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Fans Pay Their Respects at MJ's First Home

6/26/2009 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Millions of Michael Jackson fans around the planet mourned his death yesterday -- including those who paid their respects to the King of Pop outside of his first home in Gary, Indiana.

Fans Michael Jackson Home Click to view!


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I find this very funny indeed. Yes some people are being overly mean, but he was what he was, a freak, weirdo, and a child molester! The child molesting is what upsets me, and as I stated before there is one less child molester in the world today. My heard does go out to the people who loved him like his family, but it is only for their loss and pain they are expirencing. Yes for some he will be remembered for his music, or dancing. Others will remember all the strange things he has done as a whole, while there are those of us who will when we hear his name or see his picture remember him as Wacko Jacko the child molester! You say he contributed his musical genius to the world, but he also contributed to the pain of his victims and their families. So in my view music is not his only legacy he is leaving behind!

66. You know what? I've read from alot of blogs but I find myself wondering is this the one that all the mean-spirited hateful a-holes come to "express" themselves. You all reveal how pathetic you are yourselves on the inside through the comments you leave here. Talk about looking at the "man in the mirror". Why don't some of you try it yourselves before you start throwing your stones. This man contributed something to the world: his musical genius & that will be his legacy. What will yours be? Being hateful I guess! Some of you sound pretty "disturbed" & probably need some psychotherapy yourselves. My guess is you probably talk s... about everybody & everything anyway no matter who it is. Pretty revealing about what's on YOUR insides & the sad thing is you won't even "GET" that people see exactly what you are when you choose to lay down in print here the things your thinking! Once again, WTF have YOU contributed to the world??

Posted at 7:25AM on Jun 26th 2009 by jlalewicz

1944 days ago


Hi, I'm from South America and we all love Michael Jackson and don't believe any of the crap about child molestation. He was the greatest entertainer ever and no one will ever be as good as him nor was before him. May his soul rest in peace.

1944 days ago


oh men is so sad for the world and for music... michael is a real king of the pop..
is so very talent in the veins...
my good is unbalivable --
good bless her family

1944 days ago

i hate child molesters    


1944 days ago

titof the french    

Thank you, you will be in our hearts forever and eternal for humanity.

1944 days ago


Estou chocada, sou brasileira e ele era meu ídolo. Mas para mim ele não morreu, ele será eterno.
Espero que a mídia agora mostre o lado bom dele, esqueça o que de ruim aconteceu.Vamos lembra-lo com muito amor e carinho, porque era isso que ele passava para todos.

1944 days ago

Corey Feldman is the king of douche Bags!    

These fans are retards!!!

Cry for your family and your own loved ones...

Not an idol that nobody cared about Wednesday...

Stay off these peoples lawn... Show some respect!!!

MJ Try to RIP

1943 days ago


I heard about the Michael Jackson and Legos from my nephew and my nephew turn came from his father (my brother) and his friend.

1941 days ago


Why do we say 'innocent until proven guilty' the man was PROVEN innocent! Michael Jackson was the most talented entertainer of our generation. He was too pure for our cruel world! Yes he had some problems but how would anyone deal with having their life watched and scruitinised from the tender age of 5. We should be honoured and grateful to have lived and witnessed the greatest legend of our time! Peace and love to all the Jackson family and his 3 precious children.

1940 days ago


Rest in Peace, Michael. We want you back.

1944 days ago


First!!!, RIP Michael Jackson You will be dearly missed.

1944 days ago


What idiot morons expending this false worship to Michael Jackson!!! He lived more life than most of us could dare dream. Do these people not realize a beautiful 2 year old named Jada Justice was killed and her body found in Gary, Indiana today? How about expending some comfort to the family of this slain child, the Jacksons can take care of themselves.

1944 days ago


OMG...I just found a detailed report of what happened at

Crazy stuff man.

1944 days ago

Liberals Suck    

Due to the fact that Michael Jackson is 99% plastic, he will be melted down into Lego bricks so children can play with him for a change.

1944 days ago

Liberals Suck    

The story goes when Farrah died earlier today, God granted her one wish. She wished for all the children in the world to be safe. So God killed Michael Jackson.

1944 days ago
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