s doc demanded EMTs continue performing CPR anyway, and demanded that they take Michael to the hospital.

Once they arrived at UCLA, we're told Jackson's doc continued to personally administer CPR -- even though it was clear Jackson was already gone.


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the doctor    

hi everybody!!!

1946 days ago


of course the doctor wanted him moved immediately to the hospital he didn't want him declared dead at the house and in his presence..

although Lidocaine is the drug of choice to jump start someone's heart when there has been a heart attack (EMT's use it all the time)
SOME OF US ARE ALLERGIC TO LIDOCAINE AND IT HAS A REVERSE EFFECT .. I went into serious convulsions from a shot of Lidocaine due to the amount administered and the location of the shot..

1946 days ago


He SHOULD HAVE continued CPR!!!! He KILLED MJ!!! I hope they find him & throw the book @ him!!! Demerol IS NOT supposed to be given only @ hospitals!!!!! I had it when I had surgery & my doctor told me that.....I hope MJ'S doctor BURNS IN HELL!!!

1946 days ago


#10, that is not funny at all. God embrace you and my deepest sympathy for his family.
You will live in our hearts forever.

1946 days ago


I agree with the medics he was gone before the Med unit arrived. Too bad it had to be turned into a 3 ring circus.

1946 days ago

Michael Mortimer    

In hearing the 911 tape and looking at the "doctor's" actions it's obvious he knows he did wrong, giving MJ drugs illegally.

Giving CPR after he knows MJ is dead, including at the hospital, and despite the paramedics wanting to call it (declare MJ dead), that's the sign of a guilty, panicked mind.

He disappeared until he can get his story straight, talk to his lawyers and figure out what's going to happen to himself. That's also guilty conduct. Running, even for a few hours, is guilty behavior.

That doctor is going down, both from lawsuits by the family and the criminal courts.

1946 days ago


hearing on tv that this doctor 'may not have been licensed in California'..

1946 days ago


I still really just don't know what to say. This was much too early and completely unexpected. Just before he began what was sure to be his biggest comeback. I was talking to my mother five minutes before I heard this news. I'd just heard the news about Farrah Fawcett. My mother and I spoke about it. I admitted that I myself am scared of death. Truthfully, I'm disturbed by the randomness of it all. How anyone can go at anytime. As I sat here in my room a couple minutes later...a knock... and a voice I refused to believe...telling me Michael Jackson, the closest thing to an idol I've ever had, was dead. As a songwriter/performer, I can honestly say if it wasn't for Michael Jackson, I wouldn't be doing what I do today. If I hadn't spent my nights in front of the TV as a small child watching his video marathons, which I then recorded and spent countless hours memorizing his steps and every single syllable... I wouldn't have a sound today. Had there been no Michael Jackson, I wouldn't be who I am today. He was a monumental influence in not only my life but the lives of many. Despite what people may say of his decisions, his work, influence, and undeniable talent cannot be questioned. I can't recall a time when I was so saddened and physically brought to tears by the death of a person I regrettably never had the fortune of meeting. I want to remind everyone to live their lives the fullest and best way they possibly can while we are here. Let our thoughts and prayers be with; his parents, who've lost a son, his siblings, who've lost a brother, his children, who've lost their father, and our entire world, as we've lost an incredible energy, a powerful force, and an amazing human being.
Michael Joseph Jackson. 8-29-1958 - 6-25-2009

1946 days ago


his dad probably paid the doc ! hell they didnt have a good relationahip

1946 days ago


RIP Michael. I am so sorry for the chaotic life you led. I will always be a fan. I am so sad for your family, true friends and fans. FYI, anyone who shares my sentiments can purchase a "In Memory of Michael Jackson" t-shirt online at It is the only place I have found to purchase one so far.

1946 days ago

Mary P    

#93 - Stupid Sheep. For calling people morons, you are quite one yourself. If an EMT pronounces dead on the scene, instead of a hospital trip, the EMTs can either call the coroner to come in and declare or take them directly to the coroner's office for a declaration of death.

Demerol is a depressant of the system which can also depresses lung function and can then cause the heart not to get enough oxygen putting him into arythmia (sp?) and eventually arrest, while the overdosage of the drug further exacerbates the artythmia.

Contrary to your chronic pain statement - getting pills at the same time, if he was under the care of the doctor - those pills would NOT have been prescribed for him to take in the first place, without telling a doctor. So therein, if the doctor still prescribed the pills while giving daily injections, then he is STILL at fault.

And just because there are doctors out there that don't say no - doesn't make it right. That's like arguing to let murderers off the hook because even if you catch one, there are others out there. Doctors need to be held accountable so it never happens again - to ANYONE - famous or not.

1946 days ago


Paramedics are not allowed to pronounce people dead, that is reserved for doctors and coroners. Most paramedics will not call the coroner unless signs of life have been gone for some time, such as more then an hour.

1946 days ago


I'm just curious when all of the MJ sightings will start to happen. They compare this to Elvis Presley. The funny thing is that I saw MJ and Elvis together last night at a Jack In The Box. Elvis was eating a Double Cheesburger and MJ was having a fruit cup with a side salad. LET THE SIGHTINGS BEGIN! You all know he faked his own death!

1946 days ago

Restless Spirit    

"10. What are M.J. , Farah Faucett and Ed McMahon expecting for Xmas?

Patrick Swayze!

Posted at 1:21PM on Jun 26th 2009 by NEEK"

That is truly poor taste dude!

1946 days ago


Please call them paramedics, since this is a higher (much higher) training and certification than EMT. As a paramedic, there are very few times we can "call it." Decapitation, rigor mortis, dependent lividity (blood pooling in the lowest part of your body, since it's not circulating anymore.) These guys know what they are doing, and we will never know all the actual details, so don't make assumptions. And it would be nice for SOMEONE in the medical community to be professional, ethical and abide by the law and keep their BIG MOUTH SHUT!. NO ONE has the right to know any of this except the coroner and police. No one.
P.S. Lidocaine is NOT used for "flat line" ,

1946 days ago
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