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Jackson's Death -- Demerol OD?

6/26/2009 9:54 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Micheal Jackson DemerolThere are reports ... Michael Jackson may have died after getting a Demerol injection.

The Sun is reporting shortly after the injection, Jackson's breathing got "slower and slower until it stopped."

We cannot confirm this story. We can say, however, that after Jackson was badly burned during the filming of a Pepsi commercial, he became addicted to painkillers and ended up at the Betty Ford Clinic. As for the painkillers, there are reports he was given Demerol.

In addition, during the child molestation trial, cops seized syringes and drugs, including Demerol.


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I heard he overdosed on little boys

1947 days ago


Sorry, but did anybody know that Michel sangs already about this drug before??? Listen to Blood on the dancefloor ... Song Nr. 2.... strange... strange....

1947 days ago



1947 days ago


Read Matthew 7

Judge not, that ye be not judged.
For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

Please be cautious about the things you say

1947 days ago


Only in America…. Can a man that is a pedophile have people leaving flowers and gifts at the door of his home after he has died. Only in America…. Will the press raise him to the height of a mountain only because he could sing and dance….. Only in America…… Will people praise him, call him a hero, an inspirer an ICON……

This sickens me! Michael Jackson truly was talented a musical genius without a doubt and if that had been all he could be remembered by, that would be awesome, but the truth of it is he was a pedophile, he had the money to bail himself out of that and parents of the children who allowed it, he is no different then OJ Simpson who got away with murder. Michael Jackson was a tormented soul, yes, this probably was a result of his abusive childhood, but the normal person who did what he did ,no one would care why they did it, there would be no mercy, they would go to jail period. Then you have Michael’s children all conceived under non traditional means ,yes he was married to 2 of his children’s mother however everyone knows, that marriage was not what others know as a marriage. His children was brought into this world totally for his own selfish reasons. Michael put mask on them, confined them to his home(s) he hung one out of a window, but he was still allowed to have custody of that child, anyone else CPS would have took the child away, it seems that we as Americans believe that if someone has money then the children are being treated well and are being nurtured and raised in an appropriate manner, this is so far from the truth, were has our thinking gone. Money and Fame can not buy love, can not make someone good when they are not, people have let reality go out the door. The reality of it is that Michael Jackson was not a good person, the world did not loose anything but a pedophile that hurt children for his own selfish needs and wants, I don’t care about his sob story of having such a bad childhood, there are so many of us that have had a bad childhood and do not grow up to prey on the most innocent of them all, children.

Please everyone, snap into reality. Media and Press do not praise this man and if you do please also tell the other side of him, the facts, the reality of who he was.



1947 days ago


It is truly a sad day when people cannot simply click and go on to the next article, instead of venting nasty things, when an icon just passed away. Michael Jackson was never found guilty of any of the nasty charges against him...charges that stemmed from the greed of people he was helping. Nothing is ever enough for those who receive and then want more. No one, making these nasty remarks, were ever in close confinement with Michael to know anything about him. He was the absolute best at what he did in music and dance. There was no one better. If we do not feel well we see a doctor, and like anyone else, we simply take the medicine prescribed. That is probably what he was doing too. We place far too much trust in physicians today.
Michael has passed on and no matter what we say, he is not coming back. my sincere condolences go out to his children, his parents, his siblings and all his friends and fans. You will be missed Michael, if only for some to kick you around and wait for you to stumble and fall. RIP Peter Pan, you were always seeking to be forever young, now you will be.

1947 days ago

David N    

Atleast Homeboy died high as a M------F-----
Demerol and Zanax quite the buzz!

1947 days ago

sean patdick murry    

Good thing he is gone messing with little kids sicko.

1947 days ago


You know i grew up listening to the J5 and then followed MJ when he went his owne way, i may not agree with some of his personal prefferances but i respect him as an entertainer, and because of all the attention this is getting and with all the good and bad of it i still find it funny the first he had a "live in" Dr (boyfriend?) and secondly after all he has been through do you really think you will get the REAL autopsy report? or just the one the family wants released? Just saying, think about it

1947 days ago


whay didnt the doctor give him naloxone?

1947 days ago

Sand D    

Perhaps what this teachs us, those of us who are watching as others lifes pass to stop keeping thoughts in our minds and do something when we see those we love or care about doing that one thing that will push them over the edge.
How many stars have fallen due to pain......pain of body and mind and have turned to drugs of a handlers choice?
many...and many more will also. What I was thinking about was at lest for some unknown reason they haven't taken anyone else with them.....such as a dui might ... which makes me think of the Logan girl for some reason and I hope my thoughts are way out there and totally wrong, yet I see in her a reckless......gosh I am so sorry life. Anyway I am to old to have been a fan of Jackson.....yet I admire the sweetness of his soul, to bad the world is so sour.
Let us not forget the Angel........she also had a sweet soul....I guess instead of "here's Johnny......Ed is's an angel returning home followed by.......who? Someone who can walk on the moon!"
As a Whole lets don't let 1% of misjudgment distroy 99% of goodness......over and out

1947 days ago


If the doctor was giving him narcotics then he should have also had Narcan available so if he did quit breathing like he did then he could have given it to him to counter act the narcotics. Maybe then he might still be alive.

1947 days ago

William P. O.    

It is hard for me not to believe that his increased workout regimen did not play a role. I am 55 and in good shape but when you get a bit older you just cannot do as much as before without it taking its toll. I am sure that Lou Ferrigno was good trainer but what about MJ's obvious debilitation, as witnessed by his back problems? Even it the Demerol played a factor you have to wonder why it happened now and not earlier. Just because you enjoy those old workouts doesn't mean that they are not sapping your energy and strength. I know from experience that it is not always a good idea to just lay down after a hard workout; I have felt my heart slow down just enough to know that you have to be careful.
And I must mention the recent death of Marilyn Chambers, 56, who reportedly had begun volunterring at an animal shelter lifting and moving heavy bags of animal feed. She had been an outstanding athlete in high school and undoubtedly enjoyed the work since she was an animnal lover. However, she had a heart condition. The cause of her death: massive heart attack.

1947 days ago


what we have is a famous dead child molester. children will be safer now. lots more out there just not as famous.

1947 days ago

Glenda = Pasadena MD    

Enabling People are what killed Michael. Seems hes been knocking on deaths doors for several years But still a shcok.
I think the man was very misunderstood. I cant imagine growing up in a bubble not being able to even got to the store without being mobbed. Poor guy didnt know what normal was He seemed very lonely although he was always surrounded by an entourage of people
I grew up enjoying he music and still do He will be missed Its a shame that he will never know the people who genuinely love him but thats how it usually turns out.
RIP Michael We Love U !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1946 days ago
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